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Original title: Excel in of tall peak skill in wushu, the identity is celebrated, why is many years old 30 are in in drama still lone? In knight-errant world of Jin Yong. Appear many years old 30 or single person is not little, be like Yang Dingtian, be like poplar Xiao, be like Yu Lianzhou, be like big 7 fair, wait like Qiu Qian an ancient measure of length equal to seven or eight chi, they are lone each have a reason, have a plenty of be obsessed with military accomplishment, be like Zhoubaitong, have a plenty of do not be willing to abandon a forest, be like Ou Yangke. Have a plenty of did not encounter true love, be like big 7 fair. So is because,Qiao Feng what reason?

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We know from debunk of white world lens Qidan identity of Qiao Feng begins Qiao Feng’s tragedy, and of all these only then the person that make tomb figure is beg side deputy side advocate Martha yuan madam Kang Min. Why does Mrs. Ma hate Qiao Feng, because Kang Min thinks he is the world the first belle, each person saw she should prostrate the pomegranate skirt in her fall, stand below peony flower when her, help as beg advocate Qiao Feng should be her dump, dan Qiaofeng is right however his turn a blind eye to, apathetic. This folds caustic greatly the self-confident heart of Mrs. Ma, vanity, let her have resentment, lens of her collude white world and whole world are consequently clear, opened the one’s lot of tall body, peak allowing a surname was on a tragic road.

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Qiao Feng is not to know amorous feelings really, do not love a belle? The answer is negative of course, qiao Feng is opposite Mrs. Ma is apathetic, not be he does not know amorous feelings, however he is too concentrated, too spoony. His heart had been had by A Zhuquan ministry. A bright red be Duan Zhengchun and Ruan Xingzhu is bastard female, her charming beauty is handsome, the eye of round circle, ground of pitch-black eyeball roll busy turns. Eyeball is clever, if the smile on the face bursts at the beginning of spring flower, have charm of a moving gas oneself. Skin snow whitening is tender, smooth and glittering and translucent. Figure delicate and exquisite. Live scene is unripe sweet, charming is spruce delectable, it is the beauty with a scarce the world. She is beautiful and clever, ancient clever choice is odd, do not lack gentle goodness again however, tenderness is considerate, she and desolate peak with the passing of time lay condition, eventually the heart has Ling Xi.

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The first love of A Zhu Shixiao peak, but she makes the issue that uses Xiao Feng truly is to be peak waiting for desolate however transient, 5 days of 5 night were defended on A Zhu Zaishan this thing. Also accordingly, a bright red those who became Qiao Feng is exclusive. A Ziceng asks Xiao Feng A bright red it what have after all is good to what have after all, her where not as good as A bright red, because she is not A,one face tells Xiao Feng A Zi bright red. ” so A bright red dead, qiao Feng is lone all the time. In the heart that no matter who be,takes not to enter him again.

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