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Original title: 5 tall fraction are large female advocate flower beauty drama is recommended Cabinet advocate recommend superhigh of 5 public praise to everybody today big female advocate flower beauty drama. 01 hind the ala abandons arms The Queen’s Gambit20220102084436 61d165f45eb06 Total volume counts: 7 weak market piece long: 45-70 minute this drama was 2020 Netflix (the net flies) make surprizingly. Ever translated for ” queenly chess bureau ” . Show translated term or name — hind the ala is abandoned arms, it is a kind of chess closes actually a bureau means of the gender. Those who point to is to opening a few rounds before the bureau the troops of flank of intended sacrifice empress goes with exchanging child the tactics of a kind of chess of speed. This told about the talent girl Beth Harmon that in 20 centuries setting issues the fifties to be in the story of chess domain break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties. The strange mother of Beth Harmon is the doctor that maths of Er of a health Nai fastens, maiden first the mother of pregnant is taking Beth Harmon to live in house car. Of the mother brilliant, the special case that leaves with that time also established the life of Beth Harmon rough every all right alone. The happening of the story the period that time is the 2nd women’s liberation of American, the female revolt to male authority, be in to independence and own and yearning consciousness arousal. The mother of Beth Harmon resembles a precursor, engraft to Beth Harmon as a child the consciousness that the female paddles his own canoe. Among them a the most thought-provoking word is ” It Takes A Strong Woman To Stay By Herself In A World Where People Will Settle For Anything Just To Say They Have Something ” ” the woman that has adamancy only can one individual life, in nowadays society, people compromises very easily, with respect to the ability having a place that says for them. ” be had early the pressure that the man of a room abandons and lives, the maternal spirit that lets Beth runs quickly;burst;ulcerate;fester, commit suicide and die. Also let Beth draw the 2nd anybody in her life: Boudoir sweet Jolene, one does not suffer a person to treat the black that see in that times, one already arousal paddles his own canoe recognizant black. 20220102084436 61d165f48df00 But this drama does not have male of because of advocate women’s right intended bring shame on. The chess of Beth is illuminative person, bringing passerby is the gyp of orphanage, a severity and the old person that fills wisdom, disentombed the international go endowment of Beth. With Townes of reporter of minor role of a lot of males, harry, benny, in Beth mood low, excessive drinking, chess art go no further not before moment, give female advocate greatest help. Last even rival is a demeanour elegant and the Soviet citizen that the heart has shrewdness. This drama depicted the world of a talent, one a foot is in talent, a foot is in the world of the girl of bedlamite. When excessive drinking and downer let us know to there can be difficult position like the talent. Her friend and to chess arrow annals not the passion of change lets life break up dish. The talent should have wisdom not only, in also wanting to have the courage that brave the wind and waves and adamantine belief and life lots and lots of ‘ noble ‘ — great adversary and precious friend. The Marvelous Mrs of 02 marvelous wheat a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument Mrs. Er. Maisel20220102084436 61d165f4ae4aa Total volume counts: 28 (in all 3 season) weak market piece long: The period setting of 50 minutes of this drama is to happen in last centuries likewise the United States the fifties. Motion of a black and women’s right are main the period of like a raging fire. Seeing heroine Midge reacts the first times is ” good a gentlewoman ” , the life in fokelore wins the home greatly. Have the father that the university teachs, elegant and dignified mother, company deputy total husband, clever and bright children. Everyday Midge can sleep in the husband hind discharge makeup, before getting up, had made up, in an attempt to maintains the most perfect image before the husband. Everyday figure management also is obligatory course, waistline, the leg is surrounded, bust, a bit is not poor. The hobby that joins the husband — when a comedian, take off a beautiful actor, midge can admit watch marital show really, and offer oneself opinion. Namely such have perfect appearance virtuous wife, still was divorced. On the arena of the show taking off a mouth that the Magie station that reason loses below drunk wine dreams in the husband, speak with fervor and assurance. Magie is opposite to cater to the husband at ordinary times accumulate comedicly, also send at that time went up use. 20220102084436 61d165f4ce5fa Passed a series of misfortune, magie grew. This delicate setting, dress special attract an audience, although having excessive beautification the suspicion that that time lives, but do not affect the everybody pursuit to the United States. The story of Magie tells every girl, calculate you to want to do a delicate wife, that is not for other absolutely, want however for oneself. Your outstanding not be to build in the husband, the child, parents goes up, however oneself, pure oneself, be in adversity personally namely, also want adamancy. The female is not to be about to become natively of mom and wife. Big Little Lies of 03 size crammer20220102084436 61d165f4e2064 Total volume counts: 14 (in all two season) weak market piece long: 50 minutes of behead win 5 Emmy. One is wrapping around the domestic ethics of suspense drama is adscititious Yo drama, open a dead sealed, case hair process is clear and clear. Whole drama comes down, we know somebody died. This piece have 3 feminine lead, ) of hot Mom of lady of Madeline Martha Mackenzie (, celeste Wright (have handsome small charming of the husband wife) , jane Chapman (young and single mother) , relate the story of 5 families. The surface is happy and creditable, can become actually the case teaching material of Templar, civil code imposes torture standard, domestic force, rape, campus bully approach is waited a moment. 20220102084437 61d165f5052b5 The Celeste Wright that looks perfect, have the man of force of many a family however, and face force again and again self-surrender. And oneself child, because be influenced by what one constantly sees and hears also made the one one’s share of campus bully approach. The Madeline of enthusiastic goodness, the former husband that follows oneself lives in a village, oneself daughter returns those who follow former husband to currently hold the post ofclose. Exterior open oneself new perfect marriage, but follow oneself privately actually while carry on a clandestine love affair. Sheet kisses mom Jane, the all the time is not fearing oneself son, have the violent factor as rapist father. Of film finally, a few people go on the beach that asperses full sunshine, what faced oneself to live truly only is faulty, ability moves toward a new student. Why Women Kill of 04 vital women20220102084437 61d165f51ab44 Total volume counts: 16 (in all two season) weak market piece long: Light comedy of 50 minutes of a black. Like size crammer, tell about domestic matrimony. 3 women below 3 periods setting. Last worlds 60 time, beth and her off the rails husband. With what tell above us same, the female of this times, at every turn is with husband first, beth is same also. After discovering Laogong is off the rails, to rescue oneself marriage, became a friend with a third party. Result, a third party just wants to talk about love, do not want to marry. And be below the infection that a third party goes after to him career, woke up the dream of own music. Although the behavior of a third party we not advocate, but the problem in again how many female can face up to him marriage, the oldest enemy is not a third party, it is however in matrimony process, the collective topic that loses gradually, and a that besides fuel once impulse and love. The 2nd is the doughty woman Simone of 80 time, after discovering oneself husband is a homosexual, decisive divorce. The son that boudoir honey follows later was together. 20220102084437 61d165f5396a4 But, she is the person of a good outer part, be fear of the idle talk broken words of neighbour, regard the love of the opposite sex as the standard that whether the definition is extraordinary woman. The 3rd paragraph, the black woman that setting played 2019, taylor, the story is right for us more rebel against orthodoxy. Regard law politics as the Taylor of elite, support opens sexual marriage, it is the pillar in the home. The husband is one does not sell the write a play that gives a play. Taylor is a double sex is loved, another female Jade was fallen in love with inside marriage, and established the family of 3 people. Inopportune is, the husband of Taylor also loves virtuous cummer Jade. Be in humorous after doing laugh art to handle an instrument, showed the tragedy of the female below different times setting. Below 60 time, because the speech of economy that stand not only and loses counterpoises; Below 80 time, after economy becomes independent completely, still by the thought of confine; And 2019, after economic thought is independent, still faulty marriage. 05 Shu Harlots20220102084437 61d165f54f826 Total volume counts: 26(in all 3 season) weak market piece long: The setting of 50 minutes of stories is the London below 18 centuries, with two procuress — Margaret He Lidi inferior, the fight of two bagnio gives priority to the old practice that the line develops. Margaret is 10 years old when be sold Li enlighten inferior bagnio, oneself best friend was known during this, nancy. Two people revolt Li together enlighten inferior, escape a bagnio. Margaret escapes after bagnio, opened oneself bagnio, opposite Yu Lidi inferior callous, margaret is warmth undoubtedly. Two daughters of Margaret also became a hooter. Go after free Charlotte, do not know well the Lucy of affairs of human life. Be in the London below that times, the comparison that the female has wanted is good, the circumstance in having 3 only: The heir of belongings of a huge sum, widow, still have a hooter. Saw the 2nd season can discover callous Li enlighten inferior also be miserable childhood life actually rear, also have but and kind-hearted one side. They are true renown Yuan. 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