Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Noonday sunshine new theatrical work ” welcome aboard ” kill blueness, what kind of Huang Xuan, Baibai acts the leading role New capital signs up for dispatch on January 2, the teleplay of the main actor such as You Huangxuan, Bai Baihe ” welcome aboard ” announce to kill blueness. This drama manufactures by noonday sunshine, adapt the novel from Bao Jingjing ” my matchless flower is ursine ” , shoot write a play by Yuan Zi, li Xue hold guide, hou Hongliang holds the post of total producer, zhao Ziyu holds the post of producer. 20220102070204 61d14decdeac8 20220102070205 61d14ded17528 The picture comes from official small gain to pat produce a film to make according to teleplay put on record fair show a watch to show, the content summary of this drama is as follows: Hotel door Tong Zhangguang (Huang Xuan is acted the role of) drift with the tide all along, drift along, to Zheng Youen of empty elder sister (Bai Baihe is acted the role of) fall in love at first sight, changed his invariable life position. To be close to memory medium ” goddess ” , the square dance rank that he joined beauty of a surname of Zheng Youen’s mother, change oneself to be opposite gradually square dance aunt people inflexible impression, more be mixed to have deep love for an infection to the courage of the life by them, pick up the pursuit of pair of careers and life again. See the hotel old hall that is like Yan Ke grandson the manager initiated help employee to develop ” flashy momently ” plan, below the encouragement of friends, zhang Guangzheng learns to be obtained through assessment hard take advanced courses opportunity, move toward wider world, pull ceaselessly have the space of favour with Zheng nearly. Zhang Guangzheng’s persistence and courage also changed the Zheng Youen that act independently, Wang Niu that dare not face sincerity the person such as the man, Chen Jingdian that because fear to fail and abandon taking an examination of,grinds, everybody is in so big city, need a person with sincerity, trying hard to become the hero of the life, it is better to was accomplished oneself. New capital newspaper edits Xu Meilin to proofread Zhao Lin

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