Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Xie Na basks in young daughter little hand to illuminate be thankful in the life that another cherub came to to her 2021

20220102072041 61d152491b912Xie Na is basked in jump jump spruce spruce back is illuminated 20220102072041 61d15249603f3Xie Na basks in young daughter little hand to illuminate On January 2 afternoon, dispatch sums up Xie Na 2021, be thankful one year this in the life that another cherub comes to to her, the little hand that dries a young daughter is illuminated, for nothing tender tender very lovely, the back that still basks in a twin daughter is illuminated, already graceful, expect 5 are illuminated. 20220102072041 61d152497a62d

Thank graceful full text: These days so busy that deliver the summary small gain of 2021 without time all the time: Be thankful 2021, another cherub comes in my life, she loves to love to laugh very much very much really. Be thankful my jump jump spruce spruce health grows happily, let me also follow to grow together as them. The part of wife, mom lets me hard become better, let me see, the it is the most important to be experienced thing in life, let me face a lot of issues more calm, also know more accept or reject mediumly in the life. Be thankful father mother is restful and healthy, live the life with much colorful appearance happily everyday. Be thankful from the time that 2022 still have a few days, received an elder sister to fight the auspicious message with successful cancer! Came 2022, believe meddlesome happening to regular meeting has a lot of.

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