Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: “Love after marriage first ” 4 conscience drama, ” Shuang Shichong the wife of a prince ” do not calculate what, it but ” originator “

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We see the teleplay that the male feminine lead in a few drama loves after marriage first today. Yun night tide passes this drama to be able to say is one is not sowed first igneous drama, because the heroine in drama is,hold the position of by the Dai that bring up Jing piece those who act. The reputation that is developing her sees a lot of people, although,bring up Jing Dai small age, and act teleplay is not much also, but she performs a play to come extraordinary nature is very distinct. And she in drama and male advocate between of the love after marrying first namely.

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” how Boss should marry me ” this drama, hearing a name is an idol play. Although the male feminine lead in drama is not name is very big, gut is exceedingly wonderful however. The love story between leading role of male and female also is to make a person exceeding be infatuated with, although story clue tells the feeling that is president and Cinderella to make fun of, but the acting that actors pass him, spoke a kind of very perfect sense to the person however.

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Double life bestows favor on the wife of a prince this drama is advanced once paragraph of time broadcasts, caused very big echo. And this drama also is a viewing rate and public praise are very good, the 8 king father in drama and Xiaotan, because love each other together,two people are not at the beginning, but understood each other more and more in two their people after marriage, final development became true love.

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Fated I love you this drama, the idol play of a Taiwan, although broadcast up to now already very old. But can says is the idol play originator that loves after marriage first, the male feminine lead at that time is come to those who act to go out by Ruan Jingtian and old tall favour, and this drama broadcasts at that time when, also be the interest that aroused a lot of netizens. Ruan Jingtian and old tall favour two people, oneself acting that pass and actual strength, this drama fictile exceedingly classical.

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