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Original title: Elder brother and little sister differ 25 years old, program of put together art points to symptom ” sibling concerns “ A lot of families still grow in kink parents and children when teaching a problem, love is strange art ” my small tail ” already go ahead of the rest one pace, will increasing the sibling relation in 2 embryoes family regards observation as masterstroke, will be the relation kissing affection of the unit satisfactorily with the family. The first season will receive heat proof of the official May this year, below groovy condition, the sibling that is ignored by the masses concerns, also have human charm extremely, fostered a batch extremely agglutinant powerful audience group, also had laid solid foundation to will begin broadcasted the 2nd season November 26. The 2nd season besides old testimony official ” Zhou Junwei ” beyond, the Xie Nan that still chose to have the rich experience that bring child painstakingly, Yuan chants appearance, and in a tough guy the family grows ” uncle ” Wang Yaoqing. Meet to involve more companies of course face, see the think of a way that young concerns to contemporary sibling, return clean of dream of Xu of the member that planned young rocket girl series, perfect group of whole testimony officer.

20220102054511 61d13be7a9b56

In official of a few testimony, be in in the grown Yuan Yong appearance in family of the quadrature in compasses and Wang Yaoqing, speak of when bringing child, the hard nucleus that reveals oneself very flatly inculcates an attitude.

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And the Xie Nan that gave birth to two children, it is a wisdom mom completely, take child to have very much, in the process that observes 4 pairs of sibling get along, often can share oneself experience that bring child. See for example ” little sister ” people have a meal have a sentiment, she calls to have a meal to also cry when two years old with respect to the eldest son Wu Suo that says her be troubled by, a tough guy big face of husband Wu Jing sinks, to the son says gravely ” man bleeds not to weep ” , she tears open the reason with solution bad mood with the son.

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At present her eldest son is 7 years old, already OK oneself do simple meal, prove the family teachs extraordinary success. Have the Xie Nan of the rich experience that bring child so namely, to Ze Ning of An Anhe Nie this is opposite ” schoolbook ” type sibling, also be profuse in praise all the time.

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His elder brother Nie Zening can say An Anhe is the child of others home, sibling two differ full 25 years old, at present An An of two years old is completely ” the athletic woman like wind ” , a year old of many OK and fluent ski, take on even knowledge Zhou Junwei acclaim as the peak of perfection, say how to install ski to must compare his not bad.

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Her elder brother as much outstanding, have two companies, it is president person sets an actual edition completely. From what begin a family daily short can see, this is a family that has autonomy very much. Father gives looking glass not much, the figure of Dan Congjian large can see is self-discipline fitness amount to a person.

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Mom undertakes putting in a suitable place to breed type is taught to Anan, appear and did not regard An An of two years old as in light of dot, everything installs direct look to accuse to installing. Leave even pa Mom the home even, let her get along with the elder brother later, also do not have any conceal, very magical is An An did not cry pettish, accepted such arrangement naturally.

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And all these just still begins, after the elder brother comes back, take care of the little sister’s part to suit as soon as possible, the first time before camera lens dines, take care of a little sister by the elder brother. Interact in two people apparently in the relation, ananming of two years old is shown is leading role, she sits on her eat desk and chair, put forward an elder brother to was not taken to oneself above all ” small bowl bowl ” . It is the bib that have a meal next, and give when the elder brother takes wrong bib correct. See this paragraph wants to say very much, is this ” overbearing little sister of the elder brother ” ?

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The key is, mom’s attitude is apparent also, protect skin what kind ofly to taste repeatedly brush a face or brush small wind, mom also is to explain An An, do not have a head give oneself already son of 27 years old, visible mom is installed to installing more be at ease.

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In camera lens, small An An does not need others completely to worry about, can see good domestic education and educational pattern from her body. The meeting after she gets up goes reading a book, without the habit of any sticky people. And after reading all books, the book that metropolis general scatters on the ground is put in his small bookcase to had been arranged, little detail can show everything.

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In the task that cooks in sequel even, see the elder brother washs the An An of dish, apparent not quite be at ease, the station is adding high eat chair, oneself are taking vegetable to be washed again, still can take brush boiler implement brush a bowl, let Xie Nan and Yuan chant appearance these two mom, envy, have second birth the idea of a little little sister. Often witness Guan Zhoujun Wei at the same time also straight from the shoulder, how does appearance install her to regard his as completely ” without so fierce adult ” in light of. No matter be life condition, communication ability, even the mood is very stable.

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But it is such child, have gregarious and scared disease however, fear to greet sb with others. At this moment his elder brother Nie Zening, criterion church audience, how does outstanding sibling help sb to fulfill his wishes each other! He is taking first time to take the class hour on An An to discover, an An faces unfamiliar the person will be particularly nervous, grasp a little hand to attack in him bosom, this is An An apparently to this is not the elder brother that whole journey takes care of him at ordinary times, not trustful.

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Then he takes An Anlai to go to a supermarket, ceaseless encouragement the staff member in she and supermarket greets sb, use the means of foretaste finally, entice ” piggish ” An An and guide the member that buy greets sb. He is extremely patient in this process, early days failed a few times not crestfallen also, can comparative to mix each naturally to guide the member that buy undertakes normal communication just ends finally till the little sister, every little bit is in the little sister that guides oneself, blend in bigger life group.

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Be in latest issue of in the program, get along to more and more harmonious Nie lustre coulds there be and be installed, got the job that the dog dog that takes oneself goes to giving or take an injection. The elder brother has courage more to let the An An that dare not go out alone, the guiding that developed schoolbook type means. Because love the An An of ski to always say he is moxa Li princess, the brother says to An An, each princess should experience the risk that belongs to his, after An An takes a risk this, can become a true princess.

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The An An with doughty savvy, apparent Get arrives the elder brother’s meaning, pulling the doggie of own home, elder brother Bian Yong looks round to dare go ahead by the side of, the Wang Yaoqing of the hardest nucleus in pardonable and whole program couldn’t help, in observation room spot weeps.

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This may be this file program most the glamour of core, make sibling OK be before different incident, giving aid to each other go ahead, in each other life, leave the most shining one page.

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