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Original title: The audience nods assist, xi Mengyao is broken prevent, ” female psychology division ” does postpartum and depressed unit meaning have He Yiyi? ” female psychology division ” postpartum and depressed unit harvests bit of assist again, the mentation to jading him narrate of Zhan of 2 births mother is sowed early in gut when, the audience that causes not rare and similar experience writes small composition, share oneself resonance.

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After unit canto spreads out completely, just promote this year the star Xi Mengyao that is 2 births mother, because gut suffers,also touch broken prevent, appeal masses cares at many o’clock to mom with love, hope folk can understand them.

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Objective for, blowout of drama of movie and TV of theme of nearly two years of women, the old practice that involves full-time mom difficult position is not little, but this topic for discussion very fire gives high-quality goods not easily however, hold bad fire Hou a little, can turn loiter into heat again ” sell miserable ” . In this respect, ” female psychology division ” the perspective is very novel, playwrite divided 4 measure to relate a story. The first pace, with ” sensitive conflict ” throw a question. The story jades with full-time mom Zhan ” horrible think of a way ” introduce, she what just gave birth to 2 embryoes is done not have glad because of many baby, appear instead terrible ” harm son ” thought, this makes her very scared.

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The suspense conflict place that can hold audience eyeball came, “Kill child ” nerve of unusual challenge society, can attract everybody to explore inside reason, at the same time also with a lot of postpartum and depressed the case adds up to the social tragedy that cause was in one case.

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This one ” horrible ” the apply colours to a drawing of the perspective is theatricalized need not only, still passed an information to the audience secondhand, if postpartum and depressed get ill-considered is dissolved, may true meeting produces beyond recall consequence. The 2nd pace, with ” chat easily ” introduce an account. Below He Du’s guiding, zhan Lu told about him postpartum anguish is helpless, attend two children make all of her body and mind exhausted, the husband does not wish to partake however oneself pressure, mother-in-law more showed heavy male light female words and deeds.

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These make Zhan Lu suffocative come, make her postpartum life is in ceaselessly gloomy in, because weigh,afraid also big daughter is met male light female the harm that repeats oneself to had sufferred, the plight that is oneself at the same time is sad, be full of to the daughter again at the same time compunctious.

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Negative sentiment is attacked broke down Zhan Lu’s state of mind, “Kill child ” in the brain that thought begins to appear in her, have because of,have surely if really, we often see the result of a few tragedy, however oversight the process that party anguish struggles. The 3rd pace, discuss further to postpartum and depressed reason. Experience He Du’s dredge, zhan Lu already adjusted via learning how to go oneself mood, but she still cannot walk out of depressed predicament thoroughly, right now, the audience can discover, the problem that she says at first has more deep-seated inducement.

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Of the family after giving birth to the first embryo pay no attention to the solution, Yo with elder view conflict, rise originally period the job is stopped suddenly, of the life and career both sides ” fail ” , breach cannot be found after letting her face bad sentiment. She wants to seek her value, do not know how to handle these issues however, do not know what oneself want even.

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Postpartum and depressed process of the character, be by became the abrupt body after the mother changes, what the grievance that is not understood by family, environment arrives to give the child to had better be taken care of to doing not have method is compunctious, arrive again of pair of own current situations confused.

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When psychology of Zhan Lu deliverance seeks advice, she is not not to know why she is met depressed, seek however approbate, and search to solve his confused and helpless window, so, those who had the 4th situation ” broken bureau ” . The 4th pace, who can save postpartum and depressed Zhan Lu? Psychology seeks advice is not all-purpose, he Du cannot change social bias, also cannot change Zhan Lu’s family, change Zhan Lu completely more impossibly, what she does, it is the key that lets Zhan Lu realize he just is change life.

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Be enmeshed at the anguish of associate with and experience, the opportunity that perhaps regrets to once was lost, unalterable current situation, return to at present oneself, not negative oneself pay, go discovering by the life happiness of own oversight. Search ego, may not is about to deny instantly, become independent woman, may not is about to oppose with the identity of wife, daughter-in-law, mother, ” female psychology division ” propositional to this exploration, contrary without counterattack of article walking along bright or identity.

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Gut more it is the one ground chicken feather that conducts work of audience straight look unfamiliar, search the energy that can allow the travel before oneself from inside trifling life, is not complete abandon or deny oneself life is experienced, that can make oneself ceaseless review anguish only. No less than decides to return to the Zhan Lu of duty field, she the mom one ground chicken feather is daily, regarded as oneself experience and fortune.

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Can use explode dot topic goes introducing postpartum and depressed, analyse can rationally again guide, give an audience to cure with conciliation, ” female psychology division ” go up in this proposition, accomplished theatricalize with real significance outstanding and concoctive. Not contrary, not extreme, accurate article, advocate the versatility with straight vivid look unfamiliar of be born reality, such discussing that what means harvested many audiences in all affection and support, take high component to nod assist to also be in reason.

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Nevertheless, also the audience feels ” female psychology division ” beautification the life, of the mother-in-law in final the plot of a play and husband show sympathy, the esteem of official of the interview on the net, it seems that avoid actual acuteness, exert oneself highlighted the one side of the true. But it whether the story lives in end beautification is important whether the story lives in end beautification? Actually not important.

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The problem that place of every full-time mom faces not just the same, their mood value is not fair also same, zhan Lu regrets oneself did not hold to writing, those who change anguish of may not of a mom is same thing. The meaning with the mainest story, depend on waking up the social understanding to the mother, wake up depressed medium mother people save oneself. In Zhan Lu’s memory, the first extract is she is nursed in the home encounter the mother-in-law brings a flock of neighbour however ” surround view ” , she is subliminal surround the body with bath towel, everybody appears oversight she has not enough time to put on the dress at that time.

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This extract 7 words feeling is quite deep, because similar picture is actual the life is medium really too much, ” new birthday marks the 2nd season ” in Si Ran also has encountered the wife king of GAI be surrounded similarly view, she of novice mom cries loudly accordingly for a time.

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Why does she cry? Should imagine we can receive the attitude with same benefit from to be surrounded to watch only understood, the masses does not feel to surround view mother to nurse misgivings, because of subliminal oversight their proper pride, feel they should be accepted.

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The people hopes mom are not postpartum and gloomy, review us to have equal regard really rarely however they. Duty field is likewise such, jading place of Zhan of no less than says, she is unwarrantable the work that maternal status scarcely can affect him, but what duty field assessment should be aimed at is working result, is not the family that checks stuff.

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In the meantime, when we cannot change an environment, it is very important to be in among them moms to save oneself hard personally, zhan Lu is boiled all the time appear ” ruinous ” idea just does psychology to seek advice, because family feels postpartum and depressed,be be ” argumentative ” . “Postpartum and depressed be equal to argumentative ” , this one idea let a lot of mothers call in the footstep that appeal.

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” female psychology division ” postpartum and depressed piece it is to tell holder, postpartum and depressed not be argumentative, people can choose different kind to cast off mood of individual of postpartum and depressed, control, because these problems do not have only standard answer. But the premise that solves these problems, it is everybody should be faced up to postpartum and depressed, become only postpartum and depressed be not changed by demon, discrimination is changed, social ability takes this problem seriously more, the mother that gets a worry people ability appeals in time.

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