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Original title: Autumn porcelain dazzles: Walk out of the person of shadow of former unripe family, there is a light in life A few days ago, autumn porcelain dazzles and touched countless people at the wedding of dawn light — go up in wedding, autumn porcelain dazzle was begged to Yu Xiaoguang marriage. The what marriage that beg? She begs, it is to issue all one’s life to still can follow Yu Xiaoguang to be together. In Yu Xiaoguang beforehand complete unwitting circumstance falls, autumn porcelain dazzle read aloud a holograph letter that writes him, in the process a few degrees choke with sobs.

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It is to dawn light professions first: Do not know how to behave me to do not have family and friend to your jubilation I what one individual loneliness knows to work only in abroad am you let me become me present

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Yu Xiaoguang, thanking you to thank you to thank you to become my close kin to thank you to say me all the time is right acknowledgment you make me not alone, let me laugh

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Here, two people are to burst into tears, autumn porcelain dazzle begins to leave the promise of all one’s life directly: With this lifetime that you are together, I had felt short really, if possible word, next all one’s life also must meet with you.

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She falls on her knees directly propose, ask Yu Xiaoguang: If if see,we leave all one’s life, am you or meeting and I together?

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Yu Xiaoguang promised next her all one’s life, two people also exchanged ring and promise. Autumn porcelain dazzles of this paragraph of be deeply moved profession below, someone says: Elder sister eventually after suffering comes happiness, she is worth while. Autumn porcelain dazzle has a paragraph very gloomy past, also have a very bad former unripe family, until encounter Yu Xiaoguang, just be eventually walked out of muddy, captured light. Autumn porcelain dazzle has said, her parents leaves other, father remarries already, she has a little sister originally, very small when drown died, her mother can say to her when she errs: Should be you replace her (little sister) dead. Those who add a grandma is heavy male light female, she is in the home all the time very undesirable, 18 years old, she is moved begin oneself one individual life, a person attends a college, a person pats play to feed his. The film took new personality award to come home, can oneself a person is bemused all the time. Because this paragraph is experienced, she wants very sturdily to leave Korea.

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, she came to China, when 36 years old, made public the amour with Yu Xiaoguang. She says, it is at Xiao Guangrang she became her present. When Yu Xiaoguang proposes to her, she cries rarely in, husband’s father and mother calls her daughter to give her gold bracelet the period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, she also cries rarely in. Before half a lifetime, she ate too much the suffering that is not loved, the too much loneliness of experience, it is good to her to want someone only, can let her be touched extremely. She has been been now walked out of former unripe family, had oneself new student family. All the time somebody asks: Why the shadow that some people can walk out of former unripe family at a stride, begin new life? Why some people are helpless however, can hate parents only, hate this world inequity? Actually, encountered Yu Xiaoguang like autumn porcelain dazzle, the biggest distinction between this both, after depending on you coming out from former unripe family, can encounter to enlighten your person.

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The longing of 01 pairs of love makes a person deep-set give birth to a family to give birth to a family formerly formerly, with respect to the root of large like tree, if root system special develop, admit, support, accredit and positive function have, truncal task becomes very simple, simply an upgrade of a ground is long. Contrary, if the root of a tree appeared serious problem, truncal nutrition cannot be obtained over there Cong Shugen, restrict in ceaseless breakthrough even, struggling while upgrade is long, even beautiful very much energy pays close attention to broken root. So, be steeped to the lips in gives birth to the person of domestic shadow to have this characteristic formerly: Both neither satisfies Yuyuan to give birth to domestic twist, it is look focusing insensibly at the same time on former unripe family, catered to the twist of former unripe family. Beautiful like Fan Sheng, very fair folk is how right in the heart her, knowing perfectly well is an a bottomless pit, still biting a tooth to bear however. The ordinary person cannot understand, a such exacting needs her family, she should leave Yue Yuanyue is well as far as possible, why to feed back a family even?

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Why after such child is grown, even if had his cause, where is the courage that still gives ego without work? Because of what never be seen they, extremely self-abased. More self-abased, want to obtain support and affirmation more, draw out a heart to draw out lung to pay for the family when them that momently, it is useful that they feel. However after demand is contented, oneself are remained uncared-for that one. Such mode, can repeat between they and family, and won’t easily terminative. The backside of a screwy family, the child also is met as far as possible him twist goes catering to a family, it is to obtain a bit care and warmth only, however, wait come also be disappointed mostly. So, it is the intense longing to love, in the shadow that makes person be steeped to the lips in former give birth to a family. When placing the hope on former unripe family no longer when a person only, just walk out of the shadow of former unripe family likely. Dazzle like autumn porcelain, resolutely definitely is moved left original home, left Korea even, she is already incorrect former unripe family is held expect. There is a light after every 02 person that give ego alive our everybody has affective to need, if such need cannot be satisfied, can resemble anoxic and same afflictive. These affection may include: Attention, understanding, admit, take care of, love, etc, you need somebody to bet to you already affection, also need somebody to be over there, make you OK express your feeling. Had a such affection to exist when you, because other pays close attention to yours and your meeting is cared about, and see one has been treated seriously oneself, then you also begin to feel you are important, be worth to be loved.

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If your former unripe family gave you such feeling alimentary, then you can have confidence to enter the relation besides the family more; If your family is done not have, you can try hard to be pestered with the family, will count on win affection. Until obtained in a paragraph of new concern true alimentary, you just are met from because satisfy, and dare to depart with former unripe family. Resemble ” Dou Ting is good ” the Su Mingyu in, fan Sheng’s beautiful upgrading edition, she is swept the floor to go out by the mother, must rely on oneself to feed oneself, till the noble in encountering her life — unconscious always, her life began to have different. Rather it is unconscious always helped her, be inferior to saying is unconscious always be opposite her care, made her new be raised. She calls him the master, arrive from the job be an upright person, he resembles was to give her the new life. For the bright jade to be short of love extremely in former unripe family, meet unconscious always, be just like shined in the shadow a light, according to the travel before her, hold a bottom in the palm to her, also unplug the ceiling that restricts her that higher. Had been enlightened when a person, had new relation experience actually, ability goes the divisional, relation that refuse and is far from those how terrible. This calls correctional sex the experience on psychology. It is to come from the former unripe family at how terrible likewise, if had had in your life,one can enlighten your serious other people, the likelihood is your family member, teacher, friend, sweetheart, also may be advisory division of a psychology, so, your life is adapted very likely accordingly. 03 belts are worn intense longing goes encountering this to enlighten your light is in our life, everywhere sees a lot of work do not give the person of ego, they are in all the time be pestered with former unripe family and make a stand against, still walk out of a shade that front courtyard brings very hard however. Actually, we are looking for to be able to enlighten all the time oneself person.

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Some people are lucky found, life had very big change; Some people long to was not found however all the time, still give oneself alive hard. I am not to want to allow authority shirk responsibility says: You look, I do not give ego alive, because had not encountered to enlighten,be oneself person. I think, each person, no matter once was treated by how, can go to those who experience oneself be short of break where, the way that chooses to suit oneself next goes cure heals. Someone says, although Su Mingyu was not encountered,cheat always, it is other and OK that regular also meeting is met enlighten her noble. Really, we can see on Su Mingyu’s body a lot of idiosyncratic, for instance hopeful adamancy, dare assiduous and the action, aspirant, this initiative like hers fuel is same, taking her ground of this emulative loiter of loiter of little rocket loiter flies to aerospace. I once had a person that call in, the time that just graduated to be spent 3 years will do seek advice, she tells me to say: I am very clear my former unripe family has a problem very much, I also know very well this makes me very faint, but, where can I myself walk along without giving thought to, I want those who be my to grow only all effort. After 3 years, she obtained the double bumper harvest of career, love, her former unripe family serves her kind, also produced a change, she says: Very before appreciating oneself 3 years chose psychology to seek advice, you are encountered on this road. I learned to reconcile with oneself, heavy model oneself life, although the family is fostered to me undeserved, but I expect to my without disappoint after all. When speaking of these words, she all over the face proud.

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Probably, each are having the person of bad former unripe family, what should have such contracts and do not abandon is idiosyncratic. Even if we are very disappointed to giving birth to a family formerly, but we should not are opposite forever oneself are disappointed. Those are very affirmatory oneself, the person that and go bravely acts, walk out of predicament more easily. Cherish intense longing when us only, with real operation him support goes downward, we just can encounter Na Daozhao shine oneself light. Resemble autumn porcelain dazzle and Su Mingyu, brave and left the home absolutely definitely, just developed new life. So, you have even if a bad former unripe family, you also should learn to treat your seriously, erect back, hold one’s head high forward, taking the courage that is him go out for a battle, go encountering Na Daozhao to shine your light, give you to want to become more alive oneself!

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