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Original title: Of Zhao Liying’s transition make | A review of a play ” who is a murderer ” pear spends a theater | Pear spends education Recent hot drama, were you chased after? The welcome listens ” pear spends a theater ” , I am pear spends sound to grind long courtyard advocate sow a beans small bright, if want to ask which the closest suspense play most fire, that must be counted surprise in love art heat of dense fog theater sows ” who is a murderer ” .

20220109025434 61da4e6aef7d3

(the program listens to a link: Share sound ” of Zhao Liying’s transition make | A review of a play ” who is a murderer ” pear spends a theater | Pear spends education ” : Https:// Id=2496592462) this drama told about the serial murder case that produces in sea state city together, because evidence is insufficient, the case is pendent all the time. Till 16 years hind, as Leng Xiaobing, Xia Mu, with Shen Yu 3 people intervene again this case, produced the long table of as exceeding as sea boat case likeness one case, the truth just is opened slowly. ” who is a murderer ” it is a suspense punishment detect that presents as leading role to act the leading role by Zhao Liying, Xiao Yang, Dong Zijian drama of net of a criminal case, although be drama of a net, but cast is unassailable, have actor of acting on-line discharge already, the actual strength that has acting stability again sends the actor’s participation. No matter be main actor or costar, acting can be encircled can nod, pass the understanding with him lubricious diagonal, go deducing the heart of the part, the acting firmly land that uses oneself captured the eyeball of the audience. ” who is a murderer ” of the transition that is Zhao Liying make, as the star of discharge and acting give attention to two or morethings, zhao Liying suffers an audience to love fully all the time, zhao Liying’s ginseng acted to also bring enormous flow for this drama. Zhao Liying is in drama the Shen Yu of personate is doctor of a psychology, think oneself father Shenyang ocean is the murderer of sea boat case all the time, and feel surveillant to oneself murderer is his father all the time, still help its take off a blame, impute gives He Weiguang. Careful of Shen Yu’s discretion, idea, sober, high intelligence quotient passes Zhao Liying deduce show before the audience. Shen Yu is in when be being monitored by the police of summerly wood personate, cast off surveillance successfully according to the obstacle should be being stimulated after Xia Mu’s scar, when facing police interrogate and examine, can answer calmly, when facing Xiao Huajun to kill father to appeal to her, can help his appropriate handle deal with problems arising from an accident, these explained Shen Yu is having special experience certainly, these experience brought up powerful heart of Shen Yu. By the Xia Mu of Dong Zijian personate, having the police that the obstacle should stimulate after scar as, when be stimulated asp, face Leng Xiaobing to fail to hold the murderer’s enmity all the time, see what the surface maintains his composure however the heart when spending extremely tall He Weiguang with murderer likeness is excited with pass an imperial examination explore, dong Zijian deductive has era to enter very much feeling. Weigh cold batman of record group team leader by what be like center personate, go out for the first time because of oneself alarm when, faced a murderer to produce fear to fail to shoot, bring about colleague Li Lan to be killed by the murderer, and the hand that another girl invites to die at the murderer after 16 years. He is right this all the time cherish ashamed remorses, be full of ashamed to remorse but never stop to chase after fierce police to be deduced. In the first concentration by the Xia Jinlan that shows personate high, as special an actor that act, the line is less than 3 minutes on, contributed a the weirdest smile for this drama in the first collect, the smile when checkmate dies very person ground is deduced, drew the look of the audience successfully, obtained one numerous reputably. The murderer takes a picture to Xia Jinlan’s body, although hear alarm voice, also be not confused no hurry the ground is clearing away the spot. Of the murderer do not no hurry unbearably, also let an audience realize this is a habitual offender, and call the person that call the police, why to feel the same uniform that join a body jointly with murderer dress, carrying black bag on the back, it is sedulous still be pure for it belong to coincidence, kept suspense to the audience, attract an audience to continue to look, reel off raw silk from cocoons pares chrysalis unlock each mystery is round. Gut is in front 14 collect very to force, each mystery group is opened gradually, gut is compact not laggard, the setting of each place detail makes bedding for the gut from the back. But in ending when, show slightly however brash, have a lot of in front the detail of matting does not have ideal explanation. When Shen Yu takes a picture, there is the loops and whorls on a finger that carries blood on the envelope, it is the dactylogram of the murderer that contains Shen Haiyang blood, also did not kill as him when ending Shen Haiyang evidence appears. Marry to be being mixed before Xia Jinlan is dead the object passes a telephone call, the person that Xia Mu sees call at that time from the window at that time is the person that a dress subdues even the body, also did not tell the capacity of this person in the ending of gut. Offer the introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad knife of the help for Shen Yu all the time in drama, also did not explain his whereaboutldirection finally, disappeared in the gut later, knife of introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad knife has connection with Hu Shanquan, do not have an explanation. Although this drama has a few faulty, but still many audiences like this theatrical work very much. Before knowing screen whether did you also see this play? Do you feel this drama how? Acknowledgment everybody listens to pear to spend a theater, this period the program spends education to make by pear manufacture, I am pear spends sound to grind long courtyard advocate sow a beans small bright, we fall period theatrical work is sought since another!

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