Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Be in China not lukewarm not fire, be in Hollywood however reputation big a confusion of voices, also be defeated by even Zhen Zidan him nowadays A lot of fine actors do not cherish his feather inside recreational group, obviously before had had a lot of outstanding work, let an audience approbate his actual strength, always receive however later a few sodden piece, use up oneself fame for nothing. For instance Zhen Zidan star of this well known acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance, much ministry film harvested pretty good public praise and booking office before him, the last few years often acts however a few sodden piece, receive many netizens spit groove, even somebody feels he is very irreverent to the manner of the play course of study, spend many person energy of life.

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Nevertheless period of time has recently very giant star of acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance has pretty good public praise all the time, he is the Wu Jing that appears before the public frequently by right of the film of army brigade subject matter. Wu Jing now is high booking office assure, a lot of audiences identify the movie that allows him to pat absolutely too won’t poor. But actually Wu Jing film is not to make money, he mentions himself when accepting a visit not quite care about booking office to whether be achieved anticipate, after all oneself had won in the type that dares to try new theme, this kind of experience just is the biggest gains to him.

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A lot of people see Wu Jing tries new theme ceaselessly only is a kind of very bold action, very few however somebody is clear that Wu Jing is in the manner above the film is: Not plan cost, break money desperately. Connect the film of subject matter of newest a science fiction, be in most when beginning to pat, value without how many person actually, whole play staff from go up to fall very poor. The director of this play has looked for actor of a lot of a gleam of to hold the position of the part of Wu Jing personate, but by schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater improper wait for reason to refuse. Encounter Wu Jing till him, two people are communicative for a long time, wu Jingcai is decided finally definitely perform this film. What Wu Jing agrees is very big one part reason sees this director and him namely most begin to pat ” battle wolf ” same, poor miserable, very big resonance is found on his body, leaving even after patting, wu Jing oneself the remuneration with not much amount to is used in specially good effect above.

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Arrived later period, the play staff is to do not have money really, wu Jing returns pay for sb and expect to be repaid later 60 million investment this film, final ability lets an audience see present the shock result that come out. The painstaking effort that nevertheless Wu Jing gives is worthiness, the booking office with the science fiction last movie of this China is 4.6 billion, firm firm was hit at the outset the face of those coterie that are full of doubt. Wu Jing to film this thing, all the time very be willing to part with or use breaks money. Pat at first ” battle wolf 1 ” when, he has not married, mortgaged the house in the home. Show till the 2nd, he just the house property before new atone for come back, because have not enough time to decorate, family person lives in lease the building that come inside. This kind of exceeding to the film passion, make him final harvest present famous degree, those who become person energy of life and public praise is double assure.

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