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Original title: ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” 12 big female advocate the life is illuminated, who does everybody see the most beautiful. ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” it is the hottest recently sowed ancient costume drama, high thill Qing Feng comes on the stage subsequently, each are big heroine also is Dou Lou face, we see each below big female advocate be drama in beautiful in still living more beautiful? One, Jiang Ni

20220102085532 61d16884d8214Jiang Ni 20220102085533 61d1688512e6dLi Geng hopes Li Geng of the person that Jiang Ni is acted hopes, be born in 2000, the Jiang Ni of personate, hunan country princess, dark love Xu Feng year. Say a truth, calculated or did not say. 2, Qing Diao20220102085533 61d168852de4c

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Ding Xiaoying of the person that Qing Diao is acted, be born in 1996, personate Xu Feng year servant girl Qing Diao, also be Xu Xiao stays in Xu Feng year beside dead person, military accomplishment excel in, to Xu Feng year absolutely faithfulness, she appears small make up very questioningly, too beautiful. 3, Xu Weixiong20220102085533 61d1688566ba7Xu Weixiong 20220102085533 61d1688585fd5Wen Yongshan Xu Weixiong acts Zhe Wenyong Shan, be born in 1988, personate Xu Feng year Xu Weixiong of 2 elder sister, in drama she can pay everything for boreal Liang for the little brother, be very the part of pathos, small organize the person that there is gas field most in feeling she is drama. 4, south Gong Pu is shot20220102085533 61d168859bd2fGong Pu is shot south 20220102085533 61d16885bea98Zhang Tianai Gong Pu shoots Zhang Tianai of the person that act south, be born in 1990, of her personate south Gong Pu is shot is Xu Feng year female bosom friend, a suit white garment, have wind of female a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct very much model. 5, yam20220102085533 61d16885eb097Yam 20220102085534 61d16886174d3Mencius justice Mencius of the person that yam is acted justice, be born in 1995, the yam of personate, it is Xu Feng year old servant girl, it is Wu Su stays in Xu Feng year beside dead person, mencius justice also is the popular figure of the near future, give looking glass not much. 6, easy be ashamed20220102085534 61d168862def9Easy be ashamed 20220102085534 61d1688648813On Zhang Yi On Zhang Yi of the person that easy be ashamed is acted, be born in 1996, the easy be ashamed of personate, it is an individualist, compare selfish role, small make up think her come on the stage a bit much, how many meeting has some of idea. 7, Pei Nawei20220102085534 61d168865e130Pei Nawei 20220102085534 61d168867e6cfSui Junbo Sui Junbo of the person that Pei Nawei is acted, be born in 1979, in drama personate pacify installs Princess Wang Pei Nawei, heel followed Xu Feng year, small make up a feeling she has lasting appeal most, and acting is best. 8, Yu Youwei20220102085534 61d1688697c7fYu Youwei 20220102085534 61d16886bc6c7Jia Ze Yu Youwei acts Zhe Jiaze, be born in 1997, the Yu Youwei of her personate, the cat does not leave a hand, if,be an old fool apparently wisdom part. 9, Qing Feng of thill of a small room20220102085534 61d16886d5243Qing Feng of thill of a small room 20220102085534 61d16886e9023Li Chun Li Chun of the person that Qing Feng of thill of a small room is acted, be born in 1988, everybody is familiar with Li Chun quite, be in early celebrate one’s remaining years to have outstanding show, in the Xuan Yuan of her personate in drama Qing Feng gives lens to compare evening, be reduce the role with decisive cut down. 10, Wang Chudong20220102085535 61d1688709f60Wang Chudong 20220102085535 61d1688720ab9Sun Yali Sun Yali of the person that Wang Chudong is acted, be born in 1997, the daughter of spring of beautiful jade of her personate king, overbearing and reasonable. 11, Xu Zhihu20220102085535 61d1688737404Xu Zhihu 20220102085535 61d168874aad1Li Nian Li Nian of the person that Xu Zhihu is acted, be born in 1985, everybody also should be familiar with Li Nian quite, tiger of fat of her personate Xu, xu Feng year eldest sister, expert softly, typical daughter of an eminent family. 12, ah breathe out a girl20220102085535 61d1688768f50Ah breathe out a girl 20220102085535 61d168878b74aLiao Huijia Breathe out Liao Huijia of the person that breathe out a girl to act, liao Huijia is born in 1998, in her drama the most lovely, look be like petite, actually is the thank browses an ace. Not be a rank orderly, everybody can be commented on discuss.

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