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Original title: Say the Gu Outian 2021 flower board is Ren Jialun, that 2022 and 2023? Can you still be him?

20220102085209 61d167b950d62

Speak of recreation in the circle those flower year the actor of marring too early, must mention Ren Jialun so. 2014, after coming back from foreign study, Ren Jialun is chosen to be drama of ancient costume conclusion ” Di Renjie of exceeding lofty or great ” hero, in drama personate appearance unrulies chicly, inside in the generation god with chivalrous forthright and sincere sentences Di Renjie, this also is he gives the work of the first teleplay that perform. Two years of empty windows period hind, ren Jialun was encountered make him rapid explode red ” big Tang Rongyao ” , the career is in summit summit for a time.

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Be in however this moment, ren Jialun admits he has married actively, and upgraded 2018 become father. Although because this equipment is stricken,have many cummer white, but the actual strength that Ren Jialun serves as an actor or depends on oneself, hand over an another exam paper with satisfactory portion one after another, let an audience praise he is for a time ” ancient occasionally drama ceiling ” . Especially he cooperated with Tan Songyun 2019 ” under bright and beautiful garment ” , the Liu Yi that Ren Jialun holds the position of in drama one horn, overturned successfully strong president the inflexible impression in audience memory, strong before president is more than it is iceberg face, OK also and composed in taking a few evil interest, dim expression falls to also can firm of a few shade and tenderness coexist.

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In those day Ceng Liu returns to spreading a such words in rice group: Red the star that pass is met scarcely again big ” explode ” , and married more won’t again big ” explode ” . Can holding the post of Jia Lun is that exception unluckily. 2021, ren Jialun gave the work that perform to still continue before ancient occasionally the style of drama, cooperate with Bai Lu ” Zhou Shengru reason ” become a screen to go up again again make classically. Resemble what what evaluate having a netizen: Although there is many love hate to pester cruel on the market,love affectionate cruel play, but ” Zhou Shengru reason ” differ completely with them. Week unripe as before is a theatrical work that has tragic quality and style, it is not cruel drama it is tragic. Bg also patted Bg eventually this some appearance.

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Divide in addition, ren Jialun is returned and Bai Lu 2 build cooperation ” Zhou Shengru reason ” companion volume ” one’s whole life ” , just what this drama describes is Zhou Shengchen and what is appropriate to the occasion in contemporary meet again, if do not have ” Zhou Shengru reason ” matting, just will ” one’s whole life ” in light of the drama volume that counts an independence, it and that automation line make, be full of industrial saccharin olfactory sweet bestow favor on drama, did not differ too much actually. If the male feminine lead in the story covers a region like two-way hurry off to, two-way and enchanted, again be mingled with is worn a few show convention and sedulous obstacle a bit. Be inferior to besides gut ” Zhou Shengru reason ” will get get the best for oneself at the lest expense, contemporary modelling of Ren Jialun also is him all the time ” hurt forcedly ” . Obviously ancient costume is OK apotheosis, put on contemporary outfit minute minutes to be become ” passerby armour ” .

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As a whole, ren Jialun is scrupulouslied abide by in 2021 as the actor fulfil one’s duty, without result had not had, develop as usual. As to 2022, from the bonus that looking at present still can be him year. Ancient occasionally drama this type of drama is loved with cruel all along give priority to, plus have take excellently change addition, build the role that gives ideal person to set extremely easily, invite an audience very easily also, especially woman audience generation takes the place of to feel. But again good ancient occasionally drama, also be to rely on different actor to give those who maintain.

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In other words, what differ namely is ancient occasionally drama always leans same the actor goes acting, also the aesthetic exhaustion that hard to avoid can cause an audience. Additionally such idol play specialist returns Ren Jialun and bell Chinese fine different, zhong Hanliang’s appearance and acting were to be able to control of contemporary theme, and current Ren Jialun still is confine is in ancient costume drama only. So the Ren Jialun 2023, still can eat with respect to not likely ancient occasionally bonus, also be the issue that moment should consider transition.

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Above is ” the backyard of recreational brick home ” the year summary that makes in the light of Ren Jialun, still can have a series of relevant actor next people summary stalks of grain, unfinished to be continued, expect please. (the person that create formerly: Hong Xing 2 Guo head; We are in the backyard of recreational brick home hard to be close to the truth without accredit, prohibit reprinting, the person that violate needs investigate) the picture comes from a network, invade cutout

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