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Original title: Cost 10 years ” kite ” , by the person that does what become the king of espionage war play? Result from gut is too brutal

20220102070634 61d14efa0a209

Play of war of origin network espionage, those who look is soul-stirring, the feeling of the sort of anxious, let you one collect of another collect, cannot help doing sth, lying between screen to want to lie hostility even the bottom comes out to hold tight, wish painful flat. So much of play of war of so homebred espionage, of the person be classical king that can be you weighed a few are there? Somebody is pushed ” conceal ” , somebody is pushed ” cliff ” , but most netizen, the heart is fastened ” the father of espionage war play ” Liu Yunlong grinds one sword 10 years ” kite ” .

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We see origin network now ” kite ” it is castrate edition, original is 51 collect, all previous checkup via 5 years and revise, final ability is able to show, and early days is prepared with film, used again fully 5 years, around time of 10 years, just had now ” kite ” . The teleplay of a 46 collect, but advanced 20 collect when, will lain bottom delitescent story, those who tell about is about the same, the story is very forthright, but this part is matting nevertheless, it is frame even, it is only ” bring jade ” the story of follow-up 26 collect.

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This design has origin network very much not at, the other work of this kind of subject matter, because review a way of play of war of a lot of espionage, that is last collect, the person that conceal appears, achieve the appearance of big decisive battle, but kite is not such train of thought however, can calls additional monarch path. What before 20 collect behave is very groovy change, that is camouflage, get valuable information, the 26 collect of ministry of that second half, the marrow that just is whole department theatrical work begins, because Zheng Yaoxian wants rinse identity, want namely with once love, friendship, undertake ” devotional ” prescind.

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Origin network so ” kite ” it is to wrapping around ” espionage war play ” crust, those who tell about is ” devotional ” with ” human nature ” story, because have feeling, just had later rip a heart to crack lung, just had the pain spot of break conscience, look so be like insipid story, just let a person however everywhere anxious. As long as it is a person, have hate and desire with respect to existence 6 desire, the Communist has, kuomintang person also has, because differ devotionally, let their both sides at hostility, if say who is wrong, with respect to a group of people of same interest that the fault was in their branch office to differ, life also. Zheng Yaoxian once life and death and in all brethren, serve blind lane one by one, as the person, not can painful? Can you rip a heart to crack lung? Though, have be contrary to Yu Zhongyi, but before belief and country, he did not forget a bottom line, this ability is most struggling place.

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Origin network in those days ” face retribution for a life of crime ” ” Zheng Yaoxian ” , claustral alias Zhou Zhiqian, continue dormancy provides much information, help us eliminate leftover aherents, but because of old rival ” Han Bing ” arrival, let him must change a plan, expose oneself ahead of schedule. Though be old secret service, but because anxious with palpitate, still give the wife as the person of the same trade Lin Tao, left weak point, this paragraph makes fun of, can say to let a person feel the bosom is frowsty, because Lin Tao is Kuomintang, but for love, choose him sacrifice, conserved oneself husband.

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Origin network and be in personally the Zhou Zhiqian of big case, after knowing Lin Tao is dead, the face of attack by surprise of the easy aplomb that faces a trial and unmanned moment cries greatly, enough break conscience, because of this woman, with means of cruel the suicide that destroy a look, masked his past, this love, too heavy. Though depend on the font feature that writes a letter, and stay ” ring ” keepsake, but remain the same cannot the proof of authentic, everybody abhors ” devil 6 ” namely ” kite ” , but anyhow textural, treat his manner, be approbated, catch even if cope with Gong Shu.

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Be the concubine of origin network palace is Zheng Yaoxian of army all moment prentice, also be the brotherhood that spends a lot, because ” razor ” Lin Tao’s death, let him also guess Zhou Zhiqian, it is the Zheng Yaoxian of 6 elder brother of alias, ignore oneself safety and danger even, also want to find him, make him safe leave. Though Gong Shu is courageous and resolute,bear, guile 100, let for many times capture a plan to go bankrupt, but brotherly affection, in belief before, thin still be like paper, can feel the pulse of accurate Gong Shu finally, of the thinking means that is familiar with him, have his teacher and image only: Zheng Yaoxian of 6 elder brother.

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Be the concubine of origin network palace is in the place of expect, encountered oneself to want seen person, extremely surprizing meet again, etc come finish is the hand with 6 asp elder brother, raise come handgun, aim oneself, that momently Gong Shu, it is spellbound, it is amazed, be in a state of utter stupefaction even. Because he dare not believe, the army all of kill people like flies 6 elder brother, also mutiny, then of his indignation, the mug-up that brings Zheng Yaoxian fell, wait for the answer of the Zheng Yaoxian that come, it is however: “I cross your creed without believe in. I am a communist! I am a communist!!

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Origin network foundation of psychology of be the concubine of this time a note of the ancient Chinese five-tone scale immediately cave in, and Zheng Yaoxian why is indolence bitter? Him skill attune teachs, in army all when, this is the brother that spends a lot, too depend on with him accredit, if not be,differ devotionally, can he fall this hand? Capture conceal to be installed in the filial piety of the Song Dynasty of Chongqing, was to get going up originally the instruction of the peak, dress up a blind person, already cheated public security personnel to count the line of sight, the Song Xiaoan that is about to go aboard, be can safe evacuation, old mother of serve coming home, but ending was changed.

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Origin network because this moment, install consummate beggar, appeared casually in dock, the purpose points to namely admit once iron lever brother, also be to depend on likewise once understanding, in letting his biff need, saw Song Xiaoan appear. But because day thinks of night,the 6 elder brother that want appeared, song Xiaoan is excited extremely, that life and death all one’s life feeling, abruptly the upper part of the body, he thinks Zheng Yaoxian was exposed, the fire that draw out a gun is covering, abandoned scaling the scope of the boat, can say special true to life.

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Origin network is hit finally into the Song Xiaoan of beehive, fail to use up filial piety before the genu of old mother, but he is to bringing smile gone, because he protected himself,regard 6 elder brother of the elder brother as. But Zheng Yaoxian’s heart is dripping however blood, his tear flows more than, he is ashamed regret. Although the task, he was finished, organization of not let sb down, belief of not let sb down, but I am sorry once brotherly affection, because of these people, also be him once life and death and in all brother, it is the friendship that spends a lot, is he not aching? Can not kink? If say in those days of Lin Tao dead, let Zheng Yaoxian be overwhelmed with sorrow, palace of so good brother ofs or by the concubine He Songxiao is installed, however because of him get killed, although they are evil, but to him Zheng Yaoxian is loyal and devoted however, if not be devotional, not be such ending absolutely.

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Origin network gets rid of kite, once was the main task of Kuomintang, get rid of shadow, also be the top-secret task of my party, who to hold the post of to also did not think of, who is kite early is Anacreontic, but shadow is however another, it is vicarious from beginning to end, did not see a the truth of sth. . Who to hold the post of to also did not think of, shadow returns the Han Bing of the Communist Party than the Communist Party namely, and the Zheng Yaoxian that kite returns Kuomintang than Kuomintang namely, two the the most excellent, secrettest high-quality secret service, 30 old battle of wits fight brave, formed the be concerned about with full the biggest play and hotspot.

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The Han of section chief of division of join or be admitted to the party, information put origin network on the ice 1931, talk endowment platoon people of a certain kind this is unassailable old revolution absolutely, he and army all Zheng Yaoxian of 6 elder brother, early is pinpoint to Mai Mang, on her post, think make contributions gets rid of too this essence harmful a person. Of Yan’an moment enrol too, ice letting Han headaches but, do not catch handle, do not have method from beginning to end. Arrive again examine Zhou Zhiqian period, although be sure he is the Zheng Yaoxian of army all, but still do not have evidence, it is helpless as before. From an exchange of blows friendship grows, in clean up when, han Bing and Zheng Yaoxian at the same time by transfer to a lower level, let the person of two those who have the same illness sympathize with each other, had feeling unexpectedly of silk produce, can say this time, zheng Yaoxian loves Han Bing, because she is the person with a real Party character.

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Origin network arrives again ” 4 people help period ” , , submit a written statement to a higher authority puts right on the ice for Han, and encourage Han is put on the ice, make an appointment two people together subsist. . . . . . When after suffering comes happiness when, final however discovery is ” the real intention is revealed in the end ” , because two people discovered each other flaw. “Palace door falls ” stamp, letting Zheng Yaoxian just become aware to put ability on the ice to Han is shadow, and of Jiang Mochao it is to conceal nevertheless to death; Here, cold ice also knew, “Zhou Zhiqian ” be received secretly by comer of Chen Guohua clique, go capturing come in those days the Gong Shu of hill city.

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When origin network is wanting happy old age finally, each other trust two people that the plan depends on each other each other, discover former opposite party is the person that he should seek all the time however, the ideal that can differ and different belief, let Han finally put commit suicide of drink a legendary bird with poisonous feathers on the ice. The gut of above is arranged, this ability is ” kite ” outstanding place, it is absent tell about frosty enemy I concern, alternate however all sorts of affection are inside, can say everybody content, it is vivid, either types of facial makeup in operas is changed, also be not chump.

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Origin network says finally like him Han Bing in that way: He forget oneself is shadow, these year severe at be self restrained, had made oneself exceeding the Communist Party, return the 6 elder brother of army all how possibly than army all conceivably, it is the Communist Party unexpectedly, this joke is big! Watch Zheng Yaoxian instead, in the expression of army all period, bloody with cruel, who to hold the post of to also think of, he is the Communist Party, go up because of his body, have the brotherly feeling with the sort of hot firm, the sort of hate letting a person gets the measure of tooth root itch, this ability is the biggest conceal. But final, cold ice did not neglect his job, and because,kite also is done not have affection, with respect to the pattern that is him box up and belief, this broke through espionage battle aloof piece gut design, so its it is very difficult to cross careful.

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Origin network though these year, the subject matter of concerned war of resistance against aggression had relaxed, for instance ” Changsha guards battle ” , tell about Xue Yue of generation famous general, lead troops the history of the aggression of nick day bandit, because be in this paragraph of period, fight the person of day, it is right! But do not represent, some histories are wiped namely because of have rendered great service smooth with wash white, have an implied meaning ” battle of Meng Liang Gu marks the land, commemorate wind be current of Zhang Lingfu, su Yuzhi child write letter angrily rebuke for this ” , zhang Lingfu deserve well of fights day, but the belief that does not represent him is correct.

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Origin network so ” kite ” connotation, it is belief overrides at everythings on earth, only devotional ability lets a person this is unripe changeless, love, close affection, friendship, in major issues of principle before, can abandon with abandon, although oneself are subdued again, also be this is born without regret. Teleplay ” kite ” the place of great sense, that is not you absolutely very good to me, can abandon footing and belief namely, can have feeling, but cannot be stranded by affection, this ability is true human nature and thinking, commemorate Zhang Lingfu so, true a bit unusual!

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Origin network ” kite ” the character of depict ” Zheng Yaoxian ” , that is too vivid, lie for years bottom career, let him be in a certain time paragraph going up is confused, be ” kite ” or ” army all 6 elder brother ” , but exclusive and changeless is belief and bottom line! ” kite ” it is a conscience an excellent work that makes a person worth while think, it is shirt-sleeve take leave of of life and death, photograph loving each other is killed, a lot of element such as life destiny, not just confine is in of espionage war play ” cover a region ” on, carry a good story however, condense a paragraph of history. This an excellent work of Liu Yunlong, can have such breadth of mind and breadth of spirit, solid belong to hard-earned, because dare take such gut, do not be afraid of hit thunder, be stupefied was to boil 10 years, this persistence and effort, feel no regret ” espionage battle piece patristic ” beautiful praise.

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