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Original title: Heat sowed pop chart of play female protagonist 2021, song Yi a list of names posted up on Dilireba, is Jing Tian discharged the a fewth? The female star that a lot of recreation encircled 2021 is as before on TV screen cultivated, piece performed teleplay of a ministry, also shaping each different part. One this year heat of a lot of people sows drama, because give the feminine lead in performing these heat to sow drama,also have many actress and fire gives a group. We come to check below 10 big heat sowed the female main actor in drama 2021, who do you like most?

20220102061226 61d1424adbf9b

1, Jing Tian says Jing Tian is all ages not red constitution, look this is incorrect, because be in 2021 drama of a net ” Si Teng ” make Jing Tian complete fire. She is proud in the personate in drama charming queen manages cany grace, beautiful, disposition is arrogant. The big goodwife of appropriate appropriate is set, jing Tian climbs a peak again because of this drama career.

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2, Reyizareyiza is in teleplay ” hill sea affection ” in share of show of fictile heroine spray is not many special, but she is set by right of the person with good part and oneself masterly acting and won an audience people love. Taking prize of next white yulan magnolia is really too regrettablly.

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3, white Lu Bailu is in ” Zhou Shengru reason ” in deductive heroine what is appropriate to the occasion is really too belt felt. A field cries play is cruel really, especially a suit red garment jumps down from a tower over a city gate that momently, how many popular feeling broke.

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4, Song Yi of Yi of the Song Dynasty this year most igneous part should be ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” medium revive wingceltis, it is drama of net of a small cost did not think of originally however all the more good-looking. Younger brother loves Song Yi and Guo Qilin’s elder sister to be without actually violate and feel. Expect sincerely ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents 2 ” broadcast.

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5, Su Xiaotong ” drive grants small Wu to make ” it is an a dark horse with medium 2021 teleplay, the ability of heroine clear major of Su Xiaotong personate is excellent, not amative head, start a career intently, now and then fall in love, the person is set denounce really happy event. Su Xiaotong is sowed because of the heat of this drama had very big name.

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6, Zhang Ziyi Zhang Ziyi is taking him main actor ” on Yang Fu ” kill took the TV screen 2021. Although rectified department theatrical work to suffer very big spit groove but Zhang Ziyi goes out for the first time perform teleplay, or very get attention.

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7, Dilirebadilireba and Yang Yang act the leading role ” the honor that you are me ” be very of go with rice sweet bestow favor on drama. The Dilireba in drama the tall brilliant brilliant of personate is independent but lovely however, very sweet but not foolish. It is an as outstanding like hero girl. Mention love not to fall so ahull, special know how things stand and feel confident of handling them is angry.

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8, the beginning of the year broadcasted Cai Wenjing 2021 ” under sunshine ” let Cai Wenjing fire, the adamancy of heroine Ke Ying that she acts in drama, bear and be full of wisdom. Over TV screen already very long appeared without such heroine. Cai Wenjing controls a such parts very well still.

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9, Ma Saichun Ma Saichun and Bai Jingting go out act ” the city barracks and the enclosing walls that you are me ” actually all the more good-looking, the horse in drama thinks of pure personate a doctor, capable, have take on, can talk about love but however not amative head. Such girl is put in reality namely also is very suffer those who like.

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10, Zhou Ye ” the land of country makes ” explode greatly let two hero have one’s moment, also vacate the Zhou Ye fame that performs heroine soars. The Gu Xiang of her place personate is kind-hearted and a little ancient clever choice is odd. Zhou Ye is by right of pretty good acting and superhigh Yan Zhi inside the circle rapid leap up is red.

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