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Original title: Suffer fully expect! The teleplay that films in Jilin ” between the world ” CCTV of first day of the lunar year leaves one set sow The big play that filmed more in Jilin province 2021 ” between the world ” , be about to on Feburary 1 (first day of the lunar year) land CCTV archives of a gold. This drama by Li Lu hold guide and hold the position of total producer, the main actor such as thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao, altogether 60 collect. Release from CCTV ” big play sees total table ” piece sheet can see, inside enumerate more than 20 teleplay that will broadcast in CCTV 2022, among them ” between the world ” reside the first high, it may be said is ” did not sow first fire ” , suffer the masses to expect fully.

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This drama switchs on the mobile phone in Changchun, wait in city of the Changchun City, Jilin provincial much ground find a view, during filming, many Jilin netizens are in favorable reply of thunder of street come across. A few days ago, ” between the world ” exposure a piece of placard, the setting that the family includes reunion dumpling is on placard, the implied meaning is worn if wish,long for the 10 or 20 days following Lunar New Year’s Day.

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Teleplay ” between the world ” adapt from Liang Xiaosheng of winner of award of Mao Dun literature, well-known writer the epic drama of homonymic novel is made, on the base that preserved temperament of origianl work story, use realistically gimmick appears nearly 50 years to come to China social development is transitional, go in the life of ordinary common people deep, span time discussed a series of topics such as ideal of fetter of acting border relation, family, marriage, value stage by stage for new era audience, aim at be in ” between the world ” it is in joys and sorrows deliver ” ordinary ” force. Yan Tao of beautiful of the Song Dynasty of Bai Qing of laborious of thunder favorable reply ” breathed violent wind makes fun of “

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Teleplay ” between the world ” a civilian community with northern city ” smooth word piece ” for setting, tell about Zhou Bingyi of Zhou Jiasan sibling, Zhou Rong, Zhou Bingkun to wait for ten civilian children to be in nearly 50 years the life that the free and easy that experiences inside time rises and fall, the enormous changes that revealed Chinese society in the round and civilian common people face life dilemma, tough from beginning to end go all out in work, the good quality that struggles actively. In prevue, leave piece vintage a machine is noisy case, the cut back of life contrail tirelessly that changes Home Zhou sibling a few years. Float tone leaves yellow scene restoring ancient ways, hair Huang Gezhao, sway train of horological, vapour, glass is played bead wait for various time thing commentate piece, in helping the person a paragraph of aftertaste about old years for an instant, “The film feels ” with ” the story feels ” pull point-blank full.

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Come on stage as the one by one of characters, thunder favorable reply, Xin Baiqing, Song Jia, Yan Tao acts the leading role 4 times ” breathed violent wind makes fun of ” also make a person impressive: The Zhou Bingkun of personate of thunder favorable reply, before the eyes of clean-fingered Yan Xiao is medium one second contains vicissitudes of life completely, hind one second conceal is tender, the experience on body of will average worker and simple essence of life allow to explain; And the Zhou Bingyi eye of Xin Baiqing personate conceives ideal, a suit military uniform sets foot on distance, transfer spark and mature freely; The Zhou Rong of personate of beautiful of the Song Dynasty, what the phone keeps watch when begin is anxious and the feel sad that reveals when the smile, bury a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story that played its affection to go up; The Zheng beautiful dress of abundant peach personate is simple however from beginning to end the eye is contained firm and persistent… need not verbal, short a few act, actors get inner play explanatory note of the character incisively and vividly, each frame is full of a story, many netizens express, “Actors inner play is very full, an eyes seems saw part lifetime ” ” life generation, the wood one autumn, will be like harships, go seeming small this world ” , with with in former years acting drama differs, ” between the world ” the social changes proposition below will old age falls gently on Zhou Jiasan acting person, through overcoming the panoramic type sketch of predicament to basic level common people, write to eulogize of character of happiness of contemporary China common people epic, kowtow noisy on common person ” rough every ” great. Reductive and northeast memory discusses common people ” unripe with work “

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Teleplay ” between the world ” the life axes that through Zhou Jiasan sibling free and easy rises and fall, presented ten civilian children stage by stage group resemble 100 condition, the Dou Yun on the body is hiding everybody the epitome of the times and with contemporary resonance. In drama, regard ordinary people as the representing’s Zhou Bingkun, he is laborious and tough hopeful and droll, oath defends ordinary post to go up ” light and heat ” ; Zhou Bingyi can experience official career ups and downs in the reform of bold and resolute; Week Chengdu of one mind dare love to dare be hated, however also affection the road is bumpy; The Zheng of cross of half a lifetime of all previous classics beautifuls, can explain the meaning of ordinary happiness. Besides Home Zhou children, character of other branch line also cast off types of facial makeup in operas to change, the inflexible set of symbolism, the old worker that cherishs a family for example represents Zhou Zhigang (fourth Yong Dai is acted the role of) , the Hao Dongmei of love of main give attention to two or morethings and career (Sui Junbo is acted the role of) , the cadre of heart of bean curd of small knife mouth represents Qu Xiuzhen (piece, the joys and sorrows that showing ordinary common people laughs at a tear, extremely rich appeal. In addition, drama anthology is reductive still 3 lines construction, restore construction of cheap of initiate of reform of the university entrance exam, state-owend enterprise, anti-corruption to wait for a society incident of tremendous and transitional node, guide feelings of audience backdate age while, also inheritance of acting young audience makes the same score Xiang Xinyi in that times laic stimulate raise up, tough and appetent mind power.

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Be worth what carry is, boreal corner is story arena to the south of this drama, true those who return to belong to northeast environment atmosphere alone a variety of, with small see big, 50 years when scan China society rises and fall. From premonitory but peek one horn, earthy house hot bake or dry by the heat of a fire, army the workshop below snow-field of coat coat, immense forest, 28 big thick stick, white chimney is in drama appear one by one, and return in the story will meticulous cover dish of earth of northeast dialect, the daily life of a family, northeast happy event of old alley, northeast type feels the northeast such as the dialog terrain feature and time element, spark of the audience ” northeast memory ” , with warm and exquisite brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy, on-the-spot record shows the square side side of picture scroll of common people life, it may be said is made excellent. Teleplay ” between the world ” witness big changes with little perspective, in thorough marketplace aperture, objective and the affliction that bona fide exists in record history and but, open bright times impress, already focusing ” worldly person ” joys and sorrows, also but defended ” terrestrial accident ” in warmth of act of that one act, for common people picture, stand for the times pass, as contemporary as enlightenment to encouraging crowd embraces difficulty bravely, think ” unripe with work ” propositional, have far-reaching sense.

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Auspicious of Chinese Jilin net cuts prevue of APP reporter Yan Wei, picture by piece just offer

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