Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: 33 million vermicelli made from bean starch shakes Zhang Ting phonic Zhang date is sealed by of short duration, connubial small gain is banned character On January 2, bureau of red star capital notices Zhang Ting shakes phonic Zhang date to already was prohibited releasing opus, shake phonic government to express in violating compasses punishment to explain, because this user is disobeyed ” shake convention of phonic community self-discipline ” relevant provision is prohibited releasing opus, will seal at was being solved on January 16, 2022. Newest data shows, zhang Ting shakes vermicelli made from bean starch of phonic Zhang date to exceed 33.58 million, and government of secret of TST front courtyard shakes phonic date vermicelli made from bean starch to exceed 2.14 million. 20220102070955 61d14fc3ee2d6 In addition, in relief couple of Zhang Tinglin luck and ” TST front courtyard is secret ” date of small gain Zhang already all was in the condition that ban speech, small gain clew all shows: Because violate relevant law statute, this user is in the condition that ban speech at present. 20220102070956 61d14fc41f792 20220102070956 61d14fc4768d6 On December 28, 2021, in relief company of topic # Zhang Tinglin luck is suspected of passing sell the # that be investigated to ascend small gain to heat up first place of search a list of names posted up, “TST front courtyard is secret ” sell network be been in by investigation be related to raise a mighty uproar because of be suspected of passing. Lin Ruiyang and Zhang Tingjun are well-known actress, lin Ruiyang has ” Taiwan the first small unripe ” say, ever went out perform teleplay ” one shade deep and remote dream ” etc; Zhang Tingceng goes out act ” pass through to be in love with spatio-temporally ” ” luminous god cup ” wait for teleplay. But the brand that two people found is put in quite much controversy all the time. After incident ferments, TST front courtyard is secret on December 29 before dawn says in official small gain, amounting to Er power company is a company that runs legally, “Government of Shijiazhuang of special acknowledgment Heibei coachs I manage the platoon investigates a hazard, at present company operation everything is normal, my department will coordinate relevant section work actively. ” Lin Ruiyang and Zhang Ting also early or late transmit this are small rich. Bureau of red star capital notices, at present newest trends all keeps Zhang Ting, Lin Ruiyang small gain in secret of transmit TST front courtyard the response before this. Edit Yang Cheng

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