Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Yang Qian displays sing ” have an insatiable desire for storm instead 5: Final rule ” promotion music ” Yu Jin ” greeting hero rings down the curtain

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He Sui archives is the hardest nuclear movement bright piece ” have an insatiable desire for storm instead 5: Final rule ” mirrorring in countrywide heat at present in, show first days of film to a club for amateur performers of Beijing opera to be defeated quickly 100 million, 2022 year most of scamper culminating one battle hey bright turns over times, the gut that lights a shock high and behavioral spectacle make its make more audience new year’s day first selection of holiday view shadow. Today, the film popularizes music ” Yu Jin ” MV is formal exposure, song is displayed by Yang Qian sing, she is energized with affective sound the loud cry gives Liu Zhilian to guide ICAC battle to come eventually the warm blood of the chapter is dauntless. This by Huang Baiming supervise the manufacture of, Lin Delu hold guide, gu Tianle, Zhang Zhilin, Zheng Jiaying presents as leading role to act the leading role, the person such as Xuan Xuan, Huang Zongze, Xie Tianhua, Zhang Jicong acts the leading role. Yang Qian is ” the person that justice is guarded ” and song ” Yu Jin ” speak a hero to stand fast mission today of exposure ” Yu Jin ” in MV, accompanying Yang Qian energized with affective singing, liu Zhilian (Gu Tianle is acted the role of) , Liao Baojiang (Zhang Zhilin is acted the role of) , Cheng Deming (Zheng Jiaying is acted the role of) wait for a few leading role to appear one by one, song and echo of movie picture photograph, face them the most critical one battle, not the warm blood of dread life and death is dauntless revealed incisively and vividly. “Those who let a rainstorm compare humeral soul is brisk, the test that do not have dread ” the libretto that waits for energized feeling, speak the glorious mission that bears on their shoulder. The drumbeat that song blast cracks and rhythm will light bright to push to acme, affection of bend of Yang Qian is displayed sing for ” the person that justice is guarded ” and song.

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Popularize music at the same time ” Yu Jin ” the implied meaning is very profound also, liu Zhilian insists to have an insatiable desire for 7 years instead, family member good friend’s constant departure makes him beside spirit breaks down appear even should stimulate response, because the heart is medium,to the belief of ICAC he holds to finally, but ending sacrifices because of guarding justice however, this also makes a lot of audiences feel idea is bad smooth. Right perhaps nevertheless for Liu Zhilian, best ending, stand fast namely justice till the last moment of life. The libretto that popularizes music ” let dawn break through a night, flaming ashes is terminative ” be in it seems that the aspirations that appeals to Liu Zhilian gently, even if he not answer exist, but the glorious responsibility on the shoulder is met forever inheritance goes down.

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2022 bright of year of solution pressing movement piece series receives Guan Zhi to make not negative audience expect the film ” have an insatiable desire for storm instead 5: Final rule ” regard this as series receive Guan Zhi to make, relatively case of before 4 corrupt corrupt upgrades in the round, the story kernel that focusing population traffics makes gut more deep. A few main characters such as Gu Tianle, Zhang Zhilin, Zheng Jiaying, Xuan Xuan, Huang Zongze, Xie Tianhua’s complex affection branch line, also enhanced film can view a sex. The behavioral spectacle that shakes in the film at the same time also made the one large window of final rule, open-eyed cover the mouth, nervous make a fist, occasion pupil moment that sees stimulation is stretched, these true reaction that watch a movie all show the exciting that gives film clue. The audience also is evaluated in succession ” 2022 year most the behavioral bright of scamper piece, violent wind car is pursued and attack, the adrenalin violent wind that true gun actual combat sees rises, feel all pressure were released ” . The long audience that company has an insatiable desire for series to had gone 7 years instead also expresses ” the expectation that does not have him disappoint, the most perfect in no matter be gut or actor,deducing him heart eventually chapter ” . The film ” have an insatiable desire for storm instead 5: Final rule ” cry by Shanghai industry of limited company of culture of cause movie and TV, China plan movie (Tianjin) industry of movie of travel of guest of limited company, Chinese ink (Beijing) industry of limited company, Oriental movie makes limited company, ear east culture (Beijing) day of limited company, Shanghai Ma Lian group photo, limited company of medium of culture of small film of Tianjin cat eye, Hua Wenying resembles (Beijing) movie industry industry of limited company, Guan Yu movie (Beijing) limited company, Beijing is infinite and comfortable film of film of boast of culture medium Inc. , Beijing issues limited company, Hua Yi brotherly movie limited company, mirrorring in countrywide heat at present in!

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