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Original title: ” the world of Hunan door ” : You are willing when Hunan door, still want to go bravely? ” the world of Hunan door ” this film, be around ” lucky ” the child spreads out. The company of TV of abstruse Mu Ni Kang that make is foster 30 years ago a baby, name Hunan the door to him. They foster him to make its become the soap opera of on-the-spot record sex with the most welcome whole world painstakingly ‘ the world of Hunan door ‘ medium hero, the company gained huge success for this. However this ” lucky ” the child is right however this none know the inside story. The Hunan door in drama arrives to live in to make the small town of seascape all the time greatly as a child, he is the agent of an insurance company in this small town. Although Hunan door looks to live as identical as the ordinary person life it seems that, but each seconds when he does not know the life is medium however have on 1000 camera to be in to him, all the time the whole world is looking attentively at him, more do not know beside include wife and friend inside everybody is ‘ the world of Hunan door ‘ actor.

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Actually, it is Hunan door not just, in real life, also a lot of people are stranded to be in ” the world of Hunan door ” . Of fictitious world ” prison ” go as the general of Internet technology, old man of 7 a period of ten days reachs on, child child comes two years old below. Everybody is in frequent contact Internet. What swim as all sorts of hands even is general and popular, more and more youths, teenager is abandon in the world in game and do not know oneself. Others creates the world of Hunan door to him, but these swimming,however oneself create the world of theater fun. Of course, not be to say game itself is bad. Loosen heart of one private parts appropriately, play dozen of game that give no cause for more criticism. But go,the Internet bar is all night several days not Mian plays game endlessly. Do oneself absentmindedly even, countenance is gaunt, this is to the loss outweights the gain really. In addition, still an adolescent is fond of a net to chat, if be beguiling recreation only,also do not have hinder greatly. Terrible is somebody was immersed in this ” fictitious network ” , the person that seeks a range with element be ignorant of talks marriage talking to marry, after meeting, be to illuminate however cheat. This has been very good circumstance, at least they gave themselves courage, from fictitious in went.

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Have more very person, daily like breaking soul chat or be some advocate sow defend a tower. One flatlet a car, hundred thousands of loan is fearless, for: Thank the gift that one eldest brother brushs a list of names posted up, love you Da, not awful like not plan dozen of sequential a list of names posted up. Final, advocate sow rich pocket, changed a list of names posted up one eldest brother, and you are penniless. Break ” the world of Hunan door ” , trend ego gut is buckled step by step, I what just do not see play discovered the incident wearing a band of trifling accident from which, door of leading role Hunan also saw. The sky in drama can drop suddenly appropriative of a photography the lamp; Can be in appropriate when the place that is in to Hunan door only rains, realize later incorrect, issue rainstorm everywhere again; When the thing of disaccord gut appears, total meeting is turned round to go back by the thing of all sorts of coincidence. For example, father appears to be identified accidentally, hunan door is overtaken, the play staff makes a disorder immediately and take away father; Oneself never see the person that pass, can accurate it is Hunan door without by accident him appellation; The gut that takes to say what has said immediately on board can appear… wear side accident because of these just about, hunan door begins what suspect and confirmed his to guess — the fictitious world that him life is in to be held to accuse.

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So, hunan door of try every means run away. In movie ending, after Hunan door fails through the effort that escapes a few times, decision from maritime leave this small town, however the one part that he discovers acedialy however to the sea before him and sky also are this tremendous studio actually, overcome Lisituofu at this moment the cause and effect that in the control room with huge sky Li Xiangchu door related an issue, tell Hunan door him to nowadays have been the most welcome star on the world. Everything what what he obtains today is the ordinary person is unthinkable, if he wishs to stay in seascape to be able to continue to star,live, hunan door rise superior to, resolutely the free path that moves toward distance. Film ends so, the Hunan door in drama is pitiful, because at the beginning the way of life that he can not choose himself. He is immersed in a fictitious world, accurate for be by others ” captivity ” be in that fictitious world. But, the Hunan door in drama is lucky, because he discovered he is in the current situation of passive condition in time, chose to walk out of that bravely ” the world ” . But, in real life we? Walk out of oneself ” restrict one ” the Hunan door in drama, after the circumstances that realizes oneself, face reality bravely, choose ” free ” . When facing the honor that has obtained, also hesitate none as before the direction with him yearning choice. That ” circumstances ” it is others draw to him ” prison ” , and that honor and his comfortable life inside canopy, be him himself ” prison ” . But these do not strand person of the believing in a heart, also do not bar a pure and brave spirit.

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So, hunan door goes, walked out of ” the world of Hunan door ” , however is real life medium? A few people dare to taste trial jump to give his ” comfortable circle ” , is those who go searching him heart yearning? Of clearly, very few somebody can be accomplished walk out of ” comfortable circle ” , walk out of oneself to draw ” prison ” . If really a lot of people were accomplished, so the recreational group that I consider focusing of millions of people won’t have so much star to face age crisis. Won’t have so much once female advocate because do not think,perform costar to disappear before act. It is star not just people, everyman is such also. Take a country ” iron rice bowl-a secure job ” person, won’t abandon labour elect does poineering work or resigning easily, even if that works,do not mix his meaning. because such, so resignation letter content is ” the world is so great, I want to look ” teacher for a short while fire alls over entire network, because she became great master,want to do but the business that dare not do.

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Reality is brutal, but it is true sometimes. Cruelty depends on it won’t developing according to your tentative idea completely, break through oneself at wanting you hard only really really, walk out of ceaselessly ” comfortable circle ” , big probability gains a success. I had seen in the life too much dozen of worker that wants poineering set up shop, because fear be out of pocket of set up shop became dozen of worker all one’s life; See the person that crossed too much covet, do not have a foundation to feel self-confidently still obviously ” naked one’s deceased father ” the person that can compare so that cross those elaborate preparation to take an exam certainly; Had seen too much college is graduate, self-confident chock applies for a job, the result is not worth because of ability, eye is too tall and obtain employment has never been heard of since… this a series of reality, it is us in one step by step draw to oneself in experience ” prison ” . Break through it a bit more bravely, you will see have energy more oneself… epilogue ” moon and sixpenny ” the painter in this book, be worth us to learn. It is the individual feels we want those who learn is not him only not plan sequential pursuit is ideal, however when that share is out at the elbows can jump at, the courage of the travel before continueing.

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Really, the friend that has read this book may feel the painter is a bit foolish, put down penates unexpectedly 10 thousand be linked together go roaming about picture. If he did not go so the day of wife child hot the warmer end of kang, still do not need to rush about for bread overworked, is it not sweet? Can be us however oversight, the painter that chose ideal is in experience a variety of later, acquisition success feels. Even I still rejoice a bit the painter’s choice, because of what if he never leaves,cross oneself ” comfortable circle ” , he can think of himself impossibly to be able to give out so powerful force for ideal suddenly, the friend that results of impossible also conference is ideal like each and oneself and struggles… friend, if you have favour to read this article, be in again by chance if experiencing so confused choice, hope you can be inspired somewhat at this point and comprehend.

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