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Original title: TVB male Xing Jianghua: Red is passed to hear with Deng Cuiwen inside marriage, 44 years old contract depressed disease, sell insurance to make a living today

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On century 90 time are mixed with TVB wireless the Hong Kong teleplay that give priority to flourishs very much, fashionable two sides 3 ground, rife star was born in the meantime. Will tell a likelihood not to make give their name to outback audience, but the appearance that is familiar with them very. As Hong Kong movie and TV downfallen, these star somes develop to inland, some fades out of circle of movie and TV. Wet behind the ears Jiang Hua was born in Hong Kong 1962. Through attending movie and TV to groom the class began to enter industry of movie and TV 1986. He is big long, decorous, liu Dehua is like between features, with Liu nevertheless Dehuabi rises he is in in person more picture politics business circles personage, facial features does not have too much edges and corners, appear inside collect, sedate. Brilliant appearance brings Jiang Hua ceaseless Thespian resource, he obtains result very quickly in respect of movie and TV. 1990, just went out before long he goes out act ” I wish the person is long ” , and win gold of Hong Kong film resemble award optimal new actor. This wet behind the ears to actor will tell, it is first-rate undoubtedly start.

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The Jiang Hua selection that cut a figure is large accumulate thin hair, choose good play to act for his art the career is responsible. Till 1996, he goes out act inferior inspect ” I and spring have a date ” . In this teleplay, shen Jiahao of his personate hero, with personate of Wen of Deng a gathering of things or people small butterfly produced a paragraph of beautiful love story. After two people are loving each other, part because of reason however, get together again till the ability after 20 years. With the hero likeness in the story, jiang Hua and Wen of Deng a gathering of things or people liked to go up each other each other. Be mixed by the Jiang Hua with the handsome extramarital love of public opinion assail the Deng Cuiwen that provides temperament extremely is a very suitable pair originally, but what be notted allow by everybody place is Jiang Hua already had a wife right now. His wife is bigger than him article of songbird wheat clean. Wheat clean article also is born in Hong Kong, grow cabinetly, have clever energy of life quite. Because play lays condition,she and Jiang Hua also are, two people have a paragraph of feeling experience that cuts ceaseless manage to return chaos.

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The two people that experience twists and turns go finally together, and had son and daughter. Letting what wheat clean article wants to be less than is, jiang Hua fell in love with Deng Cuiwen in the process that take sport. Because Jiang Hua is a married man, after he and Deng Cuiwen’s red hear exposure, draw popular dissatisfaction and disgustful. Below powerful public opinion pressure, two people must in order to part company pour oil on the waters. Jiang Hua chooses to return to a family, weigh model figure, redeem oneself the figure in audience heart. But Deng Cuiwen falls however small the fame of 3, career suffocate suffocate. Lie between when before long, deng Cuiwen divulges to the reporter she is annoyed by the person, and the suggestion annoys her is 2 people of river China husband and wife. River China husband and wife makes a response, saying is Deng Cuiwen entices Jiang Hua first. Both sides issues enmity because of this knot.

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Went more than 10 years, the calm when Jiang Hua faces medium bear oneself are true love to Deng Cuiwen in those days. Perhaps he is for career and domestic talent must put down this extramarital love. But Deng Cuiwen is accepted later when interviewing, say, she is final of regret is produce feeling with Jiang Hua namely. Although two people love each other, but this paragraph of feeling makes Deng Cuiwen’s career is in backwater condition, she this is masterly to acting will tell undoubted and special regret. River China career rises after the haze that ended extramarital affair, jiang Hua’s career continues to develop. 1996, he turns autograph TVB. He and Zhang Weijian give the same year together perform TVB drama anthology ” on the west travel notes ” . This teleplay viewing rate is very high, broke through 40 a little bit. Sun Wu of Zhang Weijian personate is empty, river China personate the Tang Dynasty monk. The Tang Dynasty monk disposition is smooth and steady, silent little speech, will tell to the actor is a challenge, dan Jianghua is deduced very outstandingly, from this more audience place is familiar.

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Afterwards ” on the west travel notes ” later Jiang Hua acts the leading role ” Miao Cuihua ” , the marital mercer square heart of personate Miao Cuihua. The Fang Deshen in play loves family, do again gravely already laugh. This is an as similar as river China disposition role, be explained very faultlessly by him. Right now Jiang Hua already many years old 30, he receives show not only because the age suffers,not was restricted, show mature glamour of the man instead incisively and vividly. From ” treasures full hall ” begin, river China in succession received 3 monarches part, act Qianlong, Tang Xuan an administrative unit in Xizang, Yong Zheng respectively. Among them, he is depended on went out 2003 act ” 95 to honour ” obtain TVB ” I most the teleplay that love is lubricious ” . ” 95 to honour ” it is the earliest one batch wears Shaoxing opera, the Yong Zheng that acts by Jiang Hua is in by Lv Siniang spatio-temporal hole is dropped when assassinate, pass through contemporary. The Yong Zheng that does not wind quiet day is incognito Li Da shrimp, participate in contemporary company dispute, what abandon rich home finally is female with true love Lv Siniang goes. This drama closes inspect be as high as 46 a little bit, send Jiang Hua perform art the summit summit of the career.

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Jiang Hua goes out those who act is final two teleplay were 2004 ” Chu Hanjiao is male ” and 2006 ” Gong Fu daughter ” . Be in ” Chu Hanjiao is male ” in, jiang Hua is acted ” Xi Chuba king ” Xiang Yu, deng Shaoqiu acts state of Liu of a fierce and powerful person. Although this teleplay manufactures for TVB, but haply was not done to the history too much distort, accord with historical former appearance quite. Give the Jiang Hua that performs a monarch to act a Xiang Yu to come for many times do a job with skill and ease. Suffer from on depressed disease changes one’s profession the appearance that sells insurance Jiang Hua is had manful, with Liu Dehua, the age won’t restrict them act art career. But very unfortunate, 2006, jiang Hua of 44 years old suffers from on depressed disease, must stop to act art career. This is told to he and the filmgoer that love him is very big regret. After river China sicken, article of his wife wheat clean is taken care of meticulously to him, let him set one’s mind at recuperate, oneself are assumed case make offerings to domestic responsibility. But, right now age of wheat clean article has gotten on for 50 years old, act art the activity stops already basically also, income is not quite total family continues to live advantageous life. In very little earth the Hong Kong of very little gold, housing is very costly, jiang Hua moves a person of extraordinary powers to look for lesser house to live additionally curtilage act against one’s will.

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See the crisis of side of the finance in the home, the Jiang Hua in disease also wants to go out to make money again. But palm of depressed disease patient accuses bad oneself mood, apparent he cannot be engaged in acting art activity. And because of oneself once fame, hong Kong everybody knows Jiang Hua, this was engaged in other industry also causing interference and difficulty to him. Depressed disease makes Jiang Hua is immersed in life trough, media takes his picture is a pair of downhearted appearance. Till 2015, below the good friend’s introduction, jiang Hua begins to sell insurance. He feels safe and OK to bring people safeguard is a good cause. But, look in everybody, once the star with infinite scene does this work undoubted and special abjection. But, jiang Hua was engaged in this career period looking for health gradually, his depressed disease recovered gradually. Media enquires Jiang Hua, whether to still want to return perform art circle, his answer says: “Interest is not large ” . The one by one that perhaps passes time is experienced, he what had acted numerous part found the joy that he lives.

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Although, jiang Hua expresses to had loved Deng Cuiwen really, but he and life of article of madam wheat clean are happy nowadays. There may be two people only in the world of love, as the choice to the career same, jiang Hua chose chief to a person condition, that must abandon another person. Outback audience is more to Jiang Hua’s memory ” Miao Cuihua ” medium square heart and ” on the west travel notes ” medium the Tang Dynasty monk, do not know he still has so many story. Life hard plain sailing, jiang Hua’s life has suffering happy, once brilliant be attributed to again ordinary. This also is a kind misshapen perfect.

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