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Original title: Just show! Booking office is broken 400 million! Everybody is seeing late night bulletin! Check gives 6 positive! Died suddenly! Critical response is not carried! Another tycoon announces to rise in price New Year the first day, went to see a movie? Edition data shows cat eye major, up to on January 1, 2022 12 when 56 minutes, 2022 new year’s day archives always as club for amateur performers of Beijing opera (contain open to booking) broken 200 million! Among them, precede all the way should count Huang Bo, Gu Ling to present as leading role to act the leading role of course ” cross cold winter to embrace you ” . The popular an excellent work that just showed this on December 31, 2021, on January 1, 2022 00: 32 had harvested 300 million booking office. When the reporter distributes news dispatches, this total booking office has broken through 440 million yuan.

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By Xue Xiao Lu hold guide, huang Bo, Gu Ling presents as leading role to act the leading role, zhu Yilong, Xu Fan, Gao Yalin, Wu Yanshu, Xu Shaoxiong, Wang Xiao acts the leading role, special friendship goes Zhou Dongyu act, friendship of glad of Liu Hao Ran, tall gives the motion picture that act ” cross cold winter to embrace you ” , old age with tender and exquisite narrative gimmick each other support next common unimportant people, the story that lives hard spreads out slowly, in New Year during bring countless audiences hope and force.

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What what show in film is the everywhere in the life those who see is kind and individual: Express Yuan Ayong (Huang Bo is acted the role of) the belief with generous a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of travel of carry out travel, call together a volunteer to receive send cure to protect carry goods and materials; Caballero sells Wu Ge outside (Gu Ling is acted the role of) go around whole town deliver goods to come; Raise of piano teacher leaf (Zhu Yilong is acted the role of) encourage each other with Wu Ge, after initiating solution to seal ” the agreement of parrot continent big bridge ” ; Liu Yalan of boss of travel agent of middleaged husband and wife (Xu Fan is acted the role of) with supermarket boss Li Hongyu (Gao Yalin is acted the role of) the segregation that occupy the home has attrition occasionally, but the sincerity that understands each other finally more; Sweet ” dusk is loved ” medium retired doctor Xie Yongqin (Wu Yanshu is acted the role of) a form of a address for an official or rich man with dining-room boss abundant (Xu Shaoxiong is acted the role of) fight side-by-side, front of hospital of a regression ” lead troops fight ” , one swears ” army provisions comes first ” , the working food that includes next whole section office…

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They come from all trades and professions, half a lifetime of some depend on each other, some meet by chance, but the power that uses oneself is warm each other, keep watch and help defend each other, break through below the wrap up of love of friendship kissing affection brisk cold winter, results hope and touch. Film at small part have sth in mind, at the draw materials in the life, a lot of parts all have archetypal and referenced person, the supermarket grabs class of the return a ticket of dish, station, segregation that occupy the home, net to wait for even the line a lot of the life a bit at that time is entered by naturally be in harmony go in the story of film, enough sparks the resonance of every person that kiss all previous. ” cross cold winter to embrace you ” on year old end shows a sense extraordinary, of title of bring out the theme ” embrace ” , in cross year this demit is old the feeling of ceremony of important part name a person for a particular job that see the New Year in develops acme. The film rolls out the whole nation 2022 ” the hug is crossed year ” special performance, from 22:02 begin, show to 00:01 hind, trailer painted eggshell of 5.2 seconds caption ” hug! now ” clew full-court audience in New Year the person warmth of the first second and love is embraced, confirm ” 2021 last film, the first is embraced 2022, it is ” cross cold winter to embrace you ” ” sweet agreement. It is trailer not only, the dragon mark number of film titles has romantic footnote early also — dragon mark number is ” 2021520 ” , with the echo of hug painted eggshell of trailer, form the romantic ceremony feeling of 1+1>2. The element that film cures numerous happiness gathers together rise, meaning in think of opportunely through these for the audience people the most unforgettable experience watching a movie during building New Year, see the movie of the warmest heart in the coldest winter not only, also can be in view shadow when embrace with important person photograph, in the energy that the New Year of the results in crossing year of ceremony with full warmth sets out afresh. Regard year warmth as big, the force with will warm film is perforative piece in piece outside, mix from content the form is all-around release wintry day the strongest warm current, diffuse ceaselessly radiation, take the blessing of New Year and infinite power for more person. In the process that watch a movie, audience from time to time is amused to get belly laugh by the interesting dialogue in the film, the affection firmly drawing that from time to time is shed to drip among them again, can’t help heating up a tear to be filled with the socket of eye. An audience that comes from Wuhan cannot help the tear asperses the spot, become enamoured ground says: “I may be the person that this film cries the earliest, chinese mouth station, Wuhan stands when those a few words appear, I had couldn’t help. ” a young mother says: “My daughter cries very badly, I did not think of a child also can understand this film. ” still grey-haired old person sees the film express: “See among dropped tear many times, unusual shock. ” audience results touchs, also in succession derive is mixed to the courage that has deep love for the life force. Each also there is no lack of on big platform ” did not look enough ” , ” preparation 2 brush ” leave a message. ” cross cold winter to embrace you ” in the coldest winter, bring the experience watching a movie of the warmest romance for wide audience. , popular video recommends the near future, origin: New media of network of newspaper of art of edition of cat eye major, contemporary wall bulletin, China, 1905 films edits: Kong Qi proofreads: Wang Haiyan (partial content or picture originate network, ask an author to contact us in time, so that extend author’s remuneration) the dot takes young associate quickly to look!

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