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Original title: ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” this drama should be belonged to ” 80 hind ” have feeling most, because they already arrived not of be puzzled year

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Teleplay ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” be about to receive big final result, most propbably to this drama, have feeling most should belong to ” 80 hind ” , had arrived because of a lot of people among them not of be puzzled year. The modern city drama that waits for actor combination ginseng to act by Chen Jianbin, Mei Ting, Tu Songyan, Liu Weiwei, Yumingjia, Chi Jia, Zhang Shu, Wu Min humble ” not be puzzled, a lot of audiences meet most propbably will ” struggle ” contact together with this drama, because ” struggle ” this drama, those who tell about is ” 80 hind ” struggle history, and ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” this drama, those who say is however ” 80 hind ” the comprehension to life. Estimation, a lot of ” 80 hind ” the audience is right this drama, meet some to make comprehend. # teleplay not the brigade # of be puzzled

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” not the brigade of be puzzled ” medium marital view is in teleplay ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” in, we can see Fengchun gives birth to the destiny for him change, the lover that abandoned to get along 8 years, female Zhuo Xiaoting of choice and rich home marries. Although Feng Chunsheng’s act is dirtier, but the aspirations that he represents certain audience really. Because ” marry a good wife, can little struggle 10 years ” , ever was the maxim of certain audience. A lot of people ever had searched this kind of shortcut, e.g. in actual life, when we are choosing a partner, can consider the domestic case of the other side. Say from this one angle, we are non-privileged censure Feng Chunsheng, because we and he is congener person. And the person that forms bright contrast with Feng Chunsheng, it is the 10 thousand dawn in drama. He did not seek shortcut in that way like Feng Chunsheng, pass the effort of oneself however, got the boss’ appreciation. 10 thousand dawn hope to get a chance, more know how to should grasp an opportunity. Although his show share is not much, but he represented great majority to make arduous efforts however ” 80 hind ” audience.

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” not the brigade of be puzzled ” medium friend encircles most propbably ” 80 hind ” the audience is right ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” this drama, what have feeling most is the friend circle in drama. Should know to ” 80 hind ” the audience, the friend is their most precious fortune, because of much ” 80 hind ” audience, it is a singleton female. They do not have brotherly sisters assist, obtains result all comes from friends give aid to. The king in drama of no less than recalls fatherly driver Li Zhenbao, he is to be below the friend’s help, just obtained today when the achievement now. Of course, the friend still has another function, that is to be when help sb to straighten out his wrong or muddled thinking of our need people, they can be offerred for us with understanding comfort. No less than is after abortion of eminent dawn graceful, feng Chunsheng does not know to who should look for to pour out, because he is in Beijing to be able to calculate the person that must going up is a friend, can be counted on one’s fingers. Final, he chose Maliewen. And Maliewen also is opposite with oneself of life comprehend, the dot woke Feng Chunsheng. We should like to ask, when if be us,need looks for a person to pour out, whose telephone can we dial?

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Jian Xing lights a delegate each ” 80 hind ” in the heart pure light the age in drama with Jian Xing, we can discover him is not ” 80 hind ” , but he lets however ” 80 hind ” the audience produced a kind of very friendly feeling. Why to say so? Because the Jian Xing in drama is lighted,that is, one kind is being used ” manna ” come penitentiary Qiao Qing is shallow this corporeal daughter. Actually, the behaviour that Jian Xing burns very resemble in those days ” 80 hind ” , they hope to be able to pass their effort, come to those who get the goddess in him memory approbate. Hope more oneself goddess, can be oneself and change. Can say, jian Xing is lighted in this drama, represented each ” 80 hind ” in the heart pure. Saying path: “Ideal is very plump, reality however very bone feels ” . Can saying Jian Xing is lighted is each ” 80 hind ” the dream in the heart, because they once had tried penitentiary the goddess in him memory, can be however as a result, they kept the absurd memory of junior period only. Very few somebody can be lighted like Jian Xing hold to after all in that way. Because of great majority ” 80 hind ” chose to compromise to reality.

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Do not know ” 80 hind ” you how look upon ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” this teleplay? Greeting you leaves a message comment.

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