Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Blessing of divorce half an year loves to pass formerly ” remarry ” ! River Hong Jiexin spits aspirations the first days year: 2021 be inferior to meaning

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Jiang Hongjie and blessing love divorce half an year formerly, jiang Hongjie is infrequent phonate, and be exploded to give doubt to be like digamous blessing to love to do not have any messages formerly. (graph) Jiang Hongjie and blessing love to divorced in July 2021 formerly, end marriage formally 5 years. And restore odd back, jiang Hongjie puts all of centre of gravity on career and children body, daughter ” Aila sauce ” with the son ” small outstanding ” by him father holds mother job concurrently to take care of, kind father figure lets other enrage violent wind to rise, advertisement acting character is not received, along with write the end 2021, he is infrequent also confide one’s innermost thoughts and feelings, admitted to was inferior to really last year meaning. Jiang Hongjie is in yesterday (1 day) stick piece a piece of sons are young outstanding side face photograph, write down perceptually, “2021 perhaps is not so flexibly, but also be grow many. ” the everybody that he also thanks the past one year to help his, and ego encourages the ground says, can continue hard 2022, let oneself become stronger. Stick civil, ” complete star games ” member comfort is soft the person such as sagacious of medium, Qiu Shengyi, Li Jiu leaves a message display on blessing, before netizens also go up, cheer for him encourage, “~ of old Happy New Year 2021 you are a lot of more family ” , ” new one annual meeting is better and better, cheer! ” , ” the nutrient that the setback in the past and test grow melt into, come one this year you had been done very well ” . Nevertheless, new Year the first day of Jiang Hongjie is inadvertent be wounded in fight, he gives out close-up of ministry of a piece of face to illuminate in IG, can see a red blood mark appears among his eyelid and brow in the photograph, it is a son so small outstanding the eyebrow bone that contuses him with the head carelessly, let Jiang Hongjie find both funny and annoying the ground says, “Thank son, let me know your head is very good. Let me know your head is very good..

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Jiang Hongjie 2022 be contused the first day by the son, facial department be wounded in action. (graph) watch blessing to love formerly instead, the divorce is less than half an year by Japanese media ” weekly Wen Chun ” report, to it before off the rails yokohama male new contact, still come out two people are about to get married, the man already had made the psychological preparation when stepfather, nevertheless, basis ” female oneself ” point out, “Love Mom ” blessing former Jiang Hongjie of the son-in-law before 1000 generation are preferred seemingly, object a daughter divorcing with him, mother and daughter’s relation is exasperate, him even if needs those who take wheelchair and nurse to attend, still reject to be the same as with daughter little love, will make public a paragraph of mother and daughter to make ping-pong movie in November till last year, just see mother and daughter is interactive. Blessing loves doubt be explodinged to be like formerly as male as yokohama after digamous message exposure, ascend Japan not only ” 2021 figure most moldered celebrity ” champion, support her Chinese netizen all the time repeatedly, someone looks no less than going to, leave a message painful batch, “Off the rails actor is banned with respect to this ” , ” with male small 3 agreements are good divorce together, give former husband fault frame sb, fierce ” , at top speed the behavior of as male as yokohama contact, make blessing former love to be in Japanese home abroad figure destroys greatly.

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The figure of job of acting mother of Jiang Hongjie father, make his figure auspicious, person energy of life is climbed ceaselessly litre. Graph

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