Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: ” beautiful be apt to is married ” hind, kong Xue another new theatrical work switchs on the mobile phone, whether to wear bedgown to appear to respect an audience? Want to say what the actor that carries hauling drama half the sky nowadays has, that still gets number to attend show of each general election the love beans that put together art gives people, the performance arena that should know home gives love the beans all the time not quite much, the metropolis after so most love beans goes chooses transition to become an actor, but because not be one’s previous experience of regular professional training, but oneself takes person energy of life and flow oneself again, can give the net theatrical work that performs a few small cost to make mostly so, what just after that the opportunity contacts level of a few S is big make. Kong Xue transition love a beans becomes an actor and from this year ” youth has you ” the Kong Xue that in going out, goes out with tall person energy of life, assembling members in succession when movie and TV of fight in some places one by one is encircled, she what take on as appearance also was on this road of course.

20220102084650 61d1667aded87

Its and the assume a person of extraordinary powers new theatrical work that give to choose beautiful arena together ” beautiful be apt to is married ” although before had killed blueness before long, this drama still caused one numerous heat to discuss when Guan Xuan at the outset, two people are respective team ” colour bully ” , cooperate first nature of new theatrical work is a topic the point is full.

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From this drama the way that give exposes to the sun to look fully with stage photo before this, kong Xue of ancient costume the appearance of an actor or very bright look, although still be that changeless bang, not abrupt however nevertheless, look very beautiful.

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And although be net drama, but can see this play take be changed or very of the intention, at least a few roads are fully medium, kong Xue every layette outfit makes person Jing colourful, cover big marriage to take then especially, it is to make a person straight breathe out more absolutely.

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Kong Xue another small sweet drama switchs on the mobile phone and this drama just killed blueness before long, face close the end of the year again, did not think of Kong Xue another new theatrical work ” no more than is love just ” also switched on the mobile phone, this also is without seam into group, look nowadays Kong Xue working centre of gravity is to want completely to be put in act in a play this one.

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This with Kong Xue male director oak of collaboration is to attend as before ” youth has you ” the love beans that goes out into the group, it is them only this one person is angry compared with other a few person energy of life wants low a lot of, so UNINE combines even this not quite humanness knows, more the Guan Li that assembles one of members what is more,the rather that.

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Actually this also does not calculate the first drama of his main actor, it is its join a few work that perform to had not broadcasted only, in switch on the mobile phone we can see ceremonially the weather that day is quite cold still, guan Li also is to wearing deep eider down to take, but can see or dressed up meticulously one time.

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And what differ completely with this is female advocate Kong Xue it is dress bedgown of thick wool cloth with soft nap appears, and whole journey is holding a warm vanity in the arms, look look is hurried, understandable environment is very cold, but Kong Xue wear bedgown to attend switch on the mobile phone the ceremony still is oppugned to be to the dot does not respect an audience by many netizens.

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Had seen wear play to take attend switch on the mobile phone of the ceremony, wear dishabille to attend switch on the mobile phone of the ceremony, a bit more rigorous even still have wear unified uniform to attend switch on the mobile phone of the ceremony, like Kong Xue such dress night clothes are attended switch on the mobile phone ceremonial returning sees rarely, pardonable netizen can feel to have a place not courteous, do you feel dress night clothes is attended switch on the mobile phone is the ceremony courteous?

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