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Original title: ” break out of an encirclement ” after Lin Manjiang is caught, qi Benan is be utterly isolated however, this is Zhu Daoji’s plot unexpectedly How long can Lin Manjiang still live? The bad thing that oneself do carries boiler on the back with respect to Rangqibenan. The gut of the near future is high-energy and ceaseless, lin Manjiang investigates that in Qibenan of 1 billion trade after cost, from random condition force Qibenan nonofficeholding, disclose in Shi Gongxing even those who give him is all not after shame behavior, he is returned actually with thickskinned on the body that pushed all responsibility for an offense Shi Gongxing, bring about Shi Gongxing finally heartstricken jump river die.

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Later, bring resultant force of bovine person of outstanding talent together originally locate witness, seize Lin Manjiang personally, but be made cross-question in him however during cancer of bone is broken out do not treat finally die. And Qibenan and Niu Junjie are in the malefactor in the group was being made however after pulling down Lin Manjiang, because be in in blessing group in this big company, all the time bright move is dark the existence of the move is worn force of two general trends, one is the Home Lin store that fosters personally by Lin Manjiang, another is before the force of president Zhu Daoji. Although on bright face they two people are relation of mother’s brother nephew, but privately however all the time in the dark argue.

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Zhu Daoji the Home Lin store for diversionary Lin Manjiang, promote Zhang Jiying to undertake beside Lin Manjiang’s diversionary, and a castle that Qibenan is Zhu Daoji, when the blessing in capital city encounters predicament, arranged Qibenan to assume office president one duty, but the actual strength that this how is neat installing is more than hereat, investigated canopy to correct the problem of 500 million capital of the area between lieutenancy not only, accident still ground was investigated 1 billion trade the problem of cost, although stone Gong Xingyin is,die, but final Qibenan does not lose popular confidence, or Lin Manjiang try sb.

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Capital city is medium after this thinking when blessing calms with respect to such trends, qi Benan produced an accident however, new the president that assume office transfers him not only in blessing group, it is difficult also to connect those high levels if Qibenan is continueing to be in capital city,blessing works, because just Qibenan is in the war of this anti-corruption,moved their profit, and be after jail of Lin Manjiang die tragicly is medium, he lets Qibenan fall in to betray the accusation of Great Master elder brother, the blame make peace that facing others is isolated, qi Benan cans not move a step in the group.

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What Qi Benan does not know is, actually all these is Zhu Daoji’s arrangement, although he looks down on Lin Manjiang all the time, but the nephew that is oneself after all, arrange Qibenan to assume office at the outset president of the blessing in capital city, it is to want to squelch with him completely Home Lin store of Lin Manjiang, but never think Qibenan is too just, arrive in drag in elder sister of division of senior fellow apprentice when, he still can place righteousness above family loyalty. The daughter-in-law Fan Jiahui that must say Qibenan nevertheless has prophetic vision really, organize at the outset when letting him assume office, fan Jiahui does not agree with respect to anyway, but but Qibenan wants to work too, without giving thought to of thirty-seven thousand one hundred and ninety-one assumed office, but final his although be to stem from justice,serve as, but do not allow however in the company issue him, although Zhang Jiying Xu is evergreen rearward energetically support, this together installing or get very hard put sb in a very important position. He won this war to win obviously, final it is be utterly isolated however.

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This pace chess of Zhu Daoji goes make group anti-corruption successful not only, still eliminated to suffer from newly, how does everybody see greeting young associate leave a message to this!

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