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Original title: ” ace army ” 6 minutes of gut block Gao Guang hard also, in greeting reality each ” Gu Yiye “ Mentioning army brigade drama always is two when do not circle work that cannot surmount, ” soldier assault ” and ” bright sword ” , ” ace army ” sow, the audience sees Li Youbin and He Zhengjun are the same as casing, in judging, heating up is completely ” father blueness is answered ” , so general of hard to avoid ” ace army ” compare with these a few outstanding work looks, all-around comparison, no matter be an actor,still close inspect, gut, actor, public praise.

20220102075324 61d159f48bd2d

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Especially most begin sow, many people spit groove this is ” army brigade ” the idol play of appearance. Tell the truth, to Xiao Zhan’s attention, 10 the coming year had not seen work of good teleplay of army brigade subject matter, because Xiao Zhan’s reason looked,be really ” ace army ” , also be find out detail to the utmost, this drama is not so called for play of army brigade idol.

20220102075324 61d159f4c3e75But, when seeing 15 market, I feel I seek detail again, it is to be being taken a bit super- thick ” lens of filter of vermicelli made from bean starch ” will be washed by force, he is not play of idol of an army brigade, when seeing 15 market, he is, audience lord says rightly. The gut of this one collect catchs a horse to arrive namely simply acme, eliminating of course is the consideration with quick rhythm, the person that lets see play can see the progress of gut, with respect to what for instance division commander Zheng Yuan is formed by heavy rain the flood is swept, let Changjiang Delta ask for father daughter to admit, it is in barrage won’t the daughter comes, next from sick into death at a draught good, say in this set gut and barrage exactly like. 20220102075325 61d159f538f4f

To add Wensan subsequently favor feels, arranged a family to dine together immediately, if not be to have,Gu Yiye is mixed 9 connected existence, this drama is OK big ending, the family already lived happily through going up.

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Those who look so that the heart straightens is more than it is these gut, however the golden finger of this one collect, the level in front leaves still be can see on the spot, 15 market had opened to let a person want to abandon theatrical work. Actually the person of broomcorn is set advanced a few collect also matting, although shallow-brained, but the sort of tall light that also is this part from the personal loyalty of all corners of the country of the belt, look be like in good luck, serve as a part how to can think of this, but as careless root, this part with respect to suspension.

20220102075325 61d159f5ac1b1Still have more logistic cannot the part from be in harmony, exploit the servant beside oneself division commander, helped him see one side really, alleged the comrade-in-arms of elder brother high mountain that he sacrifices, go striving for this to carry dry quota of people preciously, and the gimmick that this quota of people is not an exorbitant class will operate, use directly however, the identity of the closest from the division commander officeholder was told come out. 20220102075326 61d159f621356Feel for the first time, is get in by the back door OK still such? And the position that he should take sb’s place is more than others, be him after enrollment 9 connect monitor Zhang Fei. Although the monitor makes fun of the portion is little, the person that told a squad leader concerns, get into trouble through that paragraph military uniform, kill a pig to wait, raising dry important level, the monitor nots hesitate abandon raising dry chance, also want to carry thunder for them. 20220102075326 61d159f6d4686The figure that what the every word and deed of broomcorn represents is him division commander, what if what saying, communicate also is the division commander’s meaning, in him here turned a conveniently into the side busy, deceive went. This kind those who use a post, do not say to be in army, be in average company namely, that also is big fear. 20220102075327 61d159f758a54Most let a person not have of language should be processing method, it is for fear that does not know angular shade annulus, what mistake should be set to the person of the part let? So big mistake, it is one crock wine bought a lesson directly, broomcorn returns grinning cheekily ground to say, with false wine a flavour does not have distinction. 20220102075327 61d159f786af1

20220102075327 61d159f7b021e

Cover face! But! We wants to say namely, playwrite can add the recipe of a bit wisdom a little to this careless root, look to be done not have at least so violate and, those who let him is foolish gas accord with constant manage. Had erred, we can punish him with the means of a soldier at least, physical ability punishment is other perhaps, achieve the effect of caution at least, those who will highlight this to carry dry quota of people is precious, let whole division know to get petty action trashy. However cake is done not have, without punishment, still dine together together have a meal. According to so say, draw shape according to the model, outfit is foolish can fool the major mistake that him past makes.

20220102075327 61d159f7d43f7gut says a bit more, right, the gut of this one collect, basically be these, serve as the main actor’s Xiao Zhan likewise, in the gut that one collect is as long as 45 minutes, appeared 6 minutes only bell, the gut introduction with respect to as above face is same, occupy than very little. Vermicelli made from bean starch should be met see the heart straightens, this also is mixed early before come out Xiao Zhan is in ” ace army ” show share is cut, appeared even abrupt picture, a lot of gut do not have casuse and effect came, occurrence gut also is with group portion resembling show slants much, such coming that look is not an empty hole invites the wind-weakness lends wings to rumors! 20220102075328 61d159f803664Update that day, of everybody discussion also is the problem with little share of the show that resemble battle, also see a netizen says accidentally, the show share of the rush to repair of that paragraph of heavy rain that Xiao Zhan comes on the stage, filmed full a week, there are a few seconds only after positive comes out, if not be to be like battle to this very strong presence feels, should do not have a person to be able to be in lacquer of that paragraph of black the close-up that Xiao Zhan finds in black environment, because share of this paragraph of show also is to promote broomcorn,help the show share of division commander Zheng Yuan. 20220102075328 61d159f878351

20220102075328 61d159f8ca8a6Itself of this paragraph of play is OK well depict soldier is in encounter this kind, natural harsh environment, with the volition like iron and steel, the human body with flesh and blood and nature make show of opposed warm blood, the result is the result in front. Xiao Zhan serves as arms of the person at the head of a procession to carry wood, sanded bag to be being protected in rainstorm in this paragraph of play fight used device, itself can be Gao Guang, however, have picture of a few seconds only. 20220102075329 61d159f9082ebThe show share that leave is that paragraph of play that speaks with the monitor, gu Yiye is an intellectual not only, it is too perfect that playwrite writes him really, in the play portion with 15 only concentration, want to applause to playwrite again, of course share of this paragraph of show also is to matting A comes on the stage beautifully, and from the back the monitor sacrifices, gu Yiye married monitor widow to make bedding, that part actor’s lines simply too absolutely. The person that how allows a 80 time shows the respect to the female, it is good that the monitor feels Gu Yiye is aesthetic, let him help carry a red skirt to marry wear, he feels improper, say to the monitor from him that ” what A Xiu elder brother’s wife wants is you, not be good. ” ” the wife that A Xiu elder brother’s wife is you, you are her husband, it is the eye with the husband goes carrying, I what do this calculate. I what do this calculate.. 20220102075329 61d159f92d3ee

20220102075329 61d159f99ad38

Gu Yiye is the couple gets along schoolbook, be and the person that the monitor is not an administrative levels, also be on character very esteem. Although from the back be said to connect by the monitor, promise to buy skirt, the accredit because of a skirt also matting the monitor accredit to Gu Yiye, just can be in from the back after sacrifice Jiang Axiu resign to Gu Yiye. 20220102075330 61d159fa0a116Although the share of Gu Yiye show that the 15th collect resembles battle to act is little, but appear twice to block Gao Guang hard also, calculate play of idol of brigade of Cheng Jun be sayinged by everybody, but Gu Yiye is to be in serious ground to start a career, also be ” ace army ” the core that wants to communicate, he accords with the growing process of a recruit, the soldier should make the will like iron and steel namely. 20220102075330 61d159fa2c8c2The setting that does not say work is in 80 time, put to now to look, gu Heng wants the volition of the son Gu Yiye of education, it is now two hundred and seventy-six million four hundred and forty-seven thousand two hundred and thirty-two soldiers that defend the home to defend a country in a gleam of. Rush to repair of that paragraph of dirty night and actual appearance coincide, it where have is difficult to where have, the first sees is their form, they are reality is medium ” Gu Yiye ” . The Gu Yiye of the personate that resemble battle is ” ace army ” play eye, also be playwrite wants to be communicated with the part piece strong army the way that develops 40 years, so ability can say: Each in greeting reality ” Gu Yiye ” , they are people’s backing.

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