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Original title: Lean on Tian Tulong to write down: See Deng Yijun’s teenager feels, pardonable Wu Qihua is said ” the oldest ” Zhang Moji The most classical in mental view of a lot of people ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” , wu Qihua of nothing is more… than, Li Zi and this teleplay that She Shiman acts the leading role. ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” belle of it may be said gathers, raise a key point all the more. And Wu Qihua serves as hero, get dispute fully. Because go out,act ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” when, wu Qihua already 37 years old, be said by many people even ” the oldest ” Zhang Moji.

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2004 when, wu Qihua has depended on his acting and work, accumulated not little get numerous group. The work before this centers Wu Qihua in contemporary theatrical work mostly, be like ” fine hand benevolence heart ” , ” front courtyard of one size emperor ” in waiting for famous work, involve knight-errant subject matter rarely. Do not cross Wu Qihua from small love Mr Jin Yong ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” , be informed when him have an opportunity that performs Zhang Moji, be mad with joy simply, also be to be oneself round dream.

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The Wu Qihua on acting must not say, the place of dissatisfaction letting a person namely the age felt, contrast with She Shiman with the Li Zi that takes sport especially, the age feels more apparent. Nevertheless Wu Qihua is said ” the oldest ” Zhang Moji, also have very big one part reason, it is an audience people the teenager Zhang Moji that saw Deng Yijun personate first, because of Deng Yijun that fresh teenager on the body feels, both contrasts, the age that just lets Wu Qihua feels more apparent.

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In ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” in origianl work, to Zhang Moji’s appearance, have picture of such a lateral:

“Wang Baobao is looked up and down to Zhang Moji again, see he grows body jade to stand, appearance is brilliant “

The teenager Zhang Moji of Deng Yijun personate, although acting photograph relatively Wu Qihua is a little puerile, but appearance is charming, especially a pair of big eyes of bright, add dub, appear Zhang Moji does an individual a little slow-witted bud and lovely.

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The teenager move that many people evaluate Deng Yijun even is ” first love face ” , the appearance that accords with origianl work does not say, also accord with the expectation of the audience. Because Deng Yijun’s teenager feels,be, just invite an audience people to spider the feeling of bear in mind constantly, had self-identity to feel. Nevertheless Deng Yijun is in ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” come on the stage mediumly, short a few volume, a bit transitory the Jing colourful feeling like.

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Deng Yijun right now age is 22 years old, compare Wu Qihua of 37 years old, it is to appear more charming really, many people still hope to let Deng Yijun continue to act so. Because of Deng Yijun’s peculiar baby face, let him be in work of drama of one numerous movie and TV, personate passes supporting rule. For instance ” search Qin Ji ” in before Xiang Shaolong passes through ” maniac of science and technology ” . Be in ” blaze great ambition ” in the little brother isogon that returns personate to cross Gu Tianle is lubricious.

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Wu Qihua is in Deng Yijun such ” baby face ” foil below, show the irregular of the age naturally to feel with respect to protruding. Nevertheless as ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” version replace, all sorts of youth actors are joined ” Zhang Moji ” after the team is medium, wu Qihua’s version is denounced so no longer, the acting that highlights a Wu Qihua instead is mature, and of gut smooth with nature.

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Although Wu Qihua is said ” the oldest ” Zhang Moji, but do not affect an audience to be opposite this ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” love. This teleplay has opened even if sow full time of 20 years, still harvested countless new old vermicelli made from bean starch, invite a flock of audiences people act according to its for classical, and 100 see ground of not tire of seek theatrical work.

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On put together, be said to Wu Qihua ” the oldest ” Zhang Moji, what different view or opinion do you have? Where ministry is what you like most ” is Tu Long leaning on a day written down ” ? The welcome leaves your view in comment area.

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