Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: ” and listen to Feng Ming ” : Yang Chao jumps over drama of the 2nd ancient costume, the part is compared ” night 2 ” day daughter more ground connection is angry! “Girl of bright and beautiful carp ” Yang Chao jumps over rising abruptly is a miracle, her successful recipe more is to lean lot, nevertheless, since entered recreational group and must of circle of movie and TV to have bit of actual strength, more or less must acting have a place. 20220102075136 61d15988c80bfYang Chao is jumped over The drama of the first ancient costume that Yang Chao jumps over is ” night 2 ” , this is the big IP play that great mind novel is adapted and becomes according to feline be bored with, flow is very large, adapt very successfully also, yang Chao is more in this drama personate day female, that is the figure of a kind of Gao Leng. 20220102075137 61d159892b35eHao day goddess Drama of her the 2nd ancient costume ” and listen to Feng Ming ” in, the part that Yang Chao exceeds personate phoenix dance is however the sort of very the figure that ground connection enrages, her a person’s mind is kind-hearted, have bit of bud, also have bit of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, be in with the thinking of modern long upgrade in true world dozen strange. 20220102075137 61d159894dc5fPhoenix dance When she faces hopeless situation, she is not crestfallen also, probably because be leading role aureola or the action that are golden finger, her every time can head off a danger, from go up somehow for, phoenix dance is Yang Chao is jumped over, favored class status is a few morer, but oneself effort is not little also. Nowadays, yang Chao goes out successfully already more act ” night ” and ” and listen to Feng Ming ” , ” Chang’an Nuo ” wait for ancient costume drama, drama of her the 4th ancient costume ” heavy violet ” criterion hopeful broadcasted 2022. Current, the acting that Yang Chao jumps over or meeting get the doubt of partial person, but the person that recognizes her acting will be increasing. Expect Yang Chao jumps over a little sister to there is better performance in industry of movie and TV, hope one day her acting can deserve to go up her Yan Zhi!

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