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Original title: ” female psychology division ” Xie Jiahui opens line of suspense of complete theatrical work because of maternal F, culminating Boss is unripe father unexpectedly Take oneself ghastly and weird male 2 Xie Jiahui, opened the suspense line of complete theatrical work, he what move black clothes wears glasses, solemning is the gentle degenerate of a be worthy of the name!

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? What do not have use is adjacent Xie Jiahui comes on the stage, in be being designed, the encountering of he and He Du is acquainted, had arranged. He is below eye leather of He Du, many wine is drunk after taking downer, pretend to faint, be close to He Du step by step thereby, listening congratulate pauses, be close to family member friend of He Du, the patient that uses He Du (for instance Xiaomo) come scalp He Du, want her the position from psychological division, kick a bureau. And the matter that he becomes so is the adviser Ji Mingcong that should retaliate He Du, obtain F record. F? , Ji Mingcong and of one mind of Xie Jiahui of Xie Jiahui origin want to obtain F record, he ever had done the person call in of Li Yun of elder sister of He Du division, took Li Yun’s emotion, pretend oneself are F, let Li Yun help his obtain F record. Li Yun is being communicated with the adviser not after fruit, call to Xie Jiahui, say oneself can think of method is taken certainly, hope the other side does not pay no attention to her, be full of low-down in mood, visible Li Yun is different from to the feeling of F general.

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And Xie Jiahui fluctuates personally from Li Yun not only hand, also leaf through her archives after He Du drunk wine, go be close to Ji Mingcong, seek record. So it why is this F archives met in Xie Jiahui’s heart is so important why is this F archives met in Xie Jiahui’s heart? F is preliminary a concluding is Ji Mingcong person that call in, the initial of surname is F, and in cast, we saw the Fu Tang of personate of Yang Tong easy, so F is Fu Tang namely.

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1? ? ? What kind of source there is between Fu Tang and Xie Jiahui? When Xie Jiahui says he is in 7 years old, died, because of 7 years old when his mom drops him, got on a car to go, and the red skirt of his mom dress, be the dress of dress of trailer teach Tang.

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Say so, not be pure belong to guess foolishly, what handle in dress detail because of this drama is particularly good, the neuter dress that for instance congratulate pauses, black clothes of Xie Jiahui, male advocate shirt of design and color is a kind of map in person heart, it is specific. 2? ? In the relation drama between Fu Tang and Ji Mingcong, xie Jiahui weighs a factitious father that is called Xie Niantang, and there is Xie Niantang in cast this character, there is the Xie Jicheng of personate of a Liu Xiaohai at the back of Fu Tang however, that is to say the Xie Niantang in drama, it is Xie Jicheng yearning teach Tang is incognito and into.

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Somebody suspects Ji Mingcong is Xie Jiahui’s father, but from the point of complete theatrical work, when Fu Tang and Ji Mingcong are acquainted, xie Jiahui already was born, ji Mingcong of so preliminary judgement is not Xie Jiahui’s father, and the personal father that Xie Niantang is Xie Jiahui. In those days Fu Tang’s psychology still had the body to appear problem, found famous psychology to seek advice from division Ji Mingcong, two people are in in getting along, each other gives birth to a sincere feeling. Then Fu Tang drops Xie Jiahui to leave, but the person that the regulation calls in and there cannot be affinity between advisory division, ji Mingcong for trade bottom line, not was together with Fu Tang finally. Because,be probably other, dan Futang in those days leave, affirmation and Ji Mingcong have very big concern. So Xie Jiahui of lure by promise of gain of intimidate of Xie Niantang rearward is close to He Du, be close to Ji Mingcong, scalp them. Ji Mingcong is different from general theatrical work to Fu Tang’s feeling in, ji Mingcong ever saw a woman, she wears red case skirt, although do not have redundant depict, keep suspense to the person, but attentive person can discover, this person is Fu Tang.

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Do not ask me why? Because in trailer she is wearing this dress and Xie Jiahui,embrace in seaside photograph.

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And in 20 concentration, ji Mingcong is chatting with the friend in, we are informed, so old he is single state, and he is having special feeling to a woman, and I guess this woman 98% it is Fu Tang.

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Leaf of culminating suspense Boss read aloud Tang Xie Jiahui to do so much bad thing, opened the suspense line of whole department theatrical work, can be in his backside, what I see is he is fostered single-handed by Xie Niantang, as the edge tool that copes with Ji Mingcong, also be to be used beat man-to-man psychology, realize the psychology that artificial intelligence analyses. The first collect has front respecting, advisory industry cent is the psychology of psychological division two faction are artificial affection seeks advice namely one when He Du and female singer professor are doing all the time is AI intelligence analysis those who involve mental medicine division is a leaf

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Xie Niantang lets Xie Jiahui be close to He Du, hate Ji Mingcong, because,be not only Fu Tang, because want to make money,return, want to replace man-to-man psychology with artificial intelligence. This also is a lot of people pay no attention to solution why to be in the first collect when He Du helps a person, they are discussing these issues however from the back, be foreshadowing actually. This drama is doubtful point everywhere, it is foreshadowing everywhere, do not allow fast lens, also do not allow to jump look, we should look seriously, fine fine article. An implied meaning is simple belong to individual inference, represent individual view only.

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