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Original title: ” parental love ” irregular of circumstances of 7 years of actors: Somebody encircles a top to flow into recreation, somebody is already retired

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2012, patting ” steely time ” and ” battle Changsha ” later, aperture sheng director feels these play are too troublesome too complex, then he says with producer Hou Hongliang: “You look for an a bit more relaxed drama to run to me run! We take the sport of a family, good-looking warm. “Later, they were received ” parental love ” this play. After seeing a play when them, the language in discovering a play slowly and life taste are particularly good really, jump over in the future to look to like more. Then, big guy likes with respect to what use his and deduced sincerely ” parental love ” this drama.

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What expect is less than is, below the circumstance that does not have ballyhoo, once this drama broadcasts, harvested intense echo, a lot of people say to like this theatrical work, still say this is not this parents? Up-to-date, ” parental love ” this drama wants rebroadcast only, viewing rate as before so tall; Without giving thought to,accomplish which one collect, want a TV station to broadcast only, metropolis somebody stops watch. Probably because such, let ” parental love ” get not only of domestic audience love, it is the 60 many countries such as New Zealand be goinged to by transmission, Egypt more, and behead obtains the 24th ” Shanghai Bai Yulan award ” the many award such as international transmission award. Nowadays, ” parental love ” had left sowed 7 years, once the person that those amused, good energy of life in drama are acted warmly again, nowadays how? Come along with Chaishu below ” explore ” fall! One, Jiang Defu: Guo Tao is in ” parental love ” in, talk wisdom and humour the man at a suit, should belong to Jiang Defu. The pursuit of the form of river heart blessing that he creates ” not evaporate steamed bread disputes an implication, interest of artful strong pretty makes together ” , not only capture heart of An Jie of capitalistic old young lady in drama, more harvested warm and good happiness.

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And Guo Tao of the person that act, not only the marriage in drama is perfect, the marriage in real life, as much harmonious happiness. He and wife Li Ran marry ten years, yo has one one female, among them son Guo Zirui is 2013 in the program of the brightest look ” where does father go to ” medium stone. Because this archives is close,also be child program, because the son breaks up again,make Guo Tao red. Except domesticity happiness, of Guo Tao act art the career also calculates downwind downstream. One’s previous experience at acting art he of old and well-known family is in ” parental love ” before with respect to bear the palm a lot of, had performed a lot of classical roles. This, because the excellent performance in drama obtained optimal hero,be more award. And after that, he still depends on crime piece ” heart of burning sun bright ” one horn obtains medium Yang Zidao film festival of the 18th Shanghai is optimal hero award. Can be in last year, the netizen gathers up in the book that gives Guo Tao to be written in oneself, had said not to respect the female’s opinion on public affairs, for a short while, guo Tao made target of public criticism; After that, he faded out of screen gradually. The Guo Tao that can fade out of screen also does not have at a loose end, be in however try hard for a few parts. Recently, he gives the motion picture that act ” the bureau in antique bureau ” show, join the series playlet that act ” ideal and beamed China ” also begin to broadcast. 2, An Jie: Graceful of plum of plum graceful respecting, people the first those who think of is teleplay probably ” do not talk with stranger ” south medium Mei Xiang. Of Ke Zaimei graceful act art in career, no matter be which part, she can perfect deduce, include ” parental love ” the An Jie of capitalistic old young lady in the center.

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Can say, mei Ting is to perform to who resemble, perform to who become. Because this kind is idiosyncratic, make Mei Ting ever also was obtained in circle of movie and TV award countless, get attention fully. While with the career equipment gets attention, after marital problem of Mei Ting often also makes people meal chat talk endowment. And the marriage about her, the nothing is more… than with the most familiar masses she and the love that direct Yan Po. Two people were acquainted 2000 at Shanghai, married 2001, but their marriage itchs without what had held out 7 years after all, 2007, mei Ting Yan announces to divorce quite. Later a lot of years, because Mei Ting films the film ” massage ” , with cameraman Ceng Jian acquaintance loves each other, shine at Hong Kong is in by 2012 marriage. Up-to-date, mei Ting has been the mom of two children. Be in in last few years, mei Ting also was immersed in the crisis that can act without play. But career somewhat go no further, the life is perfected however. Because she found a husband that is fond of her to the marrow, at ordinary times the size in the home is vivid, her husband never lets her do. After giving birth to 2 embryoes, every time darling is nightly awake, her husband is the first awakes pacify darling, pour milk powder to darling. Up-to-date, when 2 people attend an activity, be 10 point to buckle, the face brings smile.

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Be in this year on January 30, mei Ting joins in love surprises art ” anonymous ” Thespian life produces true person show alive ” Thespian new student is vivid ” ; Additional, she is returned wait for film of person collaboration main actor with Hao Ran of Zhou Dongyu, Liu, Chen Minghao ” on Campagna Mosaic ” . Although appear in the opportunity before the public little, but too multinomial large award, return the Mei Ting that can have good marriage, gave the look in others ideal alive already. 3, Jiang Dehua: Liu Lin is in ” parental love ” in, if let you single out,enrage the part that hates again again, who can you choose? Chai Shujiao must be sure somebody can choose Jiang Dehua. The manner that because see her do not have a thing to quarrel with An Jie,looks for a job, too angry really person.

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However, in anger, people must be clap of beautiful jade of Liu of the person that act to applaud however, because her acting is too marvellous. Say even director Kong Sheng: Liu Lin is too arrogant! When because be in at first,looking for Jiang Dehua’s actor, kong Sheng is directed certain is Liu Lin. Result director just said this thing with Liu Lin before today, the following day, liu Lin grows beautifully hair, decisive cut earth the Qi Er bingle of arris went seeing a director. At that time, the director was frightened indeed jump, what also admire Liu Lin very much afterwards is courageous and resolute with the courage that sacrifices for the part. Also dare to throw and sacrifice because of Liu Lin just about, make she can put down figure, among part of investment of systemic a person’s mind. It is Jiang Dehua not only, still have ” know to deny knowing to deny should be green manure red thin ” in old a polite form of address for a young woman, still have pure beautiful schoolgirl, female journalist clear, mature and beautiful female Scientists and Technologists, female revolutionist, or is female drug taking makes, forceful woman, she can of do a job with skill and ease go deducing. Look in her, no matter what do, want to be thrown actively only, set out from the heart, just can move in that way person, move audience.

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Because wear this to throw, make after Liu Lin act art the region is vaster and vaster. Before 2021, her film contract is ceaseless, movie and TV kind bear the palm is very much also, and still act in Spring Festival evening party ” parental love ” essay. More what Jing admires is, she still is obtained ” sound faces the 3rd season of its condition ” the king of year sound. On Feburary 1, 2021, she gives the teleplay of subject matter of great history revolution that act ” arousal time ” also had broadcasted, in wife Zhao Renlan of her personate Li Dazhao in drama. On Feburary 20, she still participates in Heilongjiang to defend inspect receive found a party hundred time absurd special made put together art program ” see the word is like the 5th season ” . Nowadays, liu Lin is the top in recreational group to shed actual strength to send an actor really, want to she is in only, film and section purpose quality can have safeguard in the main, wish she brings good work good part to us as always. 4, Wang Xiue: Liu Tianchi is in ” parental love ” in all parts, want to say to feel the actor with very great contrast to the person, my head is pushed high-key the Wang Xiue of broken mouth.

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When beginning to see this play, barrage always meets occurrence Mr. Liu Tianchi how what kind of word, object very much at that time. Liu Tianchi’s data and video just know the person that act till what turn over Wang Xiue, the costar true body of the eye has least of all in original theatrical work, it is a Wang Zhe actually. Right, liu Tianchi not only it is actress of drama of outback movie and TV, the performance teacher that still is department of performance of the director, Thespian college central. In piece act ” parental love ” before, she has sought cooperation with Zhang Yi, hold the position of the film ” Jin Ling 13 hairpin ” the performance is directive. After that, she appears before the masses the number is maximum is, in ” the actor’s birth ” ” the actor’s character and morals ” ” I am an actor ” performance guidance teacher is held the position of in waiting for a program. The student that the education in her hand comes out, most the masses is hep it is Deng Chao, white the big wrist star such as lily, article, Tang Yan, Yang Shuo, Song Yi. And, the husband of Mr. Liu Tianchi, also be actor of a lot of people’s familiar drama of movie and TV Mr. Zu Feng. Two people marry 10 old, not only marriage is happy, interest agree with each other, in movie and TV performance side often is cut each other consult considers. 2019, liu Tianchi still gives those who perform Zu Feng to direct ” 6 desire day ” , 2020, hold the position of artistic chief inspector by Liu Tianchi ” love love small dimple ” also kill blueness in Yunnan. Expect more of day pool teacher is outstanding work is published! 5, Laoding: Ren Shuai is in this drama, should say most grievance and unwilling, was not old Ding Mo to belong to.

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Originally he wants to seek a literate wife, talk about life to talk about ideal with her. But the day fails the person wishs, arrive from Wang Xiue Jiang Dehua, one compares a coarse forceful. But fortunately, two women heart is not bad, get in every possible way to often living fourthly to be taken care of, laoding is obliged dicey. Besides dicey to marriage, old to the job Ding Ye is to be not contended for do not grab, the act person of the Laoding outside this and drama assumes the office of handsome part likeness. Ren Shuai is graduated from institute of liberation army art, 1993 work in modern drama group all the time to 2001, just began to join 2008 perform theatrical work of movie and TV. The gramophone record that although join,acts is very much, but the part that can make a person true remember should be belonged to 2016, the film that acts the leading role by him ” lose a sheep ” medium hero Zhang Yonghong, in the film, what he acts is the northwest shepherd of a plain simple minded. And depend on Zhang Yonghong one horn, ren Shuai still obtained Beijing youth shadow to exhibit optimal hero. Later, ren Shuai is a year of one ministry play almost, fade out of our line of sight gradually next. Appear before screen recently, still was on September 17, 2020, go out by him act ” the most beautiful retrograde motion person ” broadcast in CCTV, his amid personate is hospital of hill of construction fire god, and cannot visit infection new coronal of pneumonic father ” Lin Dajun ” . 6, An Xin: Doesn’t Zhang Yan know everybody to still be written down do not remember ” pink young woman ” in the man old woman that acts by Zhang Yan? In drama everybody regards her as is to disdain affection, do not talk about marriage, reject an eccentric person of personal relationship of male and female. And be in ” parental love ” in this drama, the An Xin that acts by Zhang Yan is as apropos as role of man old woman however contrary. Grace of the reasonable that install glad is independent, marry old, not only be like with marital conjugal love first, and in marital unfavorable situation the most difficult the bitterest when, she supports all the time and accompany the husband.

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And speak of this part, zhang Yanceng is interviewing in say: Father itself is a soldier, see a play she feels to be like ever was acquainted. Mix plus the mother the An Xin in drama is same, no matter how father is difficult how bitter, accompany from beginning to end beside father. Because be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears is in parental love, the part that makes she and drama medium more press close to, in deductive process, not only him warmth, warmer other, give person hope. The Zhang Yan family inside play is happy, marriage is perfect, also be same outside play. Since Zhang Yan goes out, she has performed countless roles, and in real life, besides actor identity, zhang Yan or dance person with compere. Go to Shanghai directing a program, she is acquainted with Cheng of present husband Zhang Jin, later a lot of years meet again begins have a love affair. Be in ” pink young woman ” later, zhang Jin Cheng became Zhang Yan’s agent. Later, 2 people marriage is happy, yo has one female, deducing a career also is flourishing. Can be the last few years, zhang Yan is gradually retired also, besides will act the leading role by her March this year, in CCTV 8 broadcasted time kiss affection drama ” mom is waiting for you ” besides, she left family and daughter more time. 7, Ou Yangyi: Liu Yijun and reasonable, humanness and the An Xin of be apt to are compared, her marital Ou Yangyi appears however very do not suffer a person to wait for see. His humanness is arrogant, the thought is trendy, battling oneself are an intellectual, do not look to go up the Jiang Defu that does not have culture.

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But with part photograph of happy event is not denounced to compare in drama, the acts the role of Yang Yi performing Europe Liu Yijun outside drama is to let a person admire very however. when he is lived in by Xi’an film factory, he becomes an actor with respect to the dream at that time. He is informed through channel later, becoming an actor also can learn, such he is taken an examination of went up performance of Beijing film institute is, became a fellow student with the person such as Zhang Jia interpret, Zhang Zijian. After can graduating, he is allocated again Xi’an, doing the work that oneself do not like. To pursue a dream, it is after Xi’an job is not long, he resolutely definitely leaves Xi’an to return Beijing, continue to pursue a dream. However, since going out, although Liu Yijun has performed a lot of roles, but all the time not lukewarm not fire. But face this kind of condition, liu Yijun not only not anxious, special instead indifferently. In be being interviewed, he says frankly: “After a lot of youths graduate now, be engaged in not be the job that oneself like, but I not, I like to act in a play, you should let this I am dry all the time, I am to be able to take this pain, sustainable be convinced, but the thing that you want to let me do a have absolutely nothing to do with each other, what do I work 5 years to have to use again again then? ” be in later ” lie the bottom returns ” in the theater, he still sighs with emotion with Zhang Jia interpret: Crossed so much year, we still still are doing the business that we like, very gratified really.

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Be, in the group of movie and TV that sees very again in fame and gain of that one or two, can let Liu Yijun insist to become an actor today, not be money, fame and gain, however interest, for this pair of anybody, it is lucky with happiness. Nowadays, liu Yijun still still is holding to his dream, in act in a play on this road silent and cultivated. We also can be in those who see Liu Yijun constantly in work of movie and TV of a lot of hot a list of names posted up shadow. For instance ” the person that pretend ” the wind of Wangtian of army all secret service with central firm hot hand, still have ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” in in drama the Ning Guohou of experienced and astute thanks jade. Recently, he joins the teleplay that act ” ideal and beamed China ” also had broadcasted. Although the part of Liu Yi Jun Yan is costar more very, but he depends on solid and masterly performance, always can succeed in one numerous leading role break out of an encirclement. 8, Cong Jiao is long: The Yangli of the person that act of president of clump of Yang Lixin respecting is new, a lot of people can recognizing him is ” I love my home ” a medium part calls Gu Zhiguo. But the fact is, mr. Yang Lixin not only it is an actor, piece had performed a lot of classical roles, also be director of a modern drama, hold guide work of overmuch ministry modern drama. And he still obtained Beijing the title of artist of the first De Yishuang strong and pervasive fragrance.

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In last few years, we can see the sign of Mr. Yang Lixin rarely. But be in last year, mr. Yang Lixin because teleplay ” 30 just ” fire. But this fire, it is the acting because of him not just, because the old pisciculture in drama is his,still be son poplar , this lets Mr. Yang Lixin again active in the line of sight in the audience. Go up in the career nowadays, yang Lixin of 65 years old still can be met from time to time in appearing in work of movie and TV, and in the life, although once had appeared,the rumor says him 2 marriage, but he true is as old as wife marriage, all the time marriage is perfect the family is happy. 9, arrowroot teacher: What Liu Mintao must say is, ” parental love ” there is actor of a lot of treasures really in this drama, from beautiful jade of Liu of the person that Jiang Dehua is acted, to pool of day of Liu of the person that Wang Xiue is acted, yi Jun of Liu of the person that act to Ou Yangyi again, although each part is not denounced happy event, but the acting of actor backside and actual strength not allow however small gaze. Still have a treasure actor, her part is the arrowroot teacher in drama, although ordinary, but show actual strength also is about the same with all actors of above paragraphs. Need not Chai Shu says everybody also knows is Liu Mintao.

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In last few years, the Liu Mintao that goes from marriage really very red, can heat up search to see her in small gain from time to time, let her go in popular line of sight at a draught, become a top to flow. But about Liu Mintao, a lot of people commend to her view differ. Those who say she is good is the acting because of her, she performed a lot of roles that allow an audience to be convinced really, for instance ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” Zhong Jingfei, ” the person that pretend ” medium eldest sister. Those who say she is bad is the overact because of her stagewise, for instance 2020, an inspected evening party is defended to go up in Jiangsu, she and Han snow, 10 thousand alizarin red chorally ” gules high-heeled shoes ” when, her make eyes, expression is unusually rich, offend so that the audience cannot help spitting groove. Be in these days, the city female that acts the leading role by her grows teleplay ” life home ” the firm that suffers a netizen again is approved. In drama, of her personate is a culture finite, but have deep love for laborious and the life, able, the sheet that makes a daughter finally happy live kisses mom. Can perform to hers, a lot of people say her acting has exerted oneself to do sth. fierce, too coxcombical, feigned, still say she is fed up with, do not like her suddenly.

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It is for gut need probably, also be to make a topic probably, just make Liu Mintao goes be being deduced in that way. Because send an actor to an acting actual strength after all for, wanting to had performed a role is not what tickler, we might as well the more work that pays close attention to Liu Mintao more, redo conclusion. Besides above actor, the person that still have niece personate of An Jie closes Xiao Tong, from most initial appear with anther leading player arrives become the top that recreation encircles now to flow, can say really ” parental love ” walked out of a lot of heavyweight to star. Nowadays, distance ” parental love ” sow had gone 7 years, time of 7 years, guo Tao relies on a son to break up again red, mei Ting is immersed in the crisis that can act without play, and the top that the Liu Lin that serves as costar, Liu Tianchi and Liu Mintao made recreation encircle however flows, ascend small gain to heat up search from time to time, and once the Zhang Yan of man old woman of fashionable Asia is gradually retired however.

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Although their current situation and unfavorable situation are different, but cannot what buy denies is, they are a screen, stayed for the audience classical, stayed or gas, or laugh, or warm form, let us be reviewed again rise, still 100 see not tire of, flavour is superabundant pleasant. – END- [civil | Jiang Shui] [editor | Language blame year] attention @ Chai Shu takes you to see a movie, more and wonderful not stray: Female advocate is belt endowment entered group? Is Hu Ge male? So ” the person that pretend ” so much is misunderstood once those are red to empurple, abrupt however ” disappear ” singer, now how?

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