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Original title: Yan Zhi of 5 edition Yang Bamei is comparative: Who deserves to go up heroic bearing valiant, who is to come of hinder sb? Yang Men daughter will story authority is not new, the She Taijun that 100 annual expenditure ask for, Mu Guiying defeats day door greatly blast it is among them classical bridge paragraph, but everybody cannot oversight an among them anybody, it is Yang Bamei Yang Yanqi. Someone says Yang Bamei is not the character in the history, be fabricated. Returning somebody to say Yang Bamei is not She Taijun’s youngest daughter, yang Jiahai has a 9 younger sister, still have rumor even, 9 younger sister fall in love with 8 younger sister at the same time the general Chen Lin of Yang Liulang at hand, chen Lin cannot be chosen, then the choice is become into palace eunuch, 9 younger sister also are 8 younger sister Chen Lin is vidual all one’s life. Do not say whether pass on a message is exact first, there is many star depict to cross 8 younger sister in drama of movie and TV this part, each have a characteristic, after all which ability is the 8 younger sister that doesn’t the women in your heart let beard and eyebrows? We look together! One, Li Lin beautiful jade: 81 edition ” Yang Men daughter will ” personate Yang Bamei

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The Yang Men daughter of this version will, built up star of numerous TVB old brand, be like: Yang Wen of personate of Mu Guiying of Wang Mingquan personate, Feng darling personate of Yang Zongbao of personate of rain of wide, summer, Luo Lan Yanger’s woman… beautiful and clever 8 younger sister are by Beijing opera talented woman plum. Li Lin beautiful jade is born in Tianjin, hong Kong emigrates together with family when 3 years old, do obeisance to by right of outstanding talent when 9 years old in famous Beijing opera fierce door of chrysanthemum of day performer pink leaves study Beijing opera, became younger sister of the senior fellow apprentice that be the same as the door with Lin Zhengying, Luo Jiaying. Li Lin beautiful jade of 15 years old goes to electric diligent company to try lens below the master’s proposal, become electric diligent company successfully the 3rd period student, she gives the same year the screen a maiden work that performed her ” teach me how to to think her ” . Acceding state of beautiful jade of the Li Lin after 5 years peaceful, be in singing and dancing piece ” green air ” in hold the position of heroine, from Li Lin beautiful jade filmed after this a lot of hot temporarily film, become Hong Kong’s hot at that time female star. A few that of beautiful jade conflagration years in Li Lin she was gotten acquainted with ” Asian shadow emperor ” Jiangdawei, two people fall in love quickly, marry at be being registered after 4 years, two people had married 47 years nowadays, still conjugal love has Jia Qinse He Ming.

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The marriage in real life is long and Li Lin beautiful jade is good, but she is in so Yang Men daughter will be medium the it may be said of feeling of 8 younger sister of personate 3 fold, she is daughter of great soldier of government of the Song Dynasty originally however with enemy state the Western Xia regime 4 prince produce feeling, two people are in the home country cardinal principles of righteousness, with struggle hard in the plot that seize of lineal descent… take this theatrical work Shi Lilin beautiful jade already 33 years old, she of this moment became much a few minutes of mature lasting appeal, the Yang Bamei of this version also slants tender, dozen of play in passing theatrical work she is finished very well. 2, Hui Yinggong: 83 edition ” rod of 5 man the Eight Diagrams ” personate Yang Bamei

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” rod of 5 man the Eight Diagrams ” was 1983 the film that Shao movie industry makes, hui Yinggong regards Shao gold acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance as female star, bend affection joined in this drama, she is in drama personate is brave the Yang Bamei that heroic bearing ofs material bearing. Speak of Hui Yinggong authority is not new, know she is the female star with each person very miserable life. Her one’s previous experience is full continent Huang Qi, father is typical Eight Banners children, funny bird plays Qu Qu not attend to one’s proper works or duties, be faced with Culture Revolution at that time, father takes away a family far Hong Kong, to the family after Hong Kong suffer hunger and cold also did not plan unripe measure however, the Hui Yinggong of discipline of small off year has wanted a meal. Chewing gum has sold in dock, still had performed song and dance to hall of singing and dancing. Perhaps be God the girl that favor suffers from a life this, she is taken a fancy to by big director Zhang Che when 17 years old, close to do a daughter, become Shao autograph to arrange an actor. A few years short she makes Shao the female star of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance of the first of all, obtained 1981 after gold resembles award image, till today gold also has gone her only like award after shadow of female star of a movement!

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Piece perform this ” rod of 5 man the Eight Diagrams ” when, hui Yinggong has 23 years old only, at that time dress stage property is common the times of opera wind, her young face deserves to go up the facial features of heroic spirit, give dozen of play of colour plus her, yang Bamei depict clever heroic bearing of valiant having a mind, can saying this edition Yang Bamei can say is the one edition with 80 the most beautiful time. 3, Yang Pan longs for: 85 edition ” Yang Jiajiang ” personate Yang Bamei

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This one edition ” Yang Jiajiang ” it is TVB18 anniversary stage celebrate theatrical work, although gut still is set gut, but cast is all-time and giant. The TVB giant star such as Liu Dehua, Liang Chaowei, Zhang Manyu, Liu Jialing, Zhao Yazhi gathers together, bend circumstances arises performed theatrical work of this classic history. Right now Yang Pan of 26 years old longs for hand in hand these giant stars, in Yang Bamei of the personate in drama. The 8 younger sister in this one version are not She Taijun’s youngest daughter, she still has a 9 younger sister, by old beautiful woman Zhou Haimei is acted. This drama has 6 market only, gut is quite compact, have much drama share besides a few well-known actresses outside, 8 younger sister and 9 younger sister such small part, can make dozen of sauce in the brim only.

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Nevertheless Yang Pan longs to have the show of knife of gold of a pilfer, also calculate bout face was shown in numerous much big Ga, but of 80 time take change but dare not flatter, full Beijing opera wind, plus the makeup look of opera wind and dim lamplight, made Yan Zhi of much old beautiful woman be buried, yang Pan longs to be in personally can be medium only among them the quadrature in compasses, calculate do not get Jing to admire. 4, Li Retong: ” Yang Men daughter will the daughter is become self-improvement ” personate Yang Bamei

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2001 outback edition ” Yang Men daughter will the daughter is become self-improvement ” it is the countless 90 childhood memory after, a lot of 90 hind the old practice that understands Yang Jiajiang also begins from this drama. The Yang Bamei in this drama is by immortal elder sister Li Retong is acted, the Yan Zhi of immortal elder sister need not say naturally more, commendable is this edition make a fire girl Yang Paifeng is harbor elder sister Li Qi is red act, she is lovely the Yang Paifeng that forthright and sincere is known as the masses to like most. Li Retong goes out when performing this theatrical work already 35 years old, on her face little of small Long Nv pure the celestial being with Wang Yuyan is angry, but a mature lasting appeal arises spontaneously, suit Yang Bamei more the person of this hale girl is set. Tell the truth face posture of Li Retong is hale, suit to perform Yang Bamei very much this kind of heroine, she has two paragraphs of feeling to make fun of with Yang An and Jiang Bin in drama, when seeking theatrical work, think Jiang Bin is so handsome should choose him of course, can see more from the back show Jiang Bin even more this individual is versed in at calculation and purpose sex is too apparent, not as dependable as devotion Yang An suits to do fine to match more.

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The belle in this drama is very much, great beauty Sun Li, halcyon, appearance thanking charm is pretty good looks is moving, but the 8 younger sister of Li Retong version are set in the person on more get the better of one prepare, come on the stage the chance is much also, more make everybody impressive! 5, Chen Zi cases: ” Yang Men daughter will military orders is like hill ” personate Yang Bamei

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” Yang Men daughter will military orders is like hill ” how does this film say, it is more peripheral, , the model of this drama must not say very beautiful very colourful, but the person sets a respect to let a person feel indeed do not wear brains. This is one tells about a daughter originally when self-improvement, the story of valiant on battlefield engage in battle but was patted to make farce without li head however in drama, the weapon of infanta is human society of see through of embroider needle, 5 women in the house recite scriptures, 7 women take servant girl to practise one’s skill… a large number of writing are in this film on battlefield, a flock of beautiful charming women are depended on luck and ” advanced weapon ” call victorious battle, do not show completely give Yang Men daughter the wind heroine model. The appearance of an actor martialing attire that does not cross Zhang Baizhi really very beautiful. The Zhang Baizhi that passes 30 is fine-looking as before, the acting that how sees her nevertheless stays in ” comedic king ” in laughing that to cry in the extract that crying to laugh. And the Yang Bamei of personate of Chen Zi case makes a person very disappointed really, the Yanzhi that should know Chen Zi cases and acting all the time win universal praise, but in the Yang Bamei of his personate in this drama the person is set too poor, original the door tiger daughter is made cause the female scientist that is good at managing all sorts of wonderful creations, the invention that does not use pear short spear and enemy fight closely to rely on these avant-courier however on battlefield relies on resourcefulness get victory. Although she has a single person to make show finally, she herself also is finished very beautifully, but it is good that this can explain her itself respects industry strength only, can not deliver this part.

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Chen Zi cases in last few years resource is not very good, also go out had performed a few more average movie for instance ” every day be pregnant ” , ” Living Buddha aid is official ” , but rot in these piece in she still is maintaining tall Yan Zhi, good acting! How to say, good for the life piece sodden piece be an opportunity, believe Chen Zi cases to be able to take high quality scenario sooner or later, show oneself actual strength. Must say old edition ” Yang Jiajiang ” really some bury beauty, because of dress, make up, lamplight be not a patch on present delicate, but of very much now version ” Yang Jiajiang ” after be being changed by demon, beauty of character the appearance of an actor is colourful, lost its original taste however, intense swings the Yang Menzhong in letting a person must yearn for memory the gut of gas ileum. Saw the drama market of so much Yang Jiajiang, I like the Yang Bamei of Hui Yinggong version most, the Yang Bamei of which version do you like?

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