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Original title: The throne after inspecting already showed a mystery! Zhong Jiaxin of TVB female role is seasonable homing, obtain big thrust to lift for civilian anthology after inspecting The article edits drama to show a company: Small red without accredit forbidden reprint, the person that discovery borroweds will undertake entire network complains TVB year great event ” myriad star brightness prize-giving celebration 2021 ” tonight (2 days) will hold ceremoniously, to this many netizens had been to begin excited. Especially 16 award it is the flower falls after all whose home, everybody is very curious, and want to should be belonged to most suffer fixing eyes upon no more than is ” optimal heroine ” and ” optimal hero ” these two award.

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“Optimal heroine ” 5 strong list have core of Lin Xiawei, Zhong Jiaxin, Huang Zhiwen, Li Jia and Yao Ziling respectively finally, in near future netizens it may be said is eristic to this in succession, everybody is in on one bill is sent after be being inspected mediumly for respective heart. And in these 5 female actor, lin Xiawei and Zhong Jiaxin are not the one’s own daughter that is TVB, the expression that nevertheless 2 people center this in drama is very bright look.

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Lin Xiawei because drama anthology ” 7 princesses ” in challenged sex appeal measure and controlled easily the part with complex nature and got audience people force is held in both hands. And Zhong Jiaxin is in drama anthology ” the benevolence cure below sky ” medium expression is very bright look as much, especially this Zhong Jiaxin is long-unseen appear again TVB drama anthology, this also is very invite an audience people feel happy with the surprise.

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The netizens of familiar nevertheless Zhong Jiaxin should know to be in after marrying, zhong Jiaxin is in Canada personally all the time, inspect in this so after in contending for, a lot of people are maintained be is other 4 female actor people the competition between. But be in early before situation can say was to come a big changeover, zhong Jiaxin returned Hong Kong suddenly, flashy Zhong Jiaxin is counted with foudroyant ticket in discussion area of inland win out, netizens still are choose Zhongjia more Xin Weimin is chosen after inspecting, the person morale that must say Zhong Jiaxin is very high still.

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It is reported, TVB interior also is showed head to who should the final throne after inspecting belong to and be hurt, as a result of drama anthology ” the benevolence cure below sky ” the public praise in inland is very pretty good, so ” optimal drama anthology ” it is the content in bursa likely very. Won high public praise because of drama anthology at the same time, TVB is more intended still leave with former ordinary members of theatrical troupe pat continuation, below a variety of conditions, it is natural that Zhong Jiaxin can say by everybody see tall a gleam of.

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And as to Lin Xiawei, in this contention after inspecting, her cry also is very tall, be in this at the same time on prize-giving celebration, of course she also is won’t empty-handed and return, she is obtained ” female part of the most welcome TV ” it is very tall that the opportunity can say. Say a Zhong Jiaxin nevertheless, of her nowadays track or special mystery, early before she is taking a son to return Hong Kong, successional a few days of good friend photographs in making an appointment to encircle get together, include to have the Lin Wenlong’s couple, Qin Pei, person such as Li Yanan among this.

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And answer harbor to this of Zhong Jiaxin, be in early before accepting the Zhong Jiaxin that interview to express his come back because of personal responsibility to handle, as to the be related that seize award, she is the attitude that compares Buddha department. Nevertheless Zhong Jiaxin supports very much ” a married woman’s parents’ home ” , in before she also is full-dress the field print that is prize-giving ceremony films, at the same time she still is him speak bluntly can attend prize-giving ceremony more.

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And last year on December 31 when, the photograph that Zhong Jiaxin uploaded a piece of Xue Jing suddenly however in Canada and a piece of doubt seem the picture in Canadian street, and be in the photograph still tagged ” Home ” model of written characters, did already fast nowadays flashback go to Zhong Jiaxin Canada? Must say Zhong Jiaxin the track nowadays is a mystery, nevertheless ” myriad star brightness prize-giving celebration 2021 ” also will hold formally tonight, everybody a variety of doubt in the heart and guess can get the result tonight.

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