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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” final result of Xu Jiajie younger brother is satisfactory, only one person is exceptional, xu Feng year sister younger brother 4 people ending how? ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” Xu Feng year although be male advocate, but the minor role that this drama has a lot of variety, e.g. younger brother of Xu Jiasi sister, having not little show share. Everybody is very curious also, xu Feng year sister younger brother what appearance is 4 people ending? From the point of origianl work novel, tiger of fat of eldest sister Xu was resembled to sent day group to become celestial being by Hong Xi, bear of short for Weihe River of Xu of 2 elder sister was interrupted by Chen Zhibao double leg, become the person that master for what Chinese parasol encloseds ground for growing trees finally, elephant of dragon of Xu of little younger brother became all drifting an administrative division to get, with a surname Long Shui lives happily together, xu Feng year also chose to carry after be avenged for the mother wife live in seclusion.

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Xu Feng year as male advocate, with figure of fine silk fabrics Ku celebrated at the world, actually bosom hides gully, the abdomen has fine to seek. Match double knife, front courtyard of a suit pieplant is fierce current palm teachs Wang Chonglou place to award. Master from the country person Li Yishan, with all corners of the country before a cycle of sixty years one of a large amount of 4 division, sword elder Li Chungang half Shi Banyou. Xu Feng year heavy burden of cool king of north of the debus after ending war of cool rank grass, city of Luoyang of instead of refus north city, later all corners of the country of as much as one likes. Xu Feng year the goal that Xiu Xiwu path achieved him already, signed up for enemy for the mother, also finish the wish when father is mortal. Tiger of fat of eldest sister Xu and Xu Feng year situation of sister younger brother is difficult, far marry Changjiang Delta Home Lu, however the because of alleged Ke Fu slut that be called, numerous people indicate. Xu Feng year a north is cool the Ceng Wei when next Changjiang Delta reduces drop she is big, person child be bitterly disappointed. 14 years old fierce are duped Shan Jinxiang gets acquainted with Hong Xi to resemble, she is the red garment reincarnation that Lv Zu loves originally, lv Zufang abandons celestial being, wait for red garment 700 years.

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Look actually from this ending, the ending of younger brother of Xu Jiasi sister is more satisfactory, besides 2 elder sister Xuwei rebukes. Of 4 sister younger brother all having such ending, do not open connection with father cent actually. Younger brother of Xu Jiasi sister grows under the assistant in Xu brave bounty, as a child full freedom, but the bad habit of Diao Man of fine silk fabrics Ku that does not have old and well-known family of king government office however. Xu Xiao is teach students in accordance of their aptitude to child it may be said, 14 years old of itinerary fierce become eldest sister, hong Xi of the world first is become to resemble after getting acquainted with, because its are fine-looking forceful, marry early Changjiang Delta in order to install one party. 2 a general term for young women are bright seek more, civil and military holds concurrently long, from small be sent on Yin Xuegong builds practice, as Xu Xiao arrangement gives Xu Feng year dead person one of, she produced the effect of boreal cool counsellor finally.

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Xu Feng year as north cool most those who rely on chart send a person, xu Xiao not only arrange him as a child division is raised from Liyi Shan Xiuxin wisdom, still arrange him 3 north are cool itinerary. Dragon of Xu of little younger brother resembles inherent extraordinary power, but intelligence is not whole, xu Xiao arranges him to go dragon tiger hill follows Zhao Xituan builds practice, stabilize Xu Feng already year the position of successor, let Xu Long Xiangneng be in again serve as somewhat in the future.

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