Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Is age of Che Xiansheng data how old what is Ins Zhang date? Are Che Xiansheng and Song Zhiya known be together?

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Chocolate comes! Had paid close attention to Song Zhiya two years allegedly, it is fokelore is medium really come for her! Che Xiansheng has depended on game, became a man student in most attractive person. Although hefty, but individual character and conversation are very interesting. Think he can choose art Yuan originally, as a result I am like or understand human nature not quite, he chose good impression to spend highest Song Zhiya. Zhi Ya also is said like oneself really, can win all schoolgirls, capital speaks, big hair. Che Xiansheng, actually he is called Che Xuan originally bear, will be born 91 years on May 2, have handsome appearance, nice figure, height 181CM, the identity of the person that have dance and model. Che Xiansheng is to want to become a singer originally, when the God trainee that crosses K-Pop, but, do not know why, che Xiansheng did not walk along trainee to go out, chose to be a dancing partner. Che Xiansheng of 29 years old loves fabaceous announce beauty with regarding as this year be a dancing partner and became famous, ever was in with announce beauty Water Bomb concert half naked close jump ascend Han net to heat up search. The Gao Yan like love beans is worth cheek to deserve to go up strong figure, more the IG that lets him has nearly 400 thousand vermicelli made from bean starch to track, person energy of life is quite breathtaking. Does he also have management name to be Cha Hyun Seung at the same time? ? ? The channel of TV, share his daily life to everybody, very firebug act male friend feels!

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