Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Wu Geqi Lin responds to ” search heats up on Wu Geqi Lin ” : Myself is previously it is brother later 3 people 20220102060344 61d1404037de2 [response of # Wu Geqi Lin heats up search # on Wu Geqi Lin: Myself is previously it is 3 people of brotherly later] search is heated up on 2 days of Wu Geqi Lin, netizen laugh says is so ” black, close, kylin ” 3 people group. @ black adds up to kylin to respond to: Oneself are previously one individual picture inserts a picture, want to do later a few insert the other category content beyond the picture, call on two brother to be achieved in all so. He still emphasizes: We were not sung in the exercise jump. The response matchs graph netizen to comment on: Wu Geqi Lin should be the group of 1.4 billion person. 20220102060344 61d140405582a

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