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Original title: The Mao Zedong that Wang Renjun and Hou Jingjian act who most picture? Face of choose and employ persons compares pair of tests to see a result how ” midstream hits water ” medium Wang Renjun

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The drama of movie and TV of subject matter of found a party of two keys is medium 2021, all act Mao Zedong by Wang Renjun. Of course, wang Renjun and Hou Jingjian of another the person that act of young Mao Zedong are compared rise, on the personal details that acts Mao Zedong, really qualifications and record of service has a bit shallow.

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Hou Jingjian is in since 2010 teleplay ” iron shoulder carries morality and justice ” in since acting Mao Zedong, can say to consolidate the head that acts figure of young Mao Zedong and top position. ” iron shoulder carries morality and justice ” medium Hou Jingjian

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2021, hou Jingjian is in ” arousal time ” in continue to perform Mao Zedong, can say to deduct the figure by superb, quite wonderful. ” arousal time ” medium Hou Jingjian

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Relative to character, even bigger than Hou Jingjian Wang Renjun of two years old, till 2019, ability first time is in the film ” Gu Tianjun date ” in piece perform Mao Zedong. Wang Renjun is in ” China 1921 ” in piece perform Xiao Zisheng

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And interesting is, be in early 2011, wang Renjun is in teleplay ” China 1921 ” medium a classmate Xiao Zisheng that performs Mao Zedong, there are a lot of communications and faced show share with the Gu Zhixin that acts Mao Zedong in drama. ” China 1921 ” stage photo

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Be in ” China 1921 ” in, mao Zedong acts Zhe Guzhi Xin to show the powerful gas field of the part, and Confucianism elegant Wang Renjun is in piece in, be in passivity apparently, answer with additional position, be basic by cloak under Gu Zhixin’s field of force. ” China 1921 ” stage photo

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Tell strictly, the likeness of Gu Zhixin and Mao Zedong is spent not tall, we might as well with ” person face is comparative ” software will compare to, can see, do not have too tall likeness to spend really.

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Dan Guzhi Xin has a pair of keen views, the character’s eyes, deduce very much glow. ” just classmate teenager ” stage photo

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Gu Zhixin acts Mao Zedong first is to be in resounding 2007 temporarily teleplay ” just classmate teenager ” in, when the Yang Kaihui of 945 years old in drama and Mao Zedong meet, specially is noticing Mao Zedong’s eye, think test and verify the look of the Mao Zedong that place of her aid of father poplar prosperous says is true ” bright, have god, sturdy ” , and in fact, the most outstanding fascia expression of Gu Zhixin, it is he has a pair of sharp eyes. ” just classmate teenager ” stage photo

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Under photograph comparing, stand in the Wang Renjun on Gu Zhixin, appear the look is bleak. ” China 1921 ” stage photo

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In the look keen go up, wang Renjun cannot be the same as Gu Zhixin to be compared really, cannot compare a relative superiority or inferiority with Hou Jingjian more. Hou Jingjian looks, very as similar as young Mao Zedong. Teleplay ” Mao Zedong ” medium Hou Jingjian

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The first teleplay that act goes out in him from Hou Jingjian ” iron shoulder carries morality and justice ” in Jing is colourful after appearing, he is back-to-back 2013, in teleplay ” Mao Zedong ” in the young age that acts a character. When performing long march to end all the time, of ability general character act baton to give Tang Guojiang, hou Jingjian shaped a clever, elegant, free and easy Mao Zedong image faultlessly. Hou Jingjian is in ” Mao Zedong ” in

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When the individual character figure that was used to Mao Zedong of youth of Hou Jingjian fictile, jump suddenly when cutting the part of experienced cautious of Tang Guojiang, teleplay can bring a person a kind of incommensurate sense even. Hou Jingjian is in ” Mao Zedong ” in

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The largest dominant position of Hou Jingjian, it is the Mao Zedong figure that he behaves, the weight lifting that stressed a character is like light individual character characteristic, on Hou Jingjian’s body, not heavy 2 words, this also goes up with performance style of Hou Jingjian, taking a kind not expressional feature of Yan Zixiao is concerned, so, the part that Hou Jingjian acts, filling a kind of optimistic mind. ” Mao Zedong ” stage photo

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And what Hou Jingjian masters to behavioral rhythm of the character is very proper also, when figure movement expression is changed, very natural, stressed a character the sort of be like decided mental temperament leisurely. All these, deserve to go up again Hou Jingjian’s brilliant has magical view, the form of young Mao Zedong that decided Hou Jingjian is acted is almost unmanned and OK give its right. ” Mao Zedong ” stage photo

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Actually, the biggest weak sports of Wang Renjun, the look that is him is on the force that has a mind, with Hou Jingjian, still Gu Zhixin is existing difference. Figure of Mao Zedong of Wang Renjun fictile

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The sort of bright, sturdy, strong view, it is a when shape Mao Zedong image necessary basic skill force. And force of this kind of work, as a result of the inherent quality of actor of be enslaved to be enslaved to, each actor is not had. Wang Renjun is in ” midstream hits water ” in

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Nevertheless, wang Renjun has his characteristic, that is, he although unlike Gu Zhixin in that way, be full of a kind of simple and unadorned, simple and honest, resolute passion, also unlike Hou Jingjian in that way, contain a kind to laugh be proud the spirit of calm is temperamental, but he has the explicit appearance appearance with a kind of strong, clean-cut upright, so, mao Zedong of Wang Renjun fictile, compare the person that model at other young Mao Zedong, also having him the dimension of original discovery is spent. Wang Renjun is in ” midstream hits water ” in

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2019, wang Renjun is in ” ancient cropland bugle ” in when acting Mao Zedong first, already 36 years old, but he models the Mao Zedong figure that give, also have the original temperament that has done not have before the move. ” ancient cropland bugle ” stage photo

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This is the Mao Zedong of Wang Renjun edition, the Yang Gang of stand erect of the imposing below the high pressure that highlighted Mao Zedong to go up personally is temperamental. ” ancient cropland bugle ” stage photo

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The Mao Zedong in camera lens, when acting young Mao Zedong without Tang Guojiang the sort of only gaunt, and the calm attune that does not have Yang Gang quality of a material, below shadowy skin, the character’s expression is full of the colour and lustre like a kind of iron and steel and strength, so, piece medium Mao Zedong just is in when facing a variety of ab extra blow, yong Yi ground is right. ” ancient cropland bugle ” stage photo

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Such, wang Renjun one piece the Mao Zedong that act, defined a very high starting point. Piece the around Red Army destiny and future brawl between medium Mao Zedong and Zhu Dezhi, also be the drama of movie and TV before in scanty a scotoma at expression, when Wang Renjun is behaving the Mao Zedong individual character that this one dimension spends, take hold those who reach the designated position so that still comparative. ” ancient cropland bugle ” stage photo

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Had just about ” ancient cropland bugle ” the excellent performance in, wang Renjun in the future, more easy ground was in ability to walked into the cavalcade that acts Mao Zedong of period of found a party 2021. ” ancient cropland bugle ” stage photo

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And at that time Wang Renjun already 38 years old, he gives the Mao Zedong that act ability is 28 years old at that time, wang Renjun gives the Mao Zedong that act more appear those who gave Mao Zedong is composed, inside collect, sagacious one side. ” midstream hits water ” stage photo

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And this one dimension is spent, a has glorious likewise side that also is the leader figure that Wang Renjun comes from at his distinctive form appearance hair disinter to come. From the point of the appearance, hou Jingjian is more adjacent at young Mao Zedong, wang Renjun is not too the part that acts like him, so is the fact how? ” midstream hits water ” stage photo

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We are used now ” person face is comparative ” the technology will check, the result is very unexpected. We contrast first with Hou Jingjian.

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Likeness is spent only 30% contrast a bit higher again with Wang Renjun.

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Likeness is spent achieve 52% , far very at Hou Jingjian. It is Wang Renjun is spent than Hou Jingjian’s likeness apparently a bit taller. The person that Wang Renjun is acted from the Xiao Zisheng with dye-in-the-wood bookishness, leap arrives of leader figure give the person that act, the difference between this is quite big still, in the drama of movie and TV before, we see Wang Renjun has the place of what likeness with Mao Zedong very hard, but Wang Renjun tries hard through his, still shape Mao Zedong’s image so that enough props up a whole movie and TV piece structural frame and frame. ” midstream hits water ” stage photo

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Broadcasted 2021 ” midstream hits water ” in, be as long as the teleplay of 30 collect, show share of Mao Zedong is very much, wang Renjun often has paragraphs of big paragraphs big actor’s lines, expressional movement of the character must enrage charm be well versed in in a setting, around joins, get sth done without any letup, and Wang Renjun is in such old scene, ground of do a job with skill and ease shows the unhurried gas field that gives a person and field of force, although his unlike Hou Jingjian in that way, uprise one brandish, general view numerous hill is small, what Mr Dan Wangren stressed a character however is dovish this one dimension is spent, enough adopts the examine view of the audience. ” midstream hits water ” stage photo

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Be worth what carry is, wang Renjun is in drama the scene that has engage in a battle of paragraphs of big thought with the Wang Zhifei that acts Chen Duxiu, verbal and intense extract, appear between two people constantly. ” midstream hits water ” stage photo


And be in ” Gu Tianjun date ” in, wang Renjun is having with Wang Zhifei likewise intense before the rare brawl appearance in drama of movie and TV, and in this film, what Wang Zhifei acts is Zhu De. ” ancient cropland bugle ” stage photo


In the film ” 1921 ” in, mao Zedong is not leading role, but the film or the affection world that held Mao Zedong, behaved Mao Zedong and the setting that Yang Kaihui parts, flashback the moving circumstances that the Xue Zhongxiang when their first love depends on, and especially parents of boyhood of Mao Zedong memory is different to his manner, also offerred to Wang Renjun exhibit the open space that performs person heart world. ” 1921 ” stage photo


Because,be ” 1921 ” be in finite spatio-temporal in, pass the flashback of camera lens, contained more histories spatio-temporal, body reveals this film to conceive the novel point on conception, just make this film won golden pheasant award optimal playwrite award. ” 1921 ” stage photo


From the point of development trend of future, what Mao Zedong of youth of Wang Renjun fictile is having him himself is original with deduce distinctly, believe he can be in drama of revolutionary history subject matter, find oneself larger play space. ” 1921 ” stage photo


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