Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Huang Jingyu, Wang Likun ” cover road love instead ” quite sweet! Audience: Very the light comedy of go with rice ” consider oneself most fortunate meets you ” defend in east inspect after sowing, be by affix one’s seal ” light comedy of go with rice ” . The life signs up for a reporter to understand, this drama is surprizing and the atmosphere by right of relaxed joy, ceaseless and overturning person is set, let heat last online. Many audiences evaluate: “Huang Jingyu, Wang Likun performs cover road love instead, too sweet also! Too sweet also!!

20220102085216 61d167c03f9e1

In first weeks of gut, of Huang Jingyu personate ” marquis ” because apartment sufferred illegal inbreak, be browbeaten by ineffable death. “Hou Zhirong ” the safety of afraid son, then employ profession safety is followed defend ” five 11 ” the bodyguard that becomes a son, two people open the daily life of one Duan Huanxi enemy. “Five 11 ” with ” marquis ” disposition is disparate, the attrition when beginning to get along is ceaseless, comedic touch is dye-in-the-wood. “Marquis ” as stylist, do laugh, humorous, hold talent and an interesting soul concurrently; And ” five 11 ” follow as professional safety defending is spell able, valiant, send out Gao Leng is temperamental. Encountered to perform to cross a shoulder to fall at the beginning of two people. “Wang Likun suits Gao Leng to play female role very much ” , ” the line on Huang Jingyu new role is swung ” topic discussion spends affection waiting for drama ceaseless. Be worth what carry is, give prize besides leading role of male and female outside, this drama returns depict the urbanite other people with a flock of very individual character group picture. “Hou Zhirong ” as president, the character psychology that the purpose binds a son to make household company furniture, v/arc drillmaster ” Qian Xiaoyan ” the clue such as the living cost that be asked for by parents is fetching and depressed and discontented. And the brother of always together ” starfish ” , in premonitory counteract ” marquis ” the extract of fall out Cheng Chou also caused audience curiosity. Still have in drama ” you marry can send happy note to predecessor ” , ” you can step on others be intent on personal advancement on duty field ” epigraph of conversation waiting for a company jumps out eye shot, make many audiences big breathe out true. Origin: Bibcock news client is carried

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