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Original title: Cat eye year heats up drama Top10, xiao Zhan enters two nearly, 3 85 flowers also are seleted Time always suddens prevent not as good as escape, before you can say Jack Robinson, it is a new year. With many enterprises, recreational group also is having it ” sum up end of the year ” , each are big platform basks in the sheet of hot drama a list of names posted up that gives it in succession. And in Top10 of hot theatrical work of cat eye year, xiao Zhan enters two nearly, 3 85 flowers also are seleted.

20220102084621 61d1665d9a180

Odd Top6-top10 of a list of names posted up is respectively ” travel length a song ” ” years drifting gold ” ” have Fei ” and ” stars sea ” ” break out of an encirclement ” , 3 85 flowers carry Liu Shishi, Zhao Liying, Ni Ni respectively oneself work is seleted successfully. ” years drifting gold ” have bead jade advanced, invite two 85 flowers this to break up pat. Old feelings blends in new element, can not calculate regrettablly explode greatly, much rarer dot leaves high low go.

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” have Fei ” be Zhao Liying reappear make, partner person enrages actor Wang Yibo, under powerful powerful combination however by gut place tired. Fortunately combination of tall person energy of life does not lack heat forever, squeeze easily still into before 10.

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But these two not enemy of Dilireba big female advocate make ” travel length a song ” . It is Dilireba above all serve as 90 flowers ” leading sheep ” , itself is had extremely strong close inspect appeal force. Increase this drama volume neat Yu Ning of Wu Lei, Liu, Zhao Lou is thought of wait for all person to enrage an actor, very the audience group that accords with it.

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And two by mat are take gut wind ” stars sea ” ” break out of an encirclement ” . ” stars sea ” the child that is Liu Tao and Lin Feng collaboration. TVB is optimal in former days hero, can give only however nowadays middleaged female star ” dozen auxiliary ” , must let person deep feeling answer the TVB flourishing age that does not go.

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” break out of an encirclement ” of the sincerity that is middleaged actor likewise make. It is by Jin Dong, Yan Ni acts the leading role, also joined Chen Xiao, Qin Lan among them actors of these person energy of life. As go up exclusively the drama of a practical subject matter of a list of names posted up, its grade is not poor also.

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A list of names posted up is odd the 4th the 5th is ” traitor ” and ” little be willing to part with or use ” . ” traitor ” the espionage war play that is Zhu Yilong and children’s folk collaboration. Although Zhu Yilong was immersed in public opinion eddy, but his always is low-key, can yet be regarded as a good actor.

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Children’s folk serves as ” small Zhang Ziyi ” , already for many times behead wins large award, development of these a few years has more surmount ” elder ” impetus. Two people are strong under strong collaboration, ” traitor ” before ascend body 5 not strange. In sheet of such an a list of names posted up how could got theatrical work of family of a warmth less, of Song Jia and Tong Dawei ” little be willing to part with or use ” go up so easily a list of names posted up. Domestic ethics theres is no lack of the market, it is collect what is more,the rather that neat of actor of energy of life of one numerous middleaged person ” little be willing to part with or use ” .

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Most after the before 3 nail that get give heat, many people also feel accident quite, feel Xiao Zhan enters two nearly. accident, because,be ” ace army ” on December 26 after showing, carry off teleplay cat be jealous is spent 6 Lian Guan, before successful ascend body 3.

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This means it to arrive after broadcast by December is the rhythm of bully screen all the time, no wonder catch up with train last times to return can successful promotion. Additionally one of a list of names posted up on Xiao Zhan also is this year the theatrical work of sign of black unreal encourage with very expensive cry ” fight Luo Daliu ” . The beautiful accomplishment that it spends day of coronal 53 times with feline be jealous carries off teleplay cat be jealous spent year of a list of names posted up 2021.

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Actually more than in cat eye a list of names posted up, ” fight Luo Daliu ” almost sweep anything away sheet of each big a list of names posted up, sit with very preponderance firm of before 3 armour. Go up an authority of a list of names posted up is not new also, be encourage cooperation by Sun Gonglei and Zhang Yi ” sweep black storm ” . Shadow emperor Sun Gonglei and ” little fresh pork ” the collision that Zhang Yi promotes, brush the scintilla that gave year.

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Actually annual every months of Lin Lin always total a list of names posted up is odd countless, some has authority quite, some more resembling is to amuse oneself. This piece of Zhang Sheng’s hard a list of names posted up is odd actually far ancient bronze mirror is tasted one time to come truely personally after be inferior to drama. Because also do not have a list of names posted up on the predestined relationship without thrust of those representing capital,have many high grade work. Because sheet of this a list of names posted up is a reference nevertheless, sheet of true a list of names posted up should be in audience heart.

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