Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Plum to Gao Min the poem cooperates ” reincarnation love ” , perform pass through Luo Man history

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Plum show to and tall (Gao Min poem) afterwards ” Sweet Home ” in after difficult younger sister of personate difficult elder brother, be in again the KBS teleplay this year ” the youth May ” in all the cruel below chart troubled times is loved, tragic finally ending lets a lot of audiences exceed regretful. Cannot think of nevertheless, two people are the closest again fit, collaboration goes out perform playlet ” reincarnation love ” , deduce pass through spatio-temporal sweet love! After our happy event has HE to make work actually with Ming Xi too!

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Plum be being shown to and tall is first in Netflix ” Sweet Home ” in the sibling that personate does not have kin, give aid to each other in the apartment that an eccentric person runs amuck, although two people look,be like brawl ceaseless, but who to compare actually more care about the other side, however terminal sibling two greet however respectively, make popular feeling painful.

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And be in ” the youth May ” in, plum the pain that explained tumultuous period to fall together to and tall Min Shi and Bei are loved, set of this drama setting is in 1980 ” democratization of optical administrative division moves ” period, leading role of male and female is fond of too He Mingxi from at the beginning identity difference cuts off, defend below troubled times to later, greet day person to always be lain between however finally, till meet again of the ability after 40 years, let many audiences see the tear dies.

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Plum 6 months are separated when be being shown to and tall again fit, will be in new theatrical work ” reincarnation love ” in the MZ generation that personate crosses an undergraduate to live in 2021 year, show the chemical reaction of extraordinary. Not only such, ” the youth May ” in the detail that brings mirth to the audience and narrative, hopeful becomes the happy event in giving a hope theatrical work too the vermicelli made from bean starch that He Mingxi lives happily in the world that does not have tragedy people gift.

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” reincarnation love ” was to tell about replace a friend to attend dating Quan Xiangtai (plum act the role of to ) with her in his destiny Jin Huani (tall is shown adorn) the first time encounter pass through model teleplay of Luo Man history. This drama every collect probably 10 minutes, will on January 3, 2022 before dawn the line on 0 o’clock. We plum show to and tall in work already BE two, can see two people are sweet this eventually ~

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