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Original title: Noonday sunshine new theatrical work ” germinant ” kill came! Bai Jingting acts the leading role, clique of 3 great actual strength is aided blast, this fire These year noonday sunshine manufactures, made an a vainglorious title of homebred teleplay almost. Go especially year of the beginning of the year when, a when noonday sunshine manufactures ” hill sea affection ” , support the ceiling of deficient drama namely simply. If it were not for gave later ” arousal time ” , wang Tie decides the drama 2021 even if ” hill sea affection ” .

20220102084448 61d166005ae44

Now year one year, noonday sunshine is taking new theatrical work to kill again came, the new theatrical work that decides archives to broadcasted on January 11 namely then ” germinant ” . As a new theatrical work, although this drama still is done not have,sow, but audience people expect the value has been pulled really full, why I am met so say, the reason is very simple!

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One is the cast of this new theatrical work, look quite really! Male advocate Bai Jingting, female advocate Zhao Jin wheat, this battle array need not say more actually, respect booth in vain especially, a few this years he has much fire in TV circle, authority is actually clear. About this ” germinant ” new theatrical work, if my advocate wants to talk about additionally 3 costar in drama.

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It is Liu Yijun. Actually I know Liu Yijun the earliest or seeing teleplay in those days ” parental love ” when, no matter went how many years, liu Yijun is in ” parental love ” in of personate ” Ou Yangyi ” one horn cannot let my dismiss from one’s mind. Especially Ou Yangyi cries to Jiang Defu give that one: “I am Ou Yangyi, I am Ou Yangyi! ” when setting, let me cannot be at ease really.

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Can say even if begin from this teleplay, the my deep name that remembered Liu Yijun, remembered so a good actor. But these year, liu Yijun is taking the course of paragraph of Yi Hong it seems that.

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Act technically alarm bandit piece, perform gumshoe technically, be in this especially ” sweep black storm ” in, the case group group leader of his personate one horn, also be profundity making a person. And this Liu Yijun is in ” germinant ” in still be piece perform a police one horn, actually he is in, the quality of this suspense drama had really assure.

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Actual strength clique is Liu Tao! Before the part impression that Liu Tao gives a person, either virtuous wife it is strong female president, let a person have bit of dirt really. But this Liu Tao is in ” germinant ” in took a good new part, a policewoman, and still be a policewoman that cut off long hair. Spell able, decisive, say really, this ” germinant ” if broadcast, I most most those who expect is Liu Tao’s performance. Because of her this modelling and person are set, really interesting!

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Actual strength clique should be Huang Jiao! Very may much person is opposite before Huang Jiao does not have what impression, but from ” hill sea affection ” medium kind of professor of dawdle, arrive ” female psychology division ” medium psychological expert. Can say Huang Jiao had conquered by acting all audiences. Especially Huang Jiao is in ” hill sea affection ” medium performance, deserve praise of a golden pheasant more. So this ” germinant ” let Huang Jiao go out act, also can give a person not little surprise really.

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It is the play explodes quite really! This ” germinant ” , should be not to have the ministry movie and TV of current limliting to turn work. What is to flow indefinitely? Actually very simple, it is a story, happen circularly repeatedly, found a means of settlement till the person inside this fast knot, ability removes circularly. And this ” germinant ” , it is the story that spreads indefinitely not just, still be a can comparing ” dense fog theater ” suspense drama.

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Leave the bureau is enough fierce, 45 buses in a normal travel are mixed suddenly barge against of a tank truck, caused explosion finally, and the person on the car neither one survives! And Bai Jingting and Zhao Jin of wheat personate male advocate female advocate, be in namely after dying, on 45 buses that returned that travel suddenly afresh again.

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And a business that they should do is: Want to be in limited time, why 45 buses meet unlock and tank truck barge against, want to be in limited time, discovery rectifies a real situation of its backside hidden. Can say this set that spreads a story indefinitely, compare really ” dense fog theater ” cerebral hole is even large, even Jing Song.

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Especially male advocate peace female advocate think oneself had revealed the truth, after the explosion that can have prevented this 45 road buses, it is inevitable that 45 buses are returned finally produced explosion, plant with respect to this need male advocate peace female advocate go reel off raw silk from cocoons pares chrysalis, need male advocate peace female advocate the process that goes discovering the truth. Can want than the cerebral hole of general suspense theatrical work big too much and too much, the most crucial of course is to regard ministry of noonday sunshine New Year as big play, this ” germinant ” teleplay feels character, and logical question, the likelihood is to have those who assure. That is to say, from the play, this teleplay had won actually, do you feel?

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Be noonday sunshine hold to! So old why an a vainglorious title that noonday sunshine can make homebred teleplay, pat what teleplay without giving thought to because of noonday sunshine namely actually. Hold to a the basiccest principle, that is: Use right actor only, need not have the actor of discharge. No matter take what work,so we can discover noonday sunshine, always can use a few familiar face, their fame does not have even if so big, they do not have even if what discharge, but the public praise that they represented noonday sunshine really, represented the quality of noonday sunshine really.

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But can let noonday sunshine apotheosis truly, a bit of a vainglorious title that yields noonday sunshine to become domestic teleplay truer, no matter noonday still sunshine pats what teleplay, accomplished as far as possible ” the simple sense of film level ” . Especially noonday sunshine is patted ” great river great river ” , and ” know to deny know to deny ” when, it is each camera lens is worth to collect really, each camera lens is the wallpaper of film level.

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Be in the flower play, the flower is taken in prop change on, the teleplay that pardonable and noonday sunshine manufactures always can explode, always can apotheosis, it is the thing of an of course really. And this wheat of Bai Jingting, Zhao Jin gives this suspense theatrical work that perform ” germinant ” , also be really it is difficult to do not explode, you feel! Civil / the recreational diary of fine fine achieves Piao article copyright formerly: The recreational diary of fine fine asks what do not have any forms to reprint without accredit

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