Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Into award of golden pheasant of dragon be a guest collection of 40 years of interviews says to hope to be able to obtain optimal hero again

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Recently, become prize of golden pheasant of dragon be a guest 40 years ” La Yu receives a visitor hall ” interview collection, he also is award of golden pheasant of film of the 25th China optimal hero award gainer, also be current till exclusive a Hong Kong actor that wins this award, state into Long Ye oneself can continue hard, the hope can win award of the 2nd golden pheasant. It is reported, filmed 2004 into dragon very not ” into dragon ” the film — ” new police story ” , in this film, the part of the personate that become dragon is the heroic figure that makes remaining part from the beginning no longer. One contains pathos colorific figure, attention letting a person arrives to model the more possibility of the part into dragon. 2005, win award of the 25th golden pheasant by right of this film optimal hero award, this also is first time of actor of Hong Kong and Taiwan gets golden pheasant award. In look into dragon, this is affirm and encourage best to person of behavioral motion picture.

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