Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Well-known screenwriter Zhao Baohua dies to ever was created ” my flange on the west years “

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(origin: Red star journalist: Zhang Shihao) on January 2, “Film watcher Yu Yong ” express in small gain, “Chinese cinematics research center former 2 class professor, art of former Changchun film studio manages a vice director, ” Chinese film signs up for ” ” film communication ” chief editor, juror of national motion picture meets a committee member, commissioner of golden pheasant award, well-known screenwriter Mr Zhao Baohua dies due to illness, die at the age of is 77 years old. ” red star journalist understands from many insider place subsequently, zhao Baohua died on January 2. Zhao Baohua was born in Liaoning Benxi on June 1, 1945, masterpiece has screenplay ” my flange on the west years ” ” Deng Xiaoping ascends Huang Shan ” ” whole town the university entrance exam ” ” because of Gu Guihua ” ” if you are well ” , teleplay ” the earth has Jiang He ” etc. Among them ” my flange on the west years ” win first prize of award of literature of film of the 7th Xia Yan, ” because of Gu Guihua ” be seleted award of golden pheasant of film of the 30th China optimal start drama award formerly, acquire movie of the 6th China assist the cup is outstanding screenplay award. The comment expresses, the artistic style with most outstanding work of literature of movie and TV is permeated with natural and touching life namely the moral consideration of sincerity of enthusiastic and genial fine.

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