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Original title: General view of drama of new in January Han: of Rain partner gold, jin Naji is handsome regression Enter in an instant in January, contrast of newer this month new Han drama rises last month, it is a lot of less really, have 7 only. Although the amount is less, but do not be defeated on the battle array, also have regression of a lot of well-known actresses. of Rain, gold, Jin Naji, when allowing, be over etc, saying to go up is the month of male god.

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On January 1, ” class of female tall inference 2 ” the inferential drama market that starts series formerly, heat is pretty good, the 2nd season is regression of the old cast as before, be breathed out continuously by a lot of people happy came back. Like inferential theme, must not miss.

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On January 4, ” clever different doctor ” this drama is had publicized for a long time really, rain adds the gold combination of golden , clever different and iatrical overlay element, let this drama have be pollinated silk expects. Two souls are common a body, the form that develop is very new also, basic it is golden is carrying Rain on the back, picture wind very do laugh, this atmosphere should meet range estimation very cheerful.

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On January 7, ” the person that pursue and attack ” when allowing, be over partner Sun Xianzhou, it is a drama anthology related to duty Wu. A drama is over when allowing is an athlete, it is this to slant duty field kind part, expect his deduction.

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January 8, ” the daughter-in-law transfers period 2 ” the short marriage young man in the parent is vivid, everybody is pressed need to watch.

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On January 14, ” the people that unscrambles evil heart ” this drama breaks up pat from homonymic novel, tell about the time that keeping idea of division, mental disease without side, because of Liu Yongzhe, zheng Nagui, jiang Hao is suitable wait for extremely evil person interlink to appear, make big Han the Republic of China is immersed in horror in, to track those devil, the blazing side that needs to listen attentively to their heart keeps division people story. Premonitory when coming out, image of new theatrical work admired with respect to Jing vermicelli made from bean starch, expect gut also can wonderful.

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On January 14, ” medical plain dean ” this drama is a comedy, adapt from homonymic caricature, told about hero plain dean to enter medical university, after holding out associate intern to become senior researcher, leave a hospital leasehold opened a hospital, experience the real story of brutal reality again.

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On January 26, ” you and my police classroom ” the green campus drama that is setting with constabulary school, cai Xiubin of ginger Daniel partner, feel content love a beans is extremely high, vermicelli made from bean starch should be met prefer market of this kind of drama.

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Provisional in January, ” now our school ” it is drama of subject matter of cadaver of a funeral, after feeling Han drama transition, science fiction piece although not up to much, but funeral cadaver piece can give a few pretty good still high-quality goods it seems that. This drama should be met complete works is one-time on line, provisional was January.

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The new Han drama that above was January, which do you like? The article is achieve content formerly, without allowing any Zhang date and platform to must not be reprinted, the person that violate needs investigate! [avoid duty statement: The picture in article cites to the network, if copyright just asks connection,delete]

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