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Original title: The look up before 2022 drama anthology: Classical literature movie and TV is changed, ancient costume add is made await start Does neat Lu Wan sign up for? Neat Lu Yi nods reporter Liu Yuhan 2021 is teleplay of thematic subject matter a year when erupt centrally, ” hill sea affection ” ” arousal time ” ” exploit ” wait for work to appear with the appearance of general quantity, high quality. In the meantime, the drama anthology of other type also blossoms in the round: ” Si Teng ” innovation city strange unreal; ” sweep black storm ” form the whole people to chase after drama upsurge; ” traitor ” wind and cloud-a stormy or unstable situation of war letting spy upgrades once more; ” the honor that you are me ” enrage romance of actor compose truelove by the person; ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” ” the Luoyang since wind ” wait for new element of drama of development ancient costume; Still have ” I am quite good in an alien land ” ” love is very delicate ” wait for theatrical work of small and beautiful high grade net to win public praise. Preview the drama anthology that was about to broadcast 2022, there is by of much department work to classical literature composing is adapted and be become in years theatrical work; The female in contemporary theatrical work group picture, field of city talk feeling, duty, Yo wait for reach every aspect of a matter; Domain of ancient costume drama besides ancient occasionally besides drama, ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents 2 ” ” celebrate one’s remaining years 2 ” wait for add to make also very let a person expect. Years theatrical work: Home Wang is defended first hold electric conduction inspects drama Open year of big play as CCTV, teleplay ” between the world ” will heavy during the Spring Festival pound is rolled out. What this drama writes homonymic novel to adapt according to Liang Xiaosheng, origianl work ever won contradictory literature award. ” between the world ” surname a family with a week the perspective of 3 acting people, the free and easy that depicted ten civilian children to be experienced in the place inside nearly 50 years of time rises and fall. Ceng Zhi of Li Lu of this play director has guided ” people’s name ” , the main actor is You Leijia sound, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao, fourth of Yong Dai, Cheng Tai, Zhang Kaili take on, actual strength sends an actor to gather. 20220102085411 61d168335ad6a The teleplay that adapts according to Jin Yucheng writes homonymic novel ” numerous flower ” once project approving causes attention, because origianl work is,win the heavyweight work of award of cogongrass aegis literature not only, more because this is,defend as Home Wang of film legend character first hold electric conduction inspects drama. The Wang Jiawei that is born at Shanghai is having the complex on grumous Shanghai, he to ” numerous flower ” novel of this Shanghai language very preference, the movie and TV that origianl work novel took between one’s early years reorganizes advantageous position, plan to want film and teleplay two version. And novel ” numerous flower ” leave piece, jin Yucheng also lends Wang Jiawei the film ” hooligan is being passed ” coda spreads out narrative. ” numerous flower ” undertake movie and TV is changed via hand of Home Wang Wei Zhi appear, it is predeterminate lot it seems that. ” numerous flower ” those who tell about is to went to the Shanghai between 1990 1960 the past, around move the romaunt that begin lecturing of hero A Baozhan narrated children of tide of the lane on Shanghai to stay. Wang Jiawei calls this department work is ” of Shanghai ” the river on Pure Brightness pursues ” ” . In the beginning of picking part, wang Jiawei asks the actor of this drama wants to be able to say Shanghai sign, because introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad song of this make choice of will go out,perform hero A treasure, invite Ma Yi , Tang Yan, Zheng Kai, Huang Ling to wait for actor of book of a batch of Shanghai. Drama edition ” numerous flower ” already patted at leaving in September 2020, besides holding the position of director and supervise the manufacture of by Wang Jiawei, had filmed ” lie Hu Canglong ” Bao Dexi also holds the position of photography in drama, those who see its norms is tall. And Hu Ge since 2017 ” shooting ” later from the screen retired, big screen of fight in some places one by one, this he is in ” numerous flower ” medium an A Bao on the Shanghai that act, wait and see what happens letting a person. 20220102085411 61d16833d1614 ” fall beautiful season ” it is the another years theatrical work that noonday sunshine manufactures, told about two heroes to span old friendly feelings story, present as leading role to act the leading role by thunder favorable reply, Yuan Quan, luo Haiqiong, Zhang Yi is promoted, Gu Nailiang, Liang Guanhua join among them. ” fall beautiful season ” adapt the homonymic novel that is able to bear or endure from A, this is afterwards ” happy eulogy ” ” great river great river ” ” Dou Ting is good ” later, the 4th novel that A is able to bear or endure adapts teleplay, this the play holds a knife personally by her herself, and by hold had guided ” happy eulogy 2 ” ” Dou Ting is good ” Jian Chuan Yu again hold guide. In the meantime, ” great river great river 3 ” also will meet as agreed upon with the audience, this drama will continue to hold the position of a director by Li Xue, wang Kai, Yang Shuo, Dong Zijian, Yang Caiyu also will continue to come on stage. ” great river great river 3 ” 3 heroes are in Song Yunhui of lieutenant general testimony, Lei Dongbao, Yang Xun after experience is frustrate, how to break through a tight encirclement in the onrush of the times, seek new opportunity, prepare the story of stage a comeback. In the meantime, the emotional line of Song Yunhui and Liang Saishen will develop further, still will appear a batch of new face. 20220102085412 61d168340523d Espionage battle subject matter is the grand opera in years theatrical work. Predicted sowed espionage war play 2022, those who have main actor of language of sign of Jin Dong, Wang Likun, Zhang Zhijian, king ” very close to each other ” , this drama told about Japan to surrender eve between 1944, the Communist is hunting home state devotional, fill the narrative that the rich of life and death of courage and insight and wisdom weichis with a when hostile power spreads out. ” very close to each other ” it is Jin Dong is in ” the person that pretend ” later return to espionage war play once more, and Sun Gonglei also is in ” conceal ” later, lie between when pass for years ” Jing bowstring ” challenge espionage battle subject matter once more. From the point of gut, ” Jing bowstring ” resembling is ” cliff ” with ” conceal ” the knot is fit, story setting happens in bogus to dominate completely the Harbin below, conceal person fight brave to dig hidden traitor truth and enemy battle of wits, finish formidable job with husband and wife of disguise oneself as of female secret service. In addition, still have Liu Yunlong hold guide and act the leading role ” the city of Chi Zha ” , this drama has ginseng of favorable reply of Yu Hewei, thunder to act, will have rich legend color. 20220102085412 61d1683430cfe Contemporary theatrical work: ” happy eulogy 3 ” change blood greatly ” go to 10 thousand happily ” will 2022 total stage of centrally broadcasting television broadcasts, this drama presents as leading role to act the leading role by Zhao Liying, the main actor such as Liu Wei, Luo Jin also alls come on stage. ” go to 10 thousand happily ” it is one is woman of big setting, country with building comparatively well-off society in the round Li Zhicheng grows the reality that gives priority to a line subject matter teleplay, told about a girl why to be married happily the villager and interest group are led after 10 thousand villages the story of brave make a stand against. Zhao Liying first figure of personate country woman, caused the strong curiosity of the outside. This play director is hold had guided ” golden wedding ” ” discriminate is passed ” the Zheng Xiaolong that waits for an excellent work, playwrite is Zhao Dongling, according to novel ” Qiu Ju legend ” adapt, also be regarded as drama edition ” Qiu Ju engages in a lawsuit ” . 20220102085412 61d1683454700 Regard classical city as the female group like drama, ” happy eulogy 3 ” sow audience of sell one’s own things to expect long already, do not give accident word, it will appear on the screen 2022. The happy praise that gets attention fully ” 5 beauty ” in the 3rd in used brand-new battle array, by peace of river thin film, Yang Caiyu, Zhang Jia, Zhang Huiwen He Lihao is poored present as leading role to go out act, they will be brought about Fang Zhiheng, Xie Zhenzhen, bright red , Yu Chuhui, why to sorrow of grand brand-new story. In addition still take turns of part of male of of superior grade of Dou Xiao, Wang Anyu, classics comes on stage. Of the Yang Zi, main actor that resemble battle ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” telling about music is big school of 3 students Lin Zhi falls ill because of father be in hospital, with father advocate the story that knife doctor Gu Wei meets unexpectedly and loves each other. This drama after many Guan Xuan, also fail to broadcast in the line on 2020. Xiao Zhan acts the leading role nowadays ” ace army ” had left sow, look ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” also can meet very quickly with the audience, be being met again to moment is vermicelli made from bean starch people a orgiastic. Yang Mi, Xu Kai acts the leading role ” the 28 law of love ” range estimation is a city ” small sweet drama ” , in this drama, what the bestow of elite lawyer the Qin Dynasty of Yang Mi personate makes triumphant personate is senior curtilage male Yang Hua, two people a strange combination of circumstances ” be married ” , obtain true love accidentally however, run quickly to good and happy life hand in hand finally. 20220102085412 61d16834790e4 Zhong Hanliang and Li Xiaoran act the leading role ” survive of in the future ” , it is two people afterwards ” have not enough time to say I love you ” later when lie between 11 years to cooperate once more. This drama is adapted likewise from bandit I am thought of put a novel, told about a paragraph of cruel to love a story as much: Heart surgical Nie Yu Cheng and once the story that Tan Jing of lover, single close mother faces a destiny hand in hand. Domestic drama respect, have discuss Yo of the problem ” mom’s war ” , this drama around Zhounana (Zhang Yuqi is acted the role of) , Su Qing (Wu Yue is acted the role of) , He Xiaohan (Dong Jie act the role ofing) , Qin Wei (sea land is acted the role of) , Zhu Lu sunlights (Pan, presented the life position of 5 different families, and each are comfortable domesticity, raise Yo in the different topic for discussion that need faces. Broadcasted 2019 and the domestic Yo of ovation drama ” the teenager is sent ” predict the 2nd to will broadcast 2022, this drama presents as leading role to act the leading role by Zhang Jia interpret, Yan Ni likewise, main nevertheless story no longer around tall 3 graduation, tell about Lin Miaomiao, Qian Sanyi, Deng Xiaoqi, Jiang Tianhao however in former days schoolfellow good friend graduates 4 in the university the story during. The teleplay of practical subject matter of the main actor such as article of sea Qing Dynasty, Tong Yao, Zhang Song, Feng Shaofeng ” the heart is resided ” , this drama is regarded as ” humble abode ” companion volume, continue to hold the position of a director by Teng Huatao. Of the main actor such as Qin Hao, Ren Suxi, Nie Yuan ” dear child ” , adapt from Wang Xiaoshuai film ” the left and right sides ” , the anguish that told about a pair of parents leaving other to be experienced to save leukaemia daughter place struggles. 20220102085412 61d1683498a2a Domain of duty field theatrical work, yu Hewei, Jiang Xin, Li Nian, Zhou Yi surrounds a main actor ” public prosecution elite ” , this drama is teleplay of subject matter of first female public prosecutor of Chinese, also be China first teleplay that according to network crime real case adapts. Sunlighting free of river thin film, Liu Mintao, Peng presents as leading role to act the leading role ” the lady’s law ” , nod to be cut with lawyer industry, told about two to grasp the lawyer that supports different concept arrives from collision understanding, expose the plot of the truth in all. Still have work of strange unreal subject matter in addition, deng Lun, Ni Ni presents as leading role to act the leading role ” nocturnal traveller ” , told about 1936 with 2016 spatio-temporal, hero fills Qing Dynasty to let is Confucianism elegant lawyer of amiable the Republic of China, heroine Zong Ying is Leng Xin’s soft contemporary profession female, two people will develop old practice of a paragraph of affection because of spatio-temporal crisscross. ” Kunlun god palace ” continue by ” ghost blows the lamp ” go into battle of iron triangle Pan Yueming, Zhang Yuqi, Jiang Chao, afterwards ” angry fine West Hunan ” ” Long Ling confuses hole ” ” Yunnan bug cereal ” later set out once more. The drama edition that according to Liu Cixin of science fiction writer homonymic novel adapts ” 3 body ” will organic meeting is sowed at leaving 2022. This drama by piece the main actor such as Lu Yi, Yu Hewei, Chen Jin, princely article, the civilization outside telling about accept rice material to learned a Wang Miao and gumshoe Shi Jiang to open the land jointly ” 3 body ” the mysterious veil of the world. Liu Cixin’s origianl work has been literature of Chinese science fiction carry a vessel make, do not know drama edition ” 3 body ” whether open is homebred the new page of science fiction drama. 20220102085412 61d16834be571 Ancient costume drama: Ancient occasionally Yi of drama starlight Yi ” the Luoyang since wind ” just receive an official, ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” waiting to go up again line. This drama is adapted likewise from Ma Baiyong homonymic novel, and ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” initiated a kind of brand-new ancient costume drama: Play of war of espionage of the Three Kingdoms. This drama hero is not by the nobody of troubled times focusing — Chen Gong and a surname brag, erupt to seize eye brightness in the espionage battle of soul-stirring, at compose gives a paragraph of saga besides the history. ” the Gansu since wind on the west ” by had taken the motion picture ” embroider spring knife ” Lu Yang holds the position of a director, his itself is good at style of ancient costume suspense, go up character in drama work provided important safeguard. Two heroes in drama carry program by Chen Kun, Bai Yu, still have Nie Yuan, Chang Yuan, Angelababy, Sun Yi, Yu Hao at the same time bright, Dong Zijian, Guo Jingfei, Li Guangjie join in, it may be said is galaxy assemble. 20220102085412 61d16834e18a0 Last a period of time of director Gao Xixi the ancient costume drama of 3 years of burnish ” month of the land of country bright ” it is big play of history of a heavyweight. This drama is told about big Zhu Yuanzhang of emperor of bright found a state (Chen Baoguo is acted the role of) ” with civilian for originally ” An Banghe of manage state affairs Yanwang bright red younger brother (Feng Shaofeng is acted the role of) face of all previous classics. In addition, the equestrian empress of personate of female singer of the Xu Da of personate of the Zhu Yun of personate of the Zhu Biao that there still is He Chengming personate in drama, old month end, Zhang Fengyi, king, clever of personate, of history of emersion Ming Dynasty changeable. 20220102085413 61d168351003f 2022 ancient occasionally drama is starlight Yi Yi as before. Yu Ning of Dilireba, Gong Jun, Liu presents as leading role to act the leading role ” peace and happiness is passed ” adapt from the star the novel of 0 ” book of emperor of the Supreme Being ” , basically told about stockaded village of the peace and happiness austral advance between big n/COL the head of a family Ren Anle and prince Han Ye cruel heart touching love story. Xiao Zhan, Ren Min presents as leading role to act the leading role ” jade bone Yao ” adapt according to novel of dark blue month, the shadow when the empty Sang Shizi that told about Gu tall chilly and enthusiastic and generous bare a group of things with common features infanta youth because predestined relationship of early in the morning of disaster of the life below one Hua Zhien knot, the shadow accompanies Zhu Yan to grow when, two people defend the old practice of empty mulberry dynasty jointly. Yang Yang, Zhao Lou thinks of those who present as leading role to act the leading role ” and try the world ” homonymic novel adapts month of Ling of bend of this drama basis, tell about black abundant breath and white wind evening to enter the old practice that swings skyline hand in hand, at the same time this drama still has the actual strength actor such as Zhang Fengyi, Li Retong join in. Yang Zi and Cheng Yi act the leading role ” agalloch eaglewood is like bits ” adapt the homonymic novel from Su Mo, told about female advocate ” colour weak ” with ” Ying Yuanjun ” the love dispute story between. 20220102085413 61d168352f989 In addition, ” celebrate one’s remaining years 2 ” ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents 2 ” ” annals of teenager of big the Song Dynasty 2 ” the add of drama of ancient costume of gas waiting for a person is made also will continue upgrade,

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