Mon. Oct 3rd, 2022
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Original title: The female star that Deng Lun has cooperated: Before 4 fire all over the whole world, last female advocate pull low viewing rate

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” apotheosis historical novel ” the big play of an ancient costume that this drama is You Denglun and Wang Likun’s main actor, although this drama does not have an audience people those who expect is so intense, but after this drama broadcasts audience people this part that likes two main actors very much, and two people also are to cooperate first, viewing rate still calculates very tall.

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” 1001 night ” this drama is hot cling to the collaboration with Deng Lun, everybody knows heat cling to the person is angry all the time very tall, the acting that adding Deng Lun is flawless simply, this drama viewing rate that says two individual main actors so is very high, and get audience people big favor!

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” because encounter you ” the collaboration that this drama is Deng Lun and Sun Yi, it is very suit in drama that two people can say, very very sweet in drama, romantic, but Sun Yi had married now, otherwise these two meetings have red to hear.

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” sweet honey ” this drama is to be in very hot last summer drama of sowed ancient costume of strange unreal of a drama, yang Zi this also is cooperated the 2nd times with Deng Lun, see two people or have definite tacit agreement, viewing rate is very high after this drama broadcasts, and the person of two people enrages the instant have his moment.

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” my true friend ” this drama is the sentiment of character of a drama that just shows this year idol play, be Deng Lun and Yang Ying cooperate first, everybody knows Yang Ying goes out rarely perform teleplay, as expected this netizens state acting is honest in succession is malcontent satisfaction, actually Yang Ying’s acting has progressed not little!

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