Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Plum 5 parts that act now, love Guo Deyou greatly, most be fond of Han Shangyan, see ancient costume: Suit?

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Above this also is a character inside film of a suspense, , he is a police, return with the Qin Ming as legal medical expert good friend, the expression inside can be encircled can nod, and inside disposition also is pretty is pretty good

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Above this is Xie Xun, this very much young associate is had looked, no matter be film edition or net drama,be this part that he acts, although the poverty in the home, but it is to have affection however justice, it is generous very, also be pretty is pretty good it seems that

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Above this part that is namely inside the teleplay that heat sows recently, although at the beginning when feel he has bit of Gao Leng, but the disposition that looks to be able to discover him is very lovely, also be exceedingly tender to Tong Nian, and inside dressing up also is exceedingly handsome

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Above this is Guo Deyou, this one teleplay also is pretty is fearsome, very much little companionate likelihood had not looked, he is inside is team leader of the group that scoop up cadaver, also can select the issue with strange force magical chaos, he is dressed up this also is pretty is strange, accident nevertheless still is quite good-looking

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This a lot of more likely young associate above feels a bit unfamiliar, because this teleplay arrives to had not broadcasted now, see what he is inside dress up, although the person grows very handsomely, but this ancient costume dresses up a bit not quite good-looking

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