Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Zhang Jiuna ex-wife dispatch basks in a Zhang Jiuna to admit off the rails testimony

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On January 2, zhang Jiuna ex-wife ” chocolate taro circle is suckled ” dispatch, gave out Zhang Jiuna admits off the rails testimony, subsequently dispatch expresses him from only then come to be done not have eventually off the rails, ask Zhang Jiuna vermicelli made from bean starch not to garble.

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“Chocolate taro circle suckles ” in the comment the area leaves a message say: “When the court is sessional, zhang Jiuna did not allude break up house property, because the room did not come down originally,be, but house property is us a 3 nominal application, the house also is two the individual’s names, but the reimbursement of housing accumulation fund that uses me, still must borrow money together so, it is me otherwise a person is assumed more than 8000, the house is not had break up. The house is not had break up..

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Back-to-back, she dispatch says: “The trouble eats melon to contact context, ask Zhang Jiuna vermicelli made from bean starch not to garble, guide defile of vermicelli made from bean starch I, I from only then to eventually never off the rails, I treat this paragraph of marriage unashamed, than who Zhang Jiuna is clear. What he treats this paragraph of marriage is disloyal, I am clearer than you also. I am clearer than you also..

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