Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Shadow history the 2nd! This year new year’s day booking office of movie of archives head day evens more 470 million yuan According to data of edition of cat eye major, up to on January 1 24 when, booking office of archives head day exceeded film new year’s day 2022 470 million yuan, shi Yuandan of row China shadow archives head day is box-office the 2nd, total person-time is amounted to eleven million four hundred and twenty-two thousand, total showing number is amounted to 457 thousand. Before first days of booking office ranks 3 film is 169 million yuan ” cross cold winter to embrace you ” , 113 million yuan ” have an insatiable desire for storm instead 5: Final rule ” , 104 million yuan ” Li Mao plays the part of prince ” .

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” cross cold winter to embrace you ” wait for a main actor by Huang Bo, Gu Ling, Zhu Yilong, the Wuhan at the beginning of 2020 seals focusing the beautiful story when the city.

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” have an insatiable desire for storm instead 5: Final rule ” wait for a main actor by Gu Tianle, Zhang Zhilin, Xuan Xuan, spread out around the big case that involves population to traffic.

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” Li Mao plays the part of prince ” the main actor such as You Mali, Allan, Chang Yuan, tell about small catch fast Li Mao and the story that exchange the identity when face prince. 2021, the look of things of development of market of our country film is good. According to data of bureau of national motion picture, 2021, total booking office of our country film and screen gross whole world the first, total booking office achieves forty-seven billion two hundred and fifty-eight million yuan, among them, homebred film booking office is thirty-nine billion nine hundred and twenty-seven million yuan, 84.49% what take total booking office, there are 8 homebred movies in before annual is box-office 10 film. Film total output had 740 last year, among them, feature film has 565. According to beacon professional edition is forecasted, coming Spring Festival archives will collect film of a lot of head again 2022, at present ” exceed can family ” ” the four seas ” ” miracle ” before heat is worth a rank 3. In addition, film of animation of Spring Festival archives amounts to the six ministries in feudal China, among them, two big IP ” sheep happy a sheep and ash too wolf ” ” bear appears and disappear ” make newly, cent is listed ” want to look ” the coronal that heat is worth, runner-up. Character | Long of Zhang Xi of Gong Weifeng of reporter of entire media of ovine wall evening paper’s trainee

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