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Original title: ” secret history of filial piety bank ” play staff suffering halcyon 3 years, open refus of the Li Xiang before patting to act, director: Aux would rather enable new personality In those days, the director is in Liu Dekai chip pat ” secret history of filial piety bank ” when, ever persuaded halcyon personate big jade to the utmost one horn, for this he still waited hard halcyon time of 3 years. Be in probably at that time, he has been maintained halcyon later do not have big jade again. So, why must Liu Dekai let halcyon will perform big jade? When original scenario Yang Haiwei is writing original script, there was goodwife to choose in Liu Dekai’s heart, he thinks female advocate blame is halcyon not belong to. Look in Liu Dekai, in those days have only in female star halcyon, already can show kid this some is lively, what having middleaged person again is composed. This one part after Wen Huang of filial piety village, want to experience the big span that arrives 44 years old from 17 years old again, he wants to have only presumably halcyon one person enough is competent.

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After bilateral butt joint, did not think of halcyon cold-shoulder big jade however actor’s lines is too much, do not think up act. “I express not to like, actor’s lines is too much that play, each page has me. ” Liu Dekai is amazed very, others is only too anxious to him show share is heavy, because actor’s lines is rejected more,also be Liu Dekai only then expect do not. To can let halcyon piece act, liu Dekai states he can revise a play afresh. Drag in reachs the issue of investment during this, director You Xiaogang also joined a play staff. The Taiwan at that time, industry of movie and TV is very small fan, be willing to invest this drama without the person all the time. Liu Dekai ” secret history of filial piety bank ” the play is taken had filmed together ” desire ” You Xiaogang looks, after You Xiaogang has looked, say to Liu Dekai: “You are at ease, I come to this drama pat, the thing of investment you need not worry about. The thing of investment you need not worry about..

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The decision after two people discuss breaks free from conventions, take tough approach, mingle the history and talk feeling in together, what decide formerly ” play says theatrical work ” changed inside story. Later, playwrite Yang Haiwei begins ground of bold and resolute to revise a play, because be directed, and Yang Haiwei lives in Hong Kong again, accordingly can two ground running back and forth. During this she browsed almost the relevant historical data of quiet day, include the book such as official history unofficial history, all major event in revising play all the time have according to can be being checked, Shi Ke is depended on. After two years, they were contacted again halcyon. Hear this play to still be done not have pat, halcyon feel particularly open-eyed: “Went two years! I give birth to the child now, still do not act. ” halcyon think Liu Dekai says modification scenario just plays joke, the Liu Dekai after thinking of two years found her again, although she right now had,join the opinion that act, but because she is preparing resident abroad at that time, and just be born be over the child, still did not receive so pat.

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Doing not have those who think of is, the director goes back to the motherland to wait for her, not hesitate made the decision that time switchs on the mobile phone after delaying, waited one year again so. After a year, halcyon go back to the motherland, the sincere desire that is directed moves, entered instantly not only group, return derate major remuneration. However, letting what the director did not think of is, halcyon just entered group mix male advocate Ma Jingtao is troubled by ” at swords’ points ” . Ma Jingtao and Liu De Kai are old acquaintance, after play creation is finished, liu Dekaidi sent Ma Jingtao the script for a short while, after Ma Jingtao has read a script, agree to go out willingly perform much Er ceremonial dress for royalty. Halcyon with Ma Jingtao it is the cruel disposition that gave a name, often make a noise so that cannot leave to hand in, bring about play to be patted without method for many times. When two people make a noise the most intensely, it is to film ” mother of an emperor is married ” that play, originally two people ” ogle ” show share evolves unexpectedly finally gave thick smell of gunpowder.

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However, you may not know, when choosing an actor, had raised doubt with respect to somebody, saying Ma Jingtao is blusterous clique, the much Er ceremonial dress for royalty of deep feeling of unwell costar sort out. To this, you Xiaogang is in later this matter also has responded to in interviewing: “Someone says his disposition compares termagancy, I feel to had been held out, we meet feel like old friends at the first meeting. ” because of directors approbate, ma Jingtao received much Er ceremonial dress for royalty smoothly this part. But as a result of halcyon have different understanding to the play with Ma Jingtao, filming so ” mother of an emperor is married ” when this makes fun of, the person of two cruel disposition is noisy broke up. See De Kai of this scene Liu also does not have method, be forced outer the You Xiaogang that be away on official business cries come back to mediate, this ability is able to leave afresh pat.

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You Xiaogang arrived the play staff also did not respond two people, take sport downward then simply, next furtive call away Ma Jingtao, say with Ma Jingtao: Cannot fine jade in order to use precious jade of drama take a way, want to close to act, cannot growl in order to appear occasion, much Er ceremonial dress for royalty wants deep feeling. Ma Jingtao listens after You Xiaogang’s word, feel this proposal is very critical, also be to be sincerely convinced to You Xiaogang. Accordingly, in this play we can see once blusterous emperor, also do not have growl to pass in this drama however. Have later collect visit Ma Jingtao: Why to change former days style? Ma Jingtao is taken more humorously halcyon come out to carry a bag on the head, say to have halcyon in, dare not growl so. It is thus clear that two people are being patted ” secret history of filial piety bank ” later, the relation of two people already further, became very good friend. Director You Xiaogang also is in halcyon after having tacit agreement with Ma Jingtao, just filmed afresh ” mother of an emperor is married ” this one play.

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Be worth what carry is, originally halcyon enough director ” do hard ” , machine of the card after be being delayed to wait for her to pat dramatic series to not hesitate, did not think of to still have an individual bigger shop sign, whole play staff by her hole is miserable. For this, ” secret history of filial piety bank ” the play staff is accuse still this ” actor ” : “Be killed by her miserable, aux would rather enable new personality! ” is this how one and the same? Original play staff is to invite Li Xiang to go out at the beginning perform small jade, and return decided schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater with her, when thinking of to want to pat, carry pole with its load of abrupt put down did not perform Li Xiang. Li Xiang there saying decline is, ” secret history of filial piety bank ” film cycle is too long, afraid meeting is affected next the job. When the actor is returning the contract that do not have an autograph, can decide not to act really, but play staff here but miserable, because was decided,the play staff did not look for someone else after Li Xiang. Li Xiang temporarily refus acts, this kind of action is direct rile drama square, so the play staff just can make public dispatch reprimand Li Xiang irreverent course of study.

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But film or should continue, play staff can ground of without a stop picks part afresh. We see sequel small jade the person that act calls Bai Qinglin, she is a newlywed person that the play staff picks temporarily from boreal report. The Bai Qinglin that dying recieves orders cherishs this opportunity very much, good to pat small jade this play of the suicide, her fast full 3 days. The small jade of the white personate that celebrate beautiful jade, the heart after letting a person look is unripe still pity, be the case that helps a success. Besides small jade one horn gives prize quite outside, the Su Moer of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad static personate also makes a lot of audiences impressive. Show share of Su Moer is not heavy, but because be big jade confidential, scene is not so little also. Filming big jade when night of thunderstorm of abrupt collywobbles Su Moer seeks this play that much Er ceremonial dress for royalty appeals, hu Jing had filmed continuously 20 hours, whole person tired a bit absentminded.

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Among them a play wants to cross black a covered corridor or walk, hu Jing designed the camera lens of a tumble to oneself, she at that time is exceeding and tired out, fall quite truely so. After the director looks, psyched out, call card to ask Hu Jing at once: Don’t you have a thing? “I say to direct myself to design, he says you this falls also too resembled. ” additional, why to surpass the Hai Lanzhu of Chen the wife of a prince of flying personate, she cries mediumly in drama play calculates absolutely on a special skill. Always have the play yard that why surpasses flying pathos, director You Xiaogang should tell cameraman and lighting engineer repeatedly, must wirh fixed attention is concentrated control good machine, do not want what why be surpassed to fly to have appeal extremely to cry play place was affected. Want to know, but Mr. He is having ” consummate art or skill 3 cry ” highly praise, once photograph,do not center like personnel energy, can be provided extremely by Mr. He Saifei the piteous pathos give a little attention to of appeal, the picture that after be being touched, takes can tremble, bring about thereby cannot use.

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Of He Saifei ” consummate art or skill 3 cry ” those who point to is, “Of the mood go forward one by one, the heart has piteous, there is a tear in the eye ” . The Hai Lanzhu mechanism of Chen the wife of a prince that why surpasses flying personate calculates, painful break fondling to get big fish excuse big thorough to be realized greatly, she deduces this part keen. See this again now the ministry is classical, can discover very much minor minor role gives a group successfully now. Free from worry goddess made supporting rule, yang Zi did not recognize directly. What return the free from worry personate that resents 15 years old in those days is Dong Efei just like, face Siqingaowa, halcyon such old show bone, free from worry also do not have by crushing, she is in the about in drama is I see still pity, give Dong Efei successfully perform work. This also is free from worry break away from ” Tong Xing ” a theatrical work with very serious figure, involve love for the first time also it doesn’t matter holds, give the experience of the path by right of 5 years old, be stupefied is make fun of this complete acted to come down, but the play yard that a child dies was to touch thoroughly free from worry knowledge blind area.

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Director Liu Dekai gave free from worry a proposal, let her see Zhou Xun be in ” orange became red ” in the conversational clue with the child in abdomen. The free from worry understand tacitly after looking, imitating Zhou Xun to made fun of this paragraph to act to come out, appeal is extremely strong, got universal applause. After teleplay broadcasts, free from worry those who got numerous audience love, but be directed to pull the Li Ling jade that acts Gui Taifei to be done not have so lucky. After this drama broadcasts, li Ling jade was scolded by the audience a De Chaotian. Li Ling jade states in interview he is for many times by director flicker, jade of original Li Ling is invited to go singing, li Ling jade just gave birth to the child at that time before long, of one mind attacks to go up in child body, rejected to act in a play. But it is so good that the director encourages her form, do not act in a play regrettablly ah. “Guest strings together Gui Taifei, have 4 market only. Have 4 market only..

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Li Ling jade is thinking show share to still can be accepted so less agreed then, ever did not think when when signing a contract, 4 collect became 16 part. “Gross 4 collect make fun of, I say that later, I come out to act act, the result became 16 part later, then I see individual thing, worse and worse worse and worse. ” do not have method contract to be signed, li Ling jade also can act only, this is called by the director ” agitate excrement rod ” character, li Ling jade deduced 16 collect, be scolded by the audience just as one would expect miserable. Before her of personate ” essence thing Jade Hare-the moon ” of place depict sweet girl figure, also collapsed thoroughly because of this part, also be nevertheless extended play way. Say above, again for say to film.

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To let film setting accords with true condition, present two big palace of a Cheng Jing and Beijing group grand, the play staff draws investment in all a yuan, built booth stage pavilion in the studio of two each 3000 square metre respectively, 4 into courtyard, all much big Qing Dynasty such as music corridor court are built. In addition, this drama also was to expend painstaking effort one time quite on compose. The Zhanghong of made draft past compose Great Master in former days is smooth, what accord with this drama to draw up is thematic, revised 3 times after Ceng Qian around, bring about the time that make draft tardy late many days 40. Not only such, the dub in background music in drama is by the conductor Tan Lihua leads Beijing in person more philharmonic affection of 130 musician bend is finished. Among them, still include Russia country 3 philharmonic bowstring are happy presiding.

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To facilitate of this drama film, what Liu Dekai’s director prepared near 10 years is long, write a script before 3 years, seek investment 3 years again, hind search 3 years actor and film. This drama arrives from leading role costar, arrive from the director staff member, all without exception was full of to this drama respect property, also condensed everybody’s painstaking effort and solidarity so just about, just had this to be made classically. ” secret history of filial piety bank ” the story that relate has Zhang Youchi, plot compact and exciting, do not know a few times everybody has reviewed this is the ministry classical?

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