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Original title: See 19 market repeatedly ” be defeated win ” , I am difficult attack by surprise is excited the mood, homebred duty field piece so pat with respect to can be saved Originally I open ” be defeated win ” this drama develops two people namely really: One is Chen Kun, another is Xin Zhilei.

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But who can think of, at a heat this ” be defeated win ” seek the 19th market, most most the gut that the instead that attracts me is this drama, most most the rhythm that the instead that attracts me is this drama. See 19 market at a heat ” be defeated win ” , my true mood having a place is excited, write down this article to share this teleplay to everybody so!

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1, a real duty field theatrical work! Although have not little teleplay a few this years,profess oneself are real duty field theatrical work. But see finally, we can discover a truth, that is: Theatrical work of these field of so called duty, it is to wrapping around the renown head of duty field, or is strong president theatrical work, or turned God into drama. Can be You Chenkun, Xin Zhilei’s main actor this ” be defeated win ” different really! Can say this even ” be defeated win ” just be the duty field theatrical work on a real significance! Why am I met so tell?

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A few when see this play solely actually little detail can see!

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Detail: A road of duty field! The ace of Chen Kun personate sells Zhou Rui, originally he is in Hua Dong the area works well, can be headquarters crisis, the master is moved temporarily arms move him to headquarters, let his assume personal command. Will tell by the truth, airborne airborne, but who can think of week of acute,come headquarters, did a major issue, direct before the specification that China north area leads gives entirely overthrew. And still carry Hua Dong’s practice to China north directly, itself is airborne arms, at the moment throws into confusion again the working plan that China north sells. Can say week of Rui Gang is airborne when coming over, the day is uneasy really. Want to do what specification, pay attention to him without the person at all.

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His person should work overtime, the colleague that can be the office can give the light directly closed, go directly person. But ace sale is worthy of,be ace sale, used 2 action to solve the problem of human relations insecurity easily only. One is aglow bag, win people over; Additionally one action has a place absolutely, that demands repayment namely the group is built, final everybody is closed in police station. Look this two device are very common, cover duty field however actually the road gives say to be clear about, in the final analysis or ” interest ” 2 words. Have, still had entered disaster together, this thing instant has cleared away popular feeling!

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Detail: Wonderful confused shows trade war! Regard field of a duty as drama, and the trade war play that still is a model. When presenting trade war process, this drama was accomplished really ” wonderful confused is shown ” . Especially the dark battle that gal of a white horse with a black mane of this a few collect and Zhou Rui snatch a client, compare simply ” espionage war play ” even beautiful. It is gal exploit a victory pursues and attack a white horse with a black mane at the same time, the client that wants an area of week acute Hua Dong gives grabbed, it is Zhou Rui gives off rumour suddenly at the same time additionally, the big client that wants a Luo Ga to be in Beijing gives dig up. The most crucial is, zhou Rui was to give off rumour not just, returned big client butt joint of He Luoga to go up even.

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And Zhou Rui comparatives to the quote watch that come out beautiful, the client is enchanted. And a the most interesting show is here, luo Ga hurrieds back in a hurry Beijing, want to pacify oneself client, was willing to depreciate even. But who can think of, hua Dong there, zhou Rui will be enrolled ” relieve the besieged by attacking the base of the besieger ” , the instant takes Hua Dong’s client entirely. More absolutely is, realizing whole thing suddenly when Luo Ga is Zhou Rui and client unexpectedly when a play that performs together, turn play of this trade war to highest tide really. Can say this ” be defeated win ” this trade war makes fun of to stand, although do not have 1000 army the flavour of smoke of gunpowder of fight closely of 10 thousand horses, but really soul-stirring, let a person mention the heart really voice eye!

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2, those who took duty field is callous, also sent the warmth of duty field! This ” be defeated win ” let me feel the most interesting one is nodded, also be the most worth while dig greatly one is nodded, it is probably: What presented duty field again is callous, also sent the warmth of duty field. The callous place of duty field, have a particularly clear case, that is: When collect autograph arranges a ceremony.

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Because of excessive acceptance of the subordinate, zhou Rui wants the sale Wang Yinan of discharge at hand. And Wang Yinan went mad at that time, direct fist foot is used, play oneself lead blood crosscurrent. Of course more absolutely still be from the back, that was not become namely when Zhou Rui should do what business, wang Yinan always can appear in time, pound his chaos. Can say the person that field of this kind of duty as person of low position sets Wang Yinan, the incisively and vividly that presents the one side with duty callous field really. Still having a part of course also can react duty field is in flintily quite, that is the villain in drama in drama Wei Yan.

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Obviously the person that he is nimble family company, can be each thing that he does, it is to think Rangjieke dies quickly, work each thing, it is to want a fatal position of week acute park. Can say, these two characters are in, the one side with duty callous field is patted really. As to the one side of duty field warmth, also have. For instance Zhou Rui and the division apprentice mutual affection of old Ming Jie, quite interesting. Apparently look, chen Mingjie is quite slashing to Zhou Rui, quite severe, have an accident every time actually, chen Mingjie is in week acute reveal all the details. Class of fluctuation of field of this pair of duty concerns, it is division apprentice it seems that, it is father and son actually.

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Seeing Zhou Rui and Fang Wei again also is such, an ace is sold, taking bird of dish of field of a duty, also be to give Fang Wei to give directions all the way, also be to helping Fang Wei all the way. Especially Fang Wei pretends to be week acute handwriting, autograph contract on this thing, if not be week of acute,give Fang Wei disclose the whole inside story, he was over absolutely. Say so, this is the place with this commendable drama, tell you job to there is a mean person in field already, have the thing of vexed, also tell you duty field in besides Lilliputian, also have the person of lead the way with wait for you nice truly.

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Light sees this play, can have seen duty field actually probably, do you feel? 3, of Chen Kun bear, xin Zhilei’s desire acts absolutely! Return subject, I still think boast one boast the two big leading role in this drama, one is Chen Kun, one is Xin Zhilei. Say Chen Kun first, literary a face, will perform this kind to have calculation, the ace of conference plan is sold, have bit of waste one’s talent on a petty job really. But the advantage that this just is Chen Kun.

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Top class male god, will go out act so the sell member that a ground connection enrages, and do not have a thing to still need himself to carrying a bag on the back to demand repayment, be about to look for client trouble easily. This kind of person is set, really one begin makes a person quite accident. A show that makes a person accident most most, still taking in Zhou Rui when all sales go out to block the door up to demand repayment below the hand, it is the business affairs negotiation that the phone made countless times at the same time, it is at the same time do not take off a body demand repayment the action. Can saying to put on business suit is duty field elite, the person that does a fire extinguisher to be able to fight is set, what Chen Kun acts this is really pretty good.

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Nevertheless this person sets Chen Kun to go up to still have one idiosyncratic personally, that is a technology accuse, a sale, still be a technology amounts to a person, all overlay is in the identity of these two kinds of different styles on one the individual’s body, really only Chen Kun ability comes to performance of energy spirit look! The part that takes this as to Xin Zhilei, those who go is ” duty field is pure desire wind ” .

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It is only actually ” pure desire wind ” the person is set, likelihood everybody also won’t so, the key is Xin Zhilei mixes duty field this ” pure desire wind ” these two kinds of elements are taken held. For instance war of duty field trade when, her firepower is to want to have many much more suddenly fierce, disposition is to want to have many sturdily more firm and persistent. But return to the life in her, in the cubby that returns oneself. That is temperamental, that elegant demeanour, it is gloriously radiant simply.

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Especially Xin Zhilei is in this ” be defeated win ” wear mediumly build, can say each dress can capture the eyeball of the audience, each slight change makes popular feeling crawly. This is the glamour of goddess, this is the actual strength of goddess! Other do not say, calculate the surveyor’s pole that this teleplay is not duty field theatrical work, develop the acting of the Chen Kun in this drama and Xin Zhilei, had looked quite, do you feel? Welcome everybody to spread out with respect to this teleplay and me discuss! Civil / the recreational diary of fine fine achieves Piao article copyright formerly: The recreational diary of fine fine asks what do not have any forms to reprint without accredit

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