Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: 5 let a person ” one collect ” the teleplay that also sees no less than going to, if you had seen 2 above, I take you 1, ” the long song of beautiful country goes ” this teleplay, be by Lin Xinru, the person such as Yuan Hong acts the leading role, and Lin Xinru is installed in the girl in drama, give a person the sense of a kind of hot eye simply, although Yuan Hong is very handsome in drama, but can’t make up for female advocate hot eye, so that this teleplay, make a person direct abandon theatrical work.

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2, ” the bare shadow of hill sea classics is fabulous ” this teleplay, plunge into main actor waiting for a person by Zhang Han, Gulina, a very wonderful novel adapts this teleplay, just let a person feel very disappointed, men and women advocate the sense that gives a person face of a kind of ice cube, a bit letting a person does not look to give acting, and make this teleplay, let a person one market looks no less than going to.

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3, ” loneliness is empty front courtyard spring desire late ” this teleplay, it is You Zhengshuang, the person such as Liu Kai power acts the leading role, the modelling that Zheng Shuang comes out, give a lot of people ugly cried. And the drama name of this teleplay, also disclosed final result directly, so that let this teleplay, appear a bit suspense is done not have, see the first collect knows outcome, such teleplay, do you still look to go down?

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4, ” heart of bright moon of Qin Shili’s person ” this teleplay, be by Zhang Binbin, the person such as Dilireba acts the leading role, the two individual photographs loving each other in drama are killed. And gut gives a person a kind of very slow sense at the beginning, and without what appeal, although men and women advocate give a person a kind very the feeling that raises a key point, but however because of gut, let a person one market looks no less than going to.

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5, ” bottle broken the vault of heaven ” this teleplay, it is You Wulei, the person such as Lin Yun acts the leading role, inside this teleplay, wu Lei always gives a person a kind, return the sense of not grown boy, maintain a bit it seems that do not rise this teleplay, and Lin Yun is in the modelling in drama, very ugly also, do not accord with character set. Plus the character of whole department theatrical work, also give a person a kind of very cheap sense, bring about this teleplay to also let a person see no less than going to! These 5 teleplay, if you had seen 2 above, I take you!

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